WTF ! Commonwealth Games Costs rise to 30,000 crore from estimated 1899 crore…


This is ridiculous – I am not sure how concerned people did budgetary allocations when they bid for commonwealth games, but it seems to be a joke now. The bid which was made in 2003 for hosting Commonwealth Games was put at 1,899 crore rupees, however the unofficial assessment of actual costs have been mindboggling 30,000 crore.

Even the official figures are pegged at 10,000 crore which is more than 500% rise from the previous ear-marked figure.


Normally, it is expected that the cost of such events go up as the event approaches, but this kid of rise in figures is unheard of. This just goes to show, how badly we plan our projects.

These are the findings of ‘white paper’ on the financial and social cost of the event titled, The 2010 Commonwealth Games: Whose Wealth? Whose Commons? .

The report also points out that in the bid to host this Commonwealth Games, the people behind this project have violated the Human Rights as all the beggars and homeless citizens are being arrested, arbitrarily detained and mercilessly driven out of the city in run-up to the games.

HLRN report concludes,
“the entire process related to the Games has been essentially underscored by secrecy, unavailability of information, lack of government accountability and unconstitutional activities, with evidence of long-term economic, social and environmental costs for the nation and specifically for the city of Delhi. Preparations for the Games have already resulted in an irreversible alteration in the social, spatial, economic and environmental dimensions of…Delhi…”

I have always been in favour of hosting such events in India to showcase our prowess, but with these findings I think hosting such events is proving to be more counter-productive.

“India ka naam hum mitti mein mila rahe hain” What say guys? do you agree?

  1. Hari Sanjana says

    This is unbearable….there is tax for everything….this money is going directly to the ministers’ and officials’ SWISS ACCOUNT…the black money of Indian account holders is three times more than India’s national debt!!!!!!!!!

  2. Ram says

    Its not bad planning pal. Its well planned how much they can loot from this.

  3. shamsudeen aluva says

    I wish to express about the dissipation it is real embarrassment I

  4. saur says

    all proudful Indian must read this given on this link , Incredible India

  5. srinivas says

    Atif was right when he said that we will read this feel unhappy and forget it. I will also want to add that there may some of us who also feel jealous that we are not a part of it. But fact of the matter is we only watch the action as silent, hapless spectator. Shoudl this show go on????? never felt one could enjoy being looted. millions of people are getting looted and we are yet to come up with an action plan to fight this out.

    Vai, for decades together, you and I had always been lead to believe that we are a great nation. The correct substitutes to the word ‘are’ would be ‘were’ and ‘can be’. Just being jingoistic about our country being great, will not do any good than to fill few pockets of some of wealthiest, who thanks to our contribution endlessly, keep getting wealthier.
    the first step for any improvement plan is to diagnose and acknowledge the root cause of the malice. If we do not acknowledge the big-time misappropriation of public funds as a malice enough, we will continue to say india is a great nation, but can never become one!!!

    Consider the case swiss bank deposits. india hold the top rank in deposits with about $1500 billion. The interst of which is enough to cover the union budget of our country. How did so much money get into swiss banks???
    Would You and I earning honestly, paying tax to the last paise, think of depositing in swiss banks? We can still lay a claim on that money as that is swindled out of us honest tax payers in a dishonest manner. Let’s get this money back into our country and this would be a much bigger deed than getting independence itself. for all that matters, the british plunder does not even amount to 60% of the figure mentioned above.
    Now CWG is another case in point.
    Should we allow this to happen?????
    Should we not take a call that this cannot happen further.
    Shoudl we not teach the government some basic lessons about responsibility / accountability / ownership???
    Guys, if we want to create a great nation called India, we should stop tolerating all such nonsense. To end corruption and to institutionalise best practicies in public governance calls for nothing short of a revolution oof sorts….so be it!

    Can we think of an action plan to weed this out of our country?
    You may contact me on my mail id [email protected].

    Arun, will call you shortly…….

  6. vai says

    hello there. I like the work you are doing thru this website. But I really feel bad when u sound so ANTI INDIAN. Ever seen a young guy coming to India after visiting US for a month or so, he looks so anti indian and so are you. Feels bad. There are really great things in India too. I would appreciate it if you threw light upon those great things too.

  7. Altaf Rahman says

    We should think in the reverse.

    We know many people will be unhappy to know such facts. But think who will be happy to know such facts?

    A new politician : He thinks “What!! Hmm Looks like a good business to get involved into. I know where the money is going. I want to tap some. In fact I will strongly support that India should hold such events every day”

    A Govt official : If the cost is 1900 cr, my commission for grants / licences / permits is X%. If the cost is 30k Cr, how much it will be. Good

    A businessman : If the cost is 1900 cr, i get x% of the business, if it goes up to 30K cr, how much business I can garner?

    We all know that not 100% of the budgeted cost is spent on actual things. There is a “pilferage” which now we are used to as common to be tolerated. The more the cost the more the pilferage and the more happy the parellel economy will be.

    Actual spendign induces business into economy. So main stream business is also happy.

    Now what I see is only those who read this article are unhappy for the moment and forget about it after they go off the blog :-)

    1. Burhan says

      HaHa. Right you are.

  8. Jai Anand says

    i agree, n dey r using our tax money na??

  9. akshat says

    this is truly frightening – 30k crores!!!

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