Minister says Commonwealth Games Delhi 2010 will be World’s best yet – Do you agree? [Poll]


I just came across the interview given by Mr. Suresh Kalmadi, the President of the IOA. The man who is heading the organization of this event. Hosting of  Commonwealth games has been marred by controversies, especially due to the amount that has been spent for this event and also the constant delays in bringing up the Infrastructure.

Brushing all the controversies aside, Mr. Suresh Kalmadi has gone ahead and said that these Commonwealth Games will be the best world has ever seen, infact, would be even better than the Olympics village at Beijing. Here is the Verbatim transcript of what he has said.

Just 80 days to go for the Games. How confident are you?

Very confident. It will be the best Commonwealth Games ever. I have been saying this for a long time and I am saying it again. We have the best Games village in the world, perhaps better than the Olympics village at Beijing and the stadiums are truly world class. All planning is on track and we are making sure everything will be ready on time.

Do you agree with what the respected minister has predicted ? Let is know what you think

Personally, for me, I have huge doubts. I visited Delhi a couple of weeks back and was near to the Olympic village – From what I saw it is still very much “Work in Progress”.

Let us know what you feel !

  1. akhil says

    i really enjoyed cwg ………….ironic to tanushree

  2. srishti adhar says

    i fell commonwealth games 2010 in delhi is fantastic

  3. cd rawat says

    It is happiest duration of CWG-2010 and we all democratic people of India should try to warm welcome with patience and sweety manner of all delegates for this grand occassion in India. We should proud ourself being a Indian, that we are stand for accepting the challenges of the world at any stage for completing the task. I should pray to all that at this time we foreget all if & but amongs ourself but we should ready to keep silence, warm welcoming to all delegates togetherly with postive posture of mind.

    in addition to this, i would like to know that whether GOI are going to change /close the Govt. of India offices which are vicinity in the neareby sports venue from 3-14h Oct’10. Please specify.

    I am great positive posture person and working with PSU in the nearby JLNS but unable to get tickets.

    Hope your kind honour will response immediately.

  4. Tanushree says

    roofs are falling,bridges are collapsing, stadium is floating and still our ministers feel that these are minor disasters can’t harm games …..forget about good sense i think they don’t even have common sense….. god knows what is about to happen i have crossed my fingers to see what else damage is left to be seen

  5. Joseph Varkey says

    It is a shame that the bridge fall down at the Common Wealth Games ground for all Indians, whether they are in India or abroad. The people who built it and wo are responsible for it should be punished severely.

    The Govt. of India should work harder to improve the image as well as the standard of the Coomon Wealth Games gound and the facilities of living standard provided for the athletics. There are big hue and cry about the ability of India and Indians to hold this kind of games in International standards.

    I hope the politicians, ministries and the people behind it should take a note of it.

  6. tanushree says

    since 2003 we know that commomwealthgames are suppose to held in India ,than why we started preparing in 2010…….as we all are awre of this fact “Hurry spoils curry”
    i am worried wether we will be able to present a good show or not

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