The Hotstar All Sports Pack Will Let You Watch IPL 2018 For Rs 299!

The All Sports Pack is a sensible option for all sports lovers who want to watch the IPL and other sports events online.


Hotstar All Sports Pack For IPL 2018

It is that time of the year again!

The IPL 2018 is here and people are going crazy with anticipation since one of the tournament favourites, Chennai Super Kings, will be back in action this year with Mahendra Singh Dhoni leading the side once again. As usual, Hotstar will be streaming the matches live for those who do not have access to a television.

Hotstar ones the digital streaming rights for all the IPL matches in India. This year though, Hotstar is doing things a bit differently. They have rolled out a new “All Sports Pack” which will allow users to watch all sports events streamed on Hotstar all year long, including IPL.

So what exactly is this All Sports Pack?

Can you watch IPL online for free?

Hotstar All Sports Pack For IPL

Just before IPL 2018 starts, Hotstar has introduced a new All Sports Pack that will allow users to live stream IPL matches as well as any other sports events that Hotstar streams. It will include IPL, Asia Cup, Pro Kabaddi League, Premier League, Formula One and all Grand Slams. It costs Rs 299/- and it will be valid for a year.

The All Sports Pack is a sensible option for those who do not want to pay for Hotstar’s Premium Subscription. It is also noteworthy that those who already hold the Premium Subscription do not need to buy the All Sports Pack. The Premium Subscription gives users an unrestricted access to all Hotstar’s content, which also includes sports.

For comparison, Hotstar’s Premium Subscription costs Rs 199/- per month. If the user opts to pay yearly, it will cost them Rs 999/- per year. The All Sports Pack, which gives access to only the sports content on Hotstar, costs Rs 299/- per year. It seems like a sensible option for sports lovers.

Those who do not have subscribed to either of these can watch the first 10 minutes of the broadcast before being asked to subscribe to either one to continue watching. We recommend you to be ready with the subscription beforehand in order to enjoy the IPL uninterrupted.

But is there any way of watching the IPL online for free?

Airtel And Jio Subscribers Can Watch IPL For Free!

Hotstar has tied up with Airtel and Jio to stream IPL for free for their respective subscribers. All Airtel and Jio subscribers can watch IPL online for free without having to pay for either the All Sports Pack or Hotstar’s Premium Subscription!

Airtel’s subscribers can watch the IPL through the Airtel TV app and Jio’s subscribers can do so through the JioTV app. But these subscribers will also need the Hotstar app installed on their smartphones as both Airtel TV and JioTV will redirect the users to the Hotstar app.

But for the rest, there’s no option other than paying for the new sports pack or for Hotstar’s premium subscription. The IPL 2018 starts from April 7, 2018. So if you want to watch IPL online and you are not an Airtel or Jio subscriber, the All Sports Pack is your best option.

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