Commonwealth Games – 41% people think it will be World Class…WoW !


Couple of weeks back Mr. Suresh Kalmadi had announced that Commonwealth Games would be World’s best and at par with Beijing Olympic Games. Personally, I was taken by surprise with that statement. I would be happy even if we are able to host half decent games.

With so many delays, controversies and corruption surrounding the Commonwealth Games, it is hard to imagine that CWG would be a hit. Hence, we decided to ask our readers about what they think.

We asked a simple Question:

Will the Commonwealth Games Delhi 2010 be World Class?

and here is what our readers had to say


We received total of 529 votes and 40.45% people said that they think these Commonwealth Games would be world class, while 13.61% said they are not sure (which means they think it is possible). 45.94% respondents however, said that this years CWG has no chance of being World class.


For me this is a surprising result. When I started the poll, I has thought that ”NO” would get 75% votes if not more. However, close to 54% people think that CWG will be world class or atleast there is possibility (the “maybe” ones) of it happening.

Here is the poll that we had put up:

Is there really a possibility of CWG being world class – or I am just being too pessimistic ?

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  2. Prasanna Kumar says

    Why does the God of wealth always run away from the poor, needy and the hapless tax payer and prefer to stay and rest with already bloated corrupt netas and babus like Kalmadi, Koda, Pawar, Soren, Laloo, Amma etc.,?? Why is there no force in this world to ‘cull’ the corrupt from the roots for ever !!!

  3. Mohit says


    This actually shows the kind of faith we all have in the entity which runs the country – GOD.

  4. Altaf Rahman says

    I would like to see this issue in light of Athens Olympics.
    At that time Greece was also facing same problem. Infrastructure was taken up quickly and everybody was critisizing Greek ability to host Olympics. Some how they managed to hold games.
    If we are talking abt Asian games I would like to say the following :
    1)We are in teh same boat as Greece in 2004. So some hickups here and there are acceptable.
    2) Personally I dont feel we have the ability to match Chinese precision. But we can some how manage the show.
    3) Even if we dont match up to world std, no great evil will fall on us. After all they are not olympics they are only asian games. Except few countries, nobody will be unsatisfied as our infrastructure is superior to many asian countries like combidia, laos etc.
    4) We are not targetting hosting Olympics in the next 100 years so dont have to worry about failure (which will effect our campaign to host olympics)

    We have nothing to lose and every thing to gain. With hosting games we get more visitors. We have to plan to get more dollars out of pockets of these money surplus tourists in the form of good hotels, good tour trips, good soveniers to sell, good impression to make them visit us once again.
    So we have to work from this point of view.
    Nothing to worry about world class facilities.

    1. Arun Prabhudesai says

      Just read somewhere today that cost of CWG has surpassed any country’s previous budget in multiples… There has to be something wrong…No doubt more money has gone to babu’s and contractors rather than on the games..

      1. Mohit says

        Whether the Games will be world class or not only time will tell. But we are certainly breaking barriers on world class rentals – 9.75 lacs per treadmill, 8,378 per chair, 42,202 per refrigerator and so on…one good thing is that at least I (poor taxpayer) knows where the taxes are going :-)

        1. Arun Prabhudesai says

          Yes,, 10 lakhs for a Treadmill…are they Gold encrusted ?

  5. Pradeep says

    Wow.. even i am unable to believe this. there is chance of CWG being a hit event at least after what media says these days and what we can see on TV. on a funny note ..may be we can ask L Modi to look after :)

  6. Kanyakumari Hotels says

    According to the kamadi. It’s good for the india and its for economic. I am agree with kamadi.

    1. wtf says

      Dear Kanyakumari
      Before you start agreing with KAL MA DI, Please make your language and sentence construction skill WORLD CLASS.

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