OnePlus Offering Free Battery Replacement For OnePlus 3, 5, 5T, 6, or 6T? What’s The Truth?

The market works on reputation. While a good reputation can make your company, the bad one can beak it. It takes a lot of effort to build a good reputation. And even more efforts are required to turn around a bad reputation. For the same reason, to keep a good relationship with existing and potential customers, corporates make all the effort they can. Even if the defect is found in products after they are delivered to customers, companies do not think twice while correcting the mistake. Looks like, if a Reddit thread is to be believed, OnePlus, the Chinese mobile company, is replacing batteries of few select phones.

A Reddit user makes the battery replacement claim

According to a thread on Reddit, OnePlus is offering free battery replacement to users of its 3, 5, and 6 series phones. The thread has also received responses from people who have been able to get their batteries replaced by paying nominal labor costs.

However, the company itself has not made any official announcement in the public domain. When the media contacted OnePlus, they didn’t receive any response.

How does the replacement work? According to Reddit.

According to the edit thread, the battery replacement won’t cost anything for the customers. They just would have to pay a nominal amount for the labor charges. These changes might differ from device to device.

For getting the battery replaced, customers would have to visit the nearest OnePlus Service center. The devices won’t be picked up from any addresses.

The Reddit thread also claims that the battery replacement can be availed by all the customers and not only the ones who are facing any battery issues.

So, if the claim made by the Reddit user is true, lots of customers will be benefitted from this move and the company will get lots of good customer relations brownie points.

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