Wow! Reliance 4G tablet for Rs. 8000 !!!


Yeah you heard that right, Reliance Tablet for Rs. 8000…that to LTE (commonly called as 4G)…

India is still getting itself to familiarize with 3G tablets and looks like it will take a leap forward and get the Long Term Evaluation (LTE) Tablets too. Reliance which is a monopolized service provider for LTE/BWA spectrum is planning to launch a LTE tablet in 2011. As per Afaqs, 15 Taiwanese vendors are already lined up for feasibility and prototypes.

LTE can be loosely called as 4G.


Reliance 4G Tablet might run Android OS or Java based operating system. To put things in to perspective, there aren’t a whole lot of LTE tablets across the world. US is getting its LTE services started with LTE phones coming in and tablets still far away.

Coming to India, there are less than 10 tablets launched in India and few of them did not have 3G capabilities. The cheapest tablet launched is Wespro Pad, which costs Rs.7999. Reliance Tablet is hitting two things with a single shot. At that cost it will make all expensive tablets redundant and with the 4G speeds (upto 200mbps downlink and about 70mb uplink), it will conveniently push out 3G tablets and probably the service providers too. What would you subscribe to 4G plan or 3G plan, if you have a 4G tablet?

A killer move by Reliance. Reliance Infotel is the company in picture and this belongs to Mukesh Ambani’s Reliance Industries. Living in India and witness technology changes, gadget launches across the world has always been painful. For a change, it is turning out to be a boon. I really hope this turns out good.

If Nokia launching Microsoft phone is a big moment, Indian company launching a 4G tablet in 2011 would be huge. Really really huge. Bigger than Notion Ink, if you ask me.

Covering technology and gadgets for TGF in last two months and witnessing technology innovations on daily basis, I firmly believe that we are lucky to live in this era, so much change in such a short span of time. Imagine what we will see in next 10 -15 years. India could replace Korea or Japan to become the next hub for all the latest gadgets. Don’t you think so?

[image from Afaqs]

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  1. ajay says

    please confirm me this is CDMA tablet or GSM tablet

  2. Kaushik Biswas says

    Cost of the tablet is fine but cost of the 4G service will be something to consider; if not hitting the pocket with high impact, I’d definitely try 4G. Why not?

  3. Tejas Taunk says

    when it will be launching in India…….

  4. Bhupender Thakur says

    Yes I want this,,….yaar suggst me.. where m buy this.

  5. Suresh Vedaiyan says

    Appreciate this product….before concluding this is great deal or not, lemme see real review by top notch gadget reviewers like cnet, mouthshut etc :)

  6. Clicker Satyam Sharma says

    gr8 I just want this.

  7. Shivangi Ruparel says

    suprb want to buy dis tablet plzz suggst me as far as possibl I want to buy dis 1.

  8. Shivangi Ruparel says

    suggst m as far as possibl.

  9. Shivangi Ruparel says

    4m wer I cn buy dis tablet.

  10. Anonymous says

    4G is lounch in pune.

  11. Firoj Khan says


  12. ajay kumar says

    What’s extra functions in this and differences?

  13. virus says

    “India could replace Korea or Japan to become the next hub for all the latest gadgets”
    >> May be if our avg incomes grow 10-fold
    Grow some brain cells dude !
    Just look @ GDPs of our country wrt Japan/Korea
    Japan – $34,200 p/p
    Korea – $30,200 p/p
    India – $3,400 p/p
    At our current growth rate (around 10 pc), maybe in 100 years ?

  14. dpi says

    Its a very happy news. But in reality complete usage of the technology is far away in terms of usage and pricing for all user. See the example of Broadband.
    Still struggling to get a decent 1mbbs speed at affordable cost.
    //. India could replace Korea or Japan to become the next hub for all the latest gadgets. //
    May be Yes. By procured from Chinese manufacturers.
    (sorry im not offending you)

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