OnePlus Announce Its First Smart TV: Launch, Expected Price, Features & More!

OnePlus has surprised everyone with the news of their first smart TV. How will it work?

OnePlus has announced their 1st smart TV.
OnePlus has announced their 1st smart TV.

After rocking up the smartphone market, OnePlus is now all set to debut with its first Smart TV. Expected to arrive in early 2019, the OnePlus TV aims to innovate intelligence with home connectivity.

OnePlus will use up four major environments for its TV: home, workplace, commute and being on-the-move.

OnePlus TV will come with the premium flagship design of OnePlus, top-class image quality and next-generation audio experience to enhance TV experience coupling it with seamless connectivity.


OnePlus TV: Design & Picture Quality

The OnePlus TV will carry the trend of its smartphones to follow the design language. The TV will share the design we have earlier seen on the OnePlus devices like OnePlus 5T and OnePlus 6. The aesthetics are going to be the same but the OnePlus television will mix up intelligence, experience, and connectivity.

The TV aims to offer the best of image quality and audio experience. The company will use different connectivity features to seamlessly connect and manage the OnePlus TV.

To offer the best of quality viewing experience, OnePlus is going to mix up the top of the line hardware with the latest software and connectivity in a minimal design which will revolutionize the TV experience.

OnePlus TV Will Use Artificial Intelligence & Intelligent Connectivity

Home is where anyone wants to have the most crucial experience with entertainment and OnePlus Smart TV will help to bring out the benefits with intelligent connectivity. The TV will come with an AI assistant, probably the Google Assistant and an in-house solution package supporting different smart gadgets.

OnePlus aims to offer “seamlessly connect the home” which means that the users can connect their OnePlus TV to connect their phones and other devices.

According to the CEO, they plan to reshape the experience of home entertainment with the help of intelligent connectivity features on the OnePlus Smart TV.

OnePlus Will Make Their TV The Way You Want

The company is yet to start making its TV and are currently asking for suggestions from the consumers. You can contribute to what you want and expect from the upcoming OnePlus TV. There’s an open forum available on the OnePlus site where you can drop your idea for a name.

The OnePlus TV will come with a premium flagship design like its smartphones, top of the line image quality, a revolutionary audio experience pairing it with multiple connectivity features.

The Smart TV from OnePlus is expected to offer some of the current premium TV features like 4K streaming, Android OS, internet connectivity, Assistant support for voice control, next-gen surround sound, bezel-less design and more.

OnePlus Smart TV: Integrating Internet The Right Way

According to OnePlus, the current generation televisions are yet to integrate the Internet the right way to offer a better experience. The company feels that these smart TVs still are quite traditional in terms of their functionality, connectivity and experience.

However, OnePlus is planning to change it with OnePlus TV by offering a next-level experience gradually make it smarter and more connected over the next few years.

Pete Lau, the founder of OnePlus feels that it will take some time for the OnePlus TV to live up to its expectations, as it’s not going to be “complete and revolutionary” from the beginning.

OnePlus TV Launch In India

OnePlus TV is currently in the planning phase and the company is yet to enter the manufacturing stage. The OnePlus TV will not launch till early next year, so we are expecting it to launch around the same time as the next OnePlus launches in 2019 i.e OnePlus 7.

This is for the first time OnePlus will go beyond selling smartphones and smartphone accessories.

Coming to the OnePlus TV launch in India, it may release in the second quarter of 2019 following the global launch.

OnePlus TV Price | OnePlus TV Price in India

Again it’s too early to say. The OnePlus TV is just in the early stages of development and the launch is in 2019. But as OnePlus is known to offer the best of industry specs at an affordable price point, the OnePlus TV is similarly expected to come with the best of features at a very competitive price point.

Considering how OnePlus prices its products, the OnePlus TV is expected to cost somewhere around Rs 45,000 in India.

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  1. sayyed zahir zahir ali says

    Quality wise i personally think one plus products are better than oppo and vivo and i hope this smart tv is also going to rock in the market.

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