Weekly Wrap-up: Paypal, Mobile Subscribers, IP addresses, Rupee Symbol, Home Loans, IRCTC, Facebook and more…


Last week’s biggest news has been the Paypal Electronic Funds transfer fiasco to India. First they decide to completely ban online Bank Fund withdrawals and then after 2 days suddenly take a complete U turn and resume the services as usual. Don’t know who is playing games here – The RBI or Paypal India !

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The New Rupee Symbol has been much talked about over past couple of weeks since it has been launched. Check out the Design Philosophy as well as how you can use it on your computer. Incidentally, couple of days back we also saw a design of Rs. 10 coin with the new Rupee Symbol…looks good, but most probably a fake.

The Telecom subscriber growth does not seem like stopping anytime soon. 18 million new mobile subscribers were added in June taking India’s teledensity to over 55%.

This news is going to affect many – RBI have announced a hike in their Bank interest rates making Home & Auto loans dearer to consumers. But, it was required as our Inflation rates are now moving into double digits…

An interesting read on experience of a consumer when he buys a new gadget – It all starts with Excitement and Ends up being a Utility device.

We need to be wary of this – The current Pool of IPv4 IP (Internet Protocol) addresses are expected to be over in next 12 months. Indian Government has come up with a detailed roadmap on switching to next generation IPv6 addresses.

The Indian Railways – IRCTC tussle seems to have gone beyond catering services now – Railways seem to have robbed them of their biggest cash cow – The E-ticketing services !

We are going mobile when it comes to computing – Notebook sales have tripled over last 4 years, while the desktop growth remains flat.

Here are a few case studies on how well are Indian brands leveraging Facebook today?

One of the key basic necessities of life is clean drinking water – UN has now gone ahead and declared access to clean water as a human right – But the question is – When will India do so?

United Kingdom seems to have Overthrown United States when it comes to popularity of Overseas studies among Indian students.

We also re-published a post written by Alok Kejriwal – What Entrepreneurs must learn from Fashion Models!

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