Jabong Shopper Robbed Of Rs 11,000 Via Paytm After He Discloses Aadhaar & OTP!

The money was siphoned off to a remote bank account after Aadhaar, OTP was shared with the scamsters.

eCommerce fraud of Rs 11,000 detected
eCommerce fraud of Rs 11,000 detected

We have covered some interesting and intelligent online frauds, all across the nation. But this one tops the pick.

Recently, a Jabong shopper was robbed of Rs 11,000, via Paytm. And interestingly, he also shared his Aadhaar and OTP.

How did this happen? What can you do to protect yourself against such robbery? Keep reading to find out more!


The Shopping On Jabong

A senior citizen from Bandra, Mumbai did a pretty common activity : Ordered a product from Jabong, which is India’s one of the largest fashion portals now owned by Flipkart.

An Adidas show was bought from the portal, and it was delivered as well.

Now, little did he knew that this simple act of shopping online will trigger a crime against him.

Robbery Via Paytm: The Modus Operandi

After the product was bought, the senior citizen visited his son’s office in Mumbai, when he received the phone call from scamsters.

The person on the other end told him that based on his shopping on Jabong, he has been chosen for a lucky offer.

The offer was that, if he purchases an expensive item worth Rs 11,000, then in return, he will get an expensive item as a gift. 6-7 pics of expensive ‘gifts’ were sent to him, and he was asked to choose one among them.

He chose an iPhone 7.

Now, in order to claim the gift, the person was asked to make a payment of Rs 11,000 via Paytm only, to receive a cashback of 40% (besides the free iPhone 7).

He made the payment of Rs 11,000 to the Paytm number, but didn’t receive any cashback.

Paytm, Jabong; Sorry, We Cant Help!

After the payment to Paytm, he was on the call for an hour. The scamsters asked him to share his Aadhaar number, and then later on his OTP as well.

In the evening, he again received a call from the scamsters, asking him to deposit Rs 10,000 as GST for iPhone 7. This is where the red flags alerted him, and he called Jabong’s customer care.

He was told that no such offer exists.

When the senior citizen complained to Paytm about Rs 11,000, he was told that no such offer was present, and his money has been deposited to a bank account in West Bengal.

Red Flag Which Should Have Been Flagged Earlier

  1. The first call from the scamsters, sharing the offer. As per the senior citizen, he didn’t doubt because they knew what he has purchased from Jabong. When he shared this fact with Jabong customer care, then he was told that maybe their database was hacked.
  2. iPhone 7 offer as a free gift is too good to be true. In 90% of the cases, such gifts turn out to be bait, which entangles the user, and forces him/her to part with money.
  3. Sharing Aadhaar and OTP is a clear cut case of forgery, which should have alerted the person. The money from Paytm was withdrawn and deposited using his Aadhaar card number and OTP.

How Can You Avoid Such Robbery

As we have shared earlier, never ever share OTP which you have received on your mobile with anyone. Even banks have issued an advisory against sharing OTP with anyone, even their employees

And Aadhaar. You should never share Aadhaar number with anyone, even if they claim to be Govt. representative.

And lastly, one should never fall for the trap of expensive gifts. If an offer is too good to be true, then it probably is.

Stay safe, and stay alert!



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