Oneplus TV Is Not A Fiction: Remote Of OnePlus TV Spotted, Launch Date Coming Soon?

One Plus shows no signs of stopping or slowing down. The Chinese giant hasn’t stopped surprising us with its exemplar quality handsets in the near past and doesn’t seem like letting us down even in future. Striding off its lane of smartphones, OnePlus is known to have been working on a new product, that is smart TVs.

OnePlus had just last year shared its intention to break into the smart TV market as early as this year without sharing too many of the specifics about how such a device would work. It has finally been out now and it seems like OnePlus TV is a real Android product line that has begun to reach regulatory bodies.

Details: Unique Android TV

OnePlus’ forthcoming TVs have been a part of many  leaks and rumors, making more room for fans and media. Even though there hasn’t been any official word from the company about a launch time-frame, OnePlus submitted a whopping thirty-nine devices, all marked “1+ LED TV” to the Bluetooth SIG, giving us the first real details about the upcoming TVs.

The listing describes them as a “unique Android TV”. Sidelining from this for a moment, the real question to be asked here is what platform would OnePlus choose for its smart TV to run on, considering the company’s reliance on Android?

The TV has been described as ‘Unique android TV’. The thing is, Android created by Google, Google doesn’t allow much customization of the Android TV experience outside of the operator tier. Quite so, OnePlus TV likely wouldn’t qualify for the Android TV operator tier. Instead, OnePlus with its knowledge and experience could build a whole new experience for TVs.

Leaks on the Awaited

 The new certification listing gives us access to certain model numbers, looking closely at which, a clear pattern can be seen. It contains numbers like ‘55Q1IN’, ‘43Q2IN’, ‘65Q2CN’, ‘75Q2CN’, and ‘75Q2US’. They start with a number most likely indicating the size and end with initials possibly indicating the country to be sold in. 75Q4US is most likely a 75? OnePlus TV to be sold in the United States.

We can conclude that smart TV could come in 4 sizes: 43?, 55?, 65? and 75?, selling in 3 markets: US, China and India. The only other detail the Bluetooth SIG listing gives away is that all models will support Bluetooth version 5.0. It still isn’t clear if it will run on a MediaTek SoC.

It has come to light that the OnePlus TV won’t feature an OLED display but a LED display technology. Even though there’s no official out, India is likely to be among the first markets to get the OnePlus TV. The only other detail known at the moment is that the OnePlus TV will be available via Amazon India post launch.

Regardless of the TV’s specifications, OnePlus is expected to have vigorous competition in this notoriously tough sector. At the high end, TVs with LG-manufactured OLED panels are dominant, and it will be hard for OnePlus to compete here if it’s planning to exclusively use LED display tech for its TVs. Meanwhile, at the low end, the TV market is full of cheap TVs from the likes of TCL, and profit margins are razor-thin.

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