In A Rare Case, Xiaomi Increases Redmi Note 8 Price In India: Find Out Why (And New Price)

In A Rare Case, Xiaomi Increases Redmi Note 8 Price In India: Find Out Why (And New Price)
In A Rare Case, Xiaomi Increases Redmi Note 8 Price In India: Find Out Why (And New Price)

With increasing reports of more and more people around the world being infected with coronavirus, individuals have started taking extra-precautionary steps towards their everyday activities, especially in and around areas concerning China.

In fact, coronavirus fear is not affecting just the economic and health conditions around the globe, recent observations in the tech market has proved that it is affecting the tech, specifically the smartphone sector, giantly.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Price Hiked

Xiaomi is the latest smartphone maker to have been hit by the coronavirus outbreak’s impact on the supply chain in China. It has been observed that Xiaomi has quietly increased the price of the base variant of its Redmi Note 8 in the Indian market.

Xiaomi has done this price hike only for its Redmi Note 8 not just on its official e-store but also in its offline stores. In fact, the Redmi Note 8 base variant is out of stock on Xiaomi’s official online partner and buyers can only purchase the smartphone from in the online segment.

As observed, the price of Redmi Note 8 base variant with 4GB RAM and 64GB storage is now selling at an increase of Rs 500, for Rs 10,499. It was selling at Rs 9999 when released.

Similarly, the offline price of the smartphone has been increased from Rs 10,499 to Rs 10,999, a difference of Rs 500, for the 4GB + 64GB variant.

The 6GB + 128GB variant, however, is still selling at the launch price, i.e. Rs 12,999 online and Rs 13,499 offline. The usual offers are still intact, and you can avail of exchange offers, 10-days replacement, and bank discounts on purchasing the smartphone from

Xiaomi Blames Supply Chain for this Hike

Xiaomi has stated the reason for this hike in the base variant of Redmi Note 8 to be a result of shutdown of manufacturing hubs in China.

China happens to be the world’s biggest manufacturing hub and coronavirus has affected production of many gadgets, including the rumored iPhone 9. Xiaomi claims to be monitoring the situation in China, which it believes has created a heavy impact on their supply chain.

A spokesman for Xiaomi said that value of human life is the biggest priority for the company. Along with adopting all measures to ensure the safety of their employees and partners, they are continuing to evaluate the situation in real-time.

However, Xiaomi has claimed that this increase in price of the product is just temporary.

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