8 Things You Need To About Google’s Midrange Pixel Smartphone!

The upcoming mid-budget Pixel device is going to be a low-cost smartphone and will only be available in select markets.


Midrange Pixel Smartphone May Be Coming

Google is all set to launch its smart Home speakers in the country on April 10 (tentative), and the company has already started to work on the budget version of its Pixel smartphone. The midrange Pixel smartphone is being specially manufactured for sale in India and other price-sensitive markets.

A new rumour has landed from China that the upcoming smartphone could be a toned down Pixel 3 and would be powered by Google’s recently launched Android Oreo Go version. Under the Go project, Google enables low-specced phones to perform better with a stripped down version of the latest Android.


Midrange Pixel Smartphone — 8 Things To Know

The upcoming mid-budget Pixel device is going to be a low-cost smartphone and will only be available in select markets.

The HTC Connection

Google has released multiple stock Android smartphones under Nexus series in collaboration with HTC in the past. Apparently, this time again Google has codenamed its upcoming mid-range Pixel phone Desire. Very recently the tech giant also retained a bunch of engineers from the original HTC Desire series team when they bought HTC’s whole smartphone division.

Snapdragon’s 600 Series Processors

The upcoming midrange Pixel codenamed Desire might be powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 series or maybe the Snapdragon 700 series chipsets. But, Google will reserve the Snapdragon 800 series for its flagship smartphones. 

Timely Updates & Security Patches

Being a Pixel device, it will be one of the first devices in the Google’s list to receive the software and security updates for at least three years. If the device runs the Oreo Go version, it will get a separate set of toned-down ‘Go’ applications from Google as well.

Android Oreo Go Edition

As per the early sources, the Google mid-range Pixel phone will run the Android Oreo Go Edition OS. Android Go has been specifically made to run on devices with 1GB RAM (or less) to enhance performance. But the midrange Pixel phone will definitely come with more than 1GB of RAM. After all, it is a midrange device, not a low-end smartphone.

Plastic Body & Build Quality

The specifications are not out yet, but the smartphone is being speculated to be an entry-level version of the next Pixel flagship. The smartphone may feature a plastic build which will help to keep the costs down.

Special Android Applications

The leak also revealed that the upcoming Pixel smartphone will come with preinstalled special Google applications like Files Go, Google Go, Maps Go, YouTube Go and more. The Go apps from Google take up 50 percent less space and helps low-end smartphones to perform better.

The Launch

While the hardware details are not out yet, the mid-range Google Pixel will come with more than 1GB of RAM and a Snapdragon 600 series chipset. The upcoming mid-budget Android phone will be launched first in India by the end of July or early August 2018. It will eventually roll out to other markets after that.

Google Ecosystem

The company will include its entire Google ecosystem in the smartphone, but with a cheaper price tag. The mid-range Pixel phone will be a software-centric device with advantages no other Android smartphone maker can offer at this price point.

Google has plans to go big in the country with a wide range of products planned for India. The entry-level Pixel smartphone will help the smartphone maker to tap into newer markets, which will eventually open up new channels for its upcoming products.

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