Hyderabad Gets OnePlus’ 1st Research Centre; Rs 1000 Cr Will Be Invested To Make It World’s Biggest!

OnePlus' biggest retail store will also open in Hyderabad!
OnePlus’ biggest retail store will also open in Hyderabad!

Smartphone manufacturing giant Oneplus has launched its first R&D (Research and Development) center in Hyderabad on Monday.

One year ago when Pete Lau, founder and CEO of Oneplus first visited Hyderabad, he remembered his first visit of Shenzhen (Oneplus headquarters in Guangdong, China) – 10 years ago.

He said “I See the same prosperity and growth coming here”.

And one year later they have inaugurated their first R&D center in Hyderabad.   

As of July, 2018 Oneplus officially serves 34 countries and regions around the world.

Out of these, they have five such centers. Though the largest is in Shenzhen, in the coming three years they are planning to make it their largest R&D center in the world.

Recently Oneplus is also recognized for customer satisfaction services by Numr Research

Future Plans For Hyderabad Facility

Pete Lau said that “We plan to re-focus our R&D efforts on a large scale and drive innovations in India for the global product, especially on the software side with special emphasis on Artificial Intelligence, 5G and IoT,”

For the next three years, they announced to invest Rs 1,000 crore in the development of this facility.

This facility is situated in Nanakramguda – an IT, real estate and architectural suburb in Serlingampally Mandal also called financial district in Hyderabad.

It has five floors with 186,000 square feet of usable space. In the first phase, first floor with 6,000 square feet of area will be used. In the next 6-12 months, other two more floors will be operational. 

Currently, 200 strong employees are working in this facility which will increase to 1,500 in the next three years.

Basically, this facility will focus on five major areas – network, global carrier customization, OxygenOS native apps, global product development, software innovation and last one testing.

This center will specifically work on the development of India-specific OxygenOS features.

It will include Oneplus applications design and development. It will also work on 5G enablement for regions like UK, India and EU

This center will have three labs – camera, communication and networking, automation.

It will focus mainly on camera development, 5G testing and software, with focus on AI and performance testing.

In the next quarter, they are planning to make Oneplus’s largest experience center in Hyderabad.

Hyderabad is considered a home of some of the most passionate Oneplus community members. Currently they have an exclusive service center in this city to hone their customer requirements.

The start of this R&D facility is the first step towards companies’ large roadmap which is adopting Indian market as its home ground. As they already started manufacturing Smartphone in the country.

From this year, Oneplus is planning to export these devices to countries in US and Europe.   

Strategic Decision Of Choosing Hyderabad   

According to the company, it is a strategic decision to choose Hyderabad. They had to consider many critical factors before making this decision. 

For emerging technologies, this city is considered one of the most active startup zones in the country. 

This city also offers a considerable amount of talent that attracts Smartphone manufacturers across the globe. This company will also provide opportunities to freshers with their ongoing campus hiring program considering many institutes including Indian Institute of Technology Delhi and Mumbai.

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