The Stunning Return Of Carl Pei With $7 Million Funding For A New, Mysterious Startup

The Stunning Return Of Carl Pei With $7 Million Funding For A New, Mysterious Startup
The Stunning Return Of Carl Pei With $7 Million Funding For A New, Mysterious Startup

If you hadn’t been living under a rock since last few years, you will definitely be aware of the Carl Pei story.

This Chinese-born Swedish Internet entrepreneur co-founded OnePlus in 2013, and changed the rules of the premium, high end smartphone market.

He was just 23 at that time, his success meant that he was featured in Forbes 30

Under 30, Fortune 40 Under 40, and Marketing Week Vision 100 and more.

And now, after leaving OnePlus, Carl Pei is back with a bang.

He is about to launch a mysterious startup, and $7 million seed funding has already been raised.

OnePlus & Beyond: The Carl Pei Story

After launching in 2013, OnePlus proved to be an incredible success story, as millions of die-hard fans bought OnePlus smartphones, forming a cult-like status for the brand.

In several quarters, OnePlus even beat the might of Samsung and Xiaomi in the premium range, and gave a tough fight to Apple and iPhones, as the design, user-interface and overall experience of OnePlus smartphones surprised one and all.

In October, Carl Pei sent a shockwave, when he announced his sudden departure from OnePlus management team. As a co-founder, fans were expecting much from Carl, but at the same time, he knew that his role at making OnePlus a brand to reckon with is now over.

Carl Pei’s Mysterious Startup

Within two months after his exit from OnePlus, Carl Pei has returned, and with a big bang.

As per confirmed reported coming in, Carl is about to launch a new startup, which we may call as the mysterious startup, and seed funding of  $7 million has already being raised.

Some of the biggest names in the global startup world have pooled in their money to support Carl, which includes:

Tony Fadell (Principal at Future Shape & Inventor of the iPod), Casey Neistat (YouTuber), Kevin Lin (Cofounder of Twitch), Steve Huffman (CEO of Reddit), Liam Casey (Founder and CEO, PCH), Paddy Cosgrave (Founder of Web Summit) and Josh Buckley (CEO of Product Hunt).

Expressing his gratitude, Carl said, “I am deeply grateful and tremendously excited to have friends of this caliber supporting us in building what’s next,”, adding, “We plan on moving aggressively against our vision, and can’t wait to see how the market will react.”

An office in London has already been established, and team is being created as we speak.

Excited we all are, to know what’s Carl’s next plan.

We will keep you updated, as more details come in. 

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