Netflix Is Tracking Physical Activity Of Android Users; And There Is Strong Logic Behind This!

Netflix Is Tracking Physical Activity Of Android Users
Netflix Is Tracking Physical Activity Of Android Users

Netflix has been asking its users for permissions that seem unnecessary, and therefore a bit suspicious. 

There is news that Netflix is trying to track the physical activity of users, and this has raised many eyebrows across the globe. No, the company is not looking to invest in fitness wearables, which adds to the confusion of what might be the reason behind the app asking for this particular permission?

Netflix, like other apps, asks for permissions when installed on a smartphone, but what is the need for the app to track users’ physical activities?

Let’s find out!

Netflix Asking For Permission to Track Physical Activity

Apparently, Netflix, which is one of the largest media service providers, was recently in news for providing the cheapest plan in the world. However, it isn’t good news this time. The app, after installation is asking for physical activity permission. 

A tweet by ‘Beto on Security’ brought the whole thing to our notice, wherein the security researcher shares a screenshot of the Netflix app asking for permission to track the physical activity of the user after installation. The researcher in his tweet says, ‘Hey @netflix why does your Android app want physical activity data?’

And no, the OTT channel is definitely not looking to enter the fitness wearables industry at any point in the recent future. 

Netflix remarked that they are constantly looking for ways to boost the experience of its members. Apparently, they are trying to develop the quality of the video playback when the subscriber is moving. 

The popular OTT platform said, “This was part of a test to see how we can improve video playback quality when a member is on the go. Only some accounts are in the test, and we don’t currently have plans to roll it out.”

Is Netflix Misusing The Android Q Feature?

There is a possibility that Netflix is misusing a feature that Android Q provides in its smartphones. This feature by Android Q enables app developers to track your physical activity, and detect the smartphone users’ physical activity as per the usage of apps. 

If we take into consideration Netflix’s statement, it seems quite reasonable that the app asks for updates of physical activity by the user as many people tend to watch the content on Netflix as they commute. 

Tracking physical activities of users will help Netflix improve the quality of their content as per the areas that the users travel in. 

Do you think Netflix should be given permission to track our physical activity? Let us know in the comments section below. 

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