Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Catches Fire: Here’s How To Spot Fake Chargers!

Samsung is facing a major backlash, after Note 9 exploded in a women's purse. How can you avoid such cases?

How to spot fake chargers?
How to spot fake chargers?

After the horrifying Galaxy Note 7 incident, again Samsung seems to be in the middle of the mud. A lawsuit has been filed against Samsung claiming that a brand new Samsung Galaxy Note 9 caught on fire in the middle of nowhere.

According to the lawsuit filed by Diane Chung, a Long Island resident, the Galaxy Note 9 caught fire when it was inside her purse after overheating.

She is seeking damages and a restraining order on the sale of the current Samsung Galaxy Note 9.


Galaxy Note 9 Fire Incident: What Actually Happened?

On September 3, Diane Chung, a real estate agent and Long Island resident felt her Galaxy Note 9 ‘became extremely hot’. She decided to stop using the device kept it her purse. Soon she heard some weird noise.

As per the lawsuit, she was in the elevator during the incident when she heard a whistling and screeching sound coming out of her purse. Soon thick smoke began to flow out and she threw her purse on the elevator floor.

She tried to pull out the smoking Galaxy Note 9 and burnt her fingers. She also claimed that she was there alone in the elevator with the burning Galaxy Note 9 and was ‘extremely panicked’.

As the smoke filled up the elevator and she couldn’t see anything and began to smash elevator buttons and somehow reached the lobby. Chung then threw away the burning Galaxy Note 9, but it was still on fire.

The fire on Note 9 continued until a Samaritan picked the device with a cloth and then immersed it into a bucket of water.

Galaxy Note 9 Fire Incident: Samsung’s Reply

In response to the lawsuit, Samsung has claimed that this is the first incident which has been reported of Galaxy Note 9 catching fire. The smartphone launched last month and no incident has been reported as of yet. To its defence, some of the top Samsung officials including CEO Koh Dong-jin reportedly claimed that the Galaxy Note 9 comes with multi-step ‘battery safety check’ with no chances of it catching fire.

The multilevel battery check done by Samsung ensures that the Galaxy Note 9 would ‘absolutely not’ catch any fire.

This is not the first time a Galaxy Note smartphone has caught fire. Samsung had to recall 2.5 million Galaxy Note 7 smartphones due to multiple cases of random ignition back in 2016. The court is yet to take a decision on the Galaxy Note 9 fire incident and the investigation is on.

How To Spot Fake Mobile Chargers?

A fake mobile charger not only hampers your device or battery but higher the chances of accidents as well. There have been multiple cases of smartphone blasts and devices catching fire due to a fake charger.

Here are some tips you can use to spot a fake charger:

The Cable Length (Xiaomi Chargers)

The length of the cable on the charger helps you to identify whether its an original charger or not. To spot a Xiaomi fake charger, the original cable comes with a length of more than 120 cms with a medium sized adapter brick.

Checking Information (Honor Chargers)

Scanning the barcode on the Honor chargers will help to confirm whether the charger is fake or not. Scan the information on the charger and check if it matches with the details printed on the brick.

Charging Capability (OnePlus Chargers)

OnePlus offer Dash Charge technology means when you charge your device with the original OnePlus adapter the battery symbol will have a flash symbol on it. Whereas the fake OnePlus charger will only have the standard charging icon.

Checking The Logo (Samsung & Apple Chargers)

Both Apple and Samsung have a ton of fake chargers available in the market. Check the logo properly as the fake Apple chargers will come with a counterfeit lighter Apple logo on it whereas the original Samsung chargers will have ‘A+’ sign on the brick.  

Charging Speed (Google Pixel Chargers)

To spot a Pixel smartphone fake charger, you will have to monitor the charging speeds. The Google-made chargers for Pixel phones come with faster-charging speeds. So if the charging speeds in the unit are slow, know it’s fake.

Stay safe, stay alert!

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