CWG Opening ceremony – One of the all time best!


The Commonwealth Games opening ceremony was one of the best I have ever seen yet. India displayed that it has the prowess of getting things right, when it mattered most. The grand success of CWG opening ceremony has to be heartily appreciated as just couple of weeks back, there was a question mark on  whether the event will actually be held or not.

I saw most of the 3 hour extravaganza on T.V yesterday and I was very proud to say the least. I can go on and on about the event, but let me put across some of the selected quotes from non-Indian journalists, who literally had written off the games just a few days earlier.


Andrew Stevenson of Sydney Morning Herald

Delhi’s Commonwealth Games has managed yet another surprise, with the opening ceremony defying expectations last night to start on time before going off without a hitch to delight a crowd of 50,000 with a rich and exciting pageant befitting a country as vast and populous as India

Tom Fordyce of BBC

There was pomp, there was partying, there was national pride by the bucketful. Flags fluttered. Horns were honked, tablas tapped. A 100m-high tree sprouted into the sky.

If you wanted to be dazzled dizzy by it all, it was all there for you. Bollywood film directors hundreds of miles to the south-west would have watched this spectacular, looked at their own forthcoming epics and suddenly felt rather overshadowed.

Robert Craddock of The Herald Sun

Indian Games officials should feel proud of the opening ceremony, classy and showy but somehow warmer and less contrived than the Beijing experience. No collapsed bridges. No slithering snakes. No collapsing roof and, blow me down, before a late blow-out she almost ran on time.

Kelly Exelby of New Zealand Herald

After months of ridicule, international condemnation and doubts the Commonwealth Games would even go ahead, tonight was the night Delhi got to let its hair down and show the world a smile.

The opening ceremony was a 2 hour light and sound extravaganza, showcasing the best bits of this amazing but complex nation.

Here is a small factoid about CWG Opening Ceremony – The Large Helium Balloon (or aerostat or whatever you call) was supposedly the most expensive prop used for any sporting event ceremony ever. It was 40×80×12 meters in size and cost about $8 million !

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  2. Meen Dave says

    Woowww what a wonderful article wit a brilliant usage of words, thanks alot.

  3. Meen Dave says

    Woowww what a wonderful article wit a brilliant usage of words, thanks alot.

  4. Ankur Singh says

    That was amazing . entire world have no expectations from INDIA but our country show the world what are her abilities.And that was the slap on the face of idiot critics who did not believe on our abilities. well done INDIA ………………

  5. Common Wealth Games says

    the CWG Opening ceremony has proved that its a huge game for……

  6. aadithyaan says

    Starting with begining, we all know what world was takin about CWG corruption in India, kalmadi et al and others were equally involved in curruption,(& yes! they are to some extent), should not they punished for that after the end of CWG delhi. but ok ! we’ll discuss about all these after all our guest will have gone to their nations.

    now! who is there who hadnt enjoyed the ceremony? well!! im not from them.
    I really really enjoyed the opeing ceremony specially the traditional drummer groups, 7 yrs old tabla master, hariharan & what about those school children who quicky in a minute made colorful MEHENDI in white canvas and that too, beneath canvas(or cloth whatever).. there was nothing which went wrong in creation of that art so heartly congrats to those delhi school children..

    AR Rehman was again there to thrill everybody. however CWG theme song could be more better( it looks somethng like artists AR havent worked out well for music and what came on mind, they had just put the lyrics on that music).

    about AEROSTAT which several have reported that it was first time to include in any sports ceremony( really!!!) , if it s true,, then really INDIA, u need not to look to others, now everyone will look at u and compare u with their events. Reflections and graphics on aerostat was appearing as if we re dreaming and several colorful pictures are coming in our mind. wow!!

    allover, it was a amazing ceremony and hope that next few days till the end of this event would go in similar fashion and our GUESTS would say: INDIA ! u make me happy….

  7. Charu says

    Yes the prelude to CWG was grand & has instilled the hope that India can pull it off well. And ofcourse all the allegations on kalmadi or the CWG committee will be brushed under the success of the games, there is no doubt about it.

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