RCom CDMA Users Will Soon Be Upgraded To 4G!


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At a time when every other mobile subscriber in the country wants to shift to 4G LTE, Reliance Communications, India’s number 4 telecom operator doesn’t want its subscribers to look for other options. The company is planning to start shifting its existing CDMA subscribers to the latest 4G network from early this May.

Note that the top 3 telecom operators, Airtel, Idea, and Vodafone have already launched their 4G networks and promoting it heavily. So naturally Reliance Communications doesn’t want to miss out on this opportunity and lose its subscriber base.

In a letter addressed to the Department of Telecommunications, Anil Ambani-owned telco said, “We will be upgrading our network from CDMA to LTE (4G) technology using the liberalized 800 Mhz spectrum.”

The company hasn’t mentioned what its existing CDMA subscribers have to do as a part of this upgradation process. Would they have to purchase a different set of 4G phones from RCom, or will their 4G work on imported CDMA phones?

“We would be rolling out LTE services progressively in these service areas from May 4 and necessary intimation will be provided to our existing CDMA subscribers,” the company added.

RCom Will Use Its liberalised 800 MHz Band For Offering 4G In Collaboration With RJio

RCom paid Rs. 5,383.84 crores to the DoT for liberalising its 800 MHz in 16 telecom circles including Punjab, Delhi, Gujarat, Mumbai, Maharashtra, Bihar, MP, Orissa, Kolkata, UP (East), and UP (West). The company already holds liberalized spectrum in Assam and Northeast.

The telecom also plans to liberalise its airwaves in four more telecom circles by paying another round of Rs. 1,300 crores.

Liberalisation of airwaves allows the telecom operators to use the spectrum for offering any kind of service like 2G, 3G, 4G, and even share or trade it with other telecom operators. It is worth noting that the 800 MHz band is much better for providing any telecom services than 1800 MHz and 2300 MHz band, as it allows better indoor connectivity.

According to sources, RCom will deploy its own 4G network but will mainly use Jio’s infrastructure for delivering the services. The DoT had approved sharing of active infrastructure like antenna in February this year.

RCom had signed spectrum sharing deal with RJio across 17 telecom circles, and has agreed to sell its 800 MHz band to RJio circles where the latter doesn’t hold any airwaves.

RCom and RJio have inked spectrum trading and sharing agreements for leveraging each other’s 800 MHz band for offering 4G services throughout the nation. This agreement will help the Ambani brothers-owned telecom companies compete against the likes of top telcos like Airtel, Idea, and Vodafone.

Reliance Jio is expected to do a soft launch of its 4G services this month and has pushed it massive commercial rollout to December.

It would be interesting to see what strategy RCom would adopt for gaining new subscribers. Would it offer 4G at dirt cheap prices or launch 4G data packs comparable to other telecom operators. Only time will tell that. We will keep you updated with RCom 4G launch. Stay tuned.

  1. D.V.Narayana Murty. says

    rcom is confusing its subscribers. Nothing is informed whether they have to ultimately shift to GSM, Whether the same tariff continues or we have to shift to new tariff?. and buy GSM smart phones?. Existing subscribers should be allowed to continue in their plans and be given option to upgrade or not. It is a sort of forcing the subscribers to change to more costly plans regime.
    D.V.Narayana Murty.

    1. Anand says

      All Reliance CDMA users will be migrated to 4G network. So they will have to buy GSM phones unless your current CDMA phone supports GSM 4G bands too.
      If you wish to continue with Reliance then get your Rel 4G SIM as the CDMA network will be shut down for good by the end of this month.
      There is no information on Reliance 4G tariff plans as of now, but they will be revealed upon the launch of their 4G network.
      However, current CDMA users will get 10 GB 4G data, 1GB 2G data, 150 mins (national +local), and unlimited R2R calling throughout the nation valid for 28 days.

    2. FDDF says

      Reliance Live Chat: Welcome to Reliance Live Chat.
      Harish: Good Morning! Ishi, Kindly confirm your number is XXXXXXXXXX, is it correct?

      ishi jain: Ji
      ishi jain: I’ve rel. cdma no
      ishi jain: Does my cdma handset work after upgradation?
      ishi jain: yes this is my number
      Harish: May I know are you asking about 4G upgradation?
      ishi jain: yes
      Harish: You have to get new GSM handset 2g/3g/4g all can support.
      ishi jain: and what about my current handset. shouldn’t it replaced by reliance???
      Harish: We are sorry currently there are no buy back offers or handset/ retention discounts for buying a new 4G Smartphone however you can explore attractive cash back offers on wide range of 4G Smartphones on PayTM or at your nearest Reliance Store.

      ishi jain: r u there…..
      ishi jain: as m not using any internet from mobile, then y in need to upgerade, in this case i’ve to do number portability. :(
      ishi jain: i dont want any 2g/3g/4g jsut want to use as calling n reciving calls
      Harish: You can get normal 2g GSM phone also.
      ishi jain: in that this 4g will work
      Harish: Yes.
      ishi jain: and what are the basic plans
      Harish: We don’t have any plans available with us now.

  2. T anant says

    By the information received from various article about rcom 4g …then why reliance official website offering cdma 4g handsets as rcom 4g will b on gsm platform?

  3. Xerone says

    I can’t live CDMA.I can sacrifice 4g speed if they want to shift CDMA subscriber to GSM.It is something like love affair with CDMA.

    1. satish says

      What a befooling going on we as subscribers of cdma love it like anything but we are being forced leave it
      Rcom should keep its cdma network working for those who dont want to leave cdma

      1. Anand Karwa says

        I can understand your pain. They can’t just force their subscribers to join RCom 4G by upgrading their existing smartphones! It would be an unwise move as the subscriber would then simply move to some other operator, say Tata, if he/she wants to stick to CDMA network.

        1. Vinit says

          What the hell is going on haven’t upgrade till yet. When it will be? In bihar??? ??? ?

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