Delhi Commonwealth Games: Will it go Boom or Bust?


Remember the extravaganza called Beijing Olympics? It was one of the most expensive & expansive Olympics ever to be held. People were in awe of what China had done with the Infrastructure & facilities for the pinnacle of sporting tournament.

For China, it was a big in-direct step for changing the its global image from a poor country to a more modern upcoming super-power nation.


On the other hand, India seems to be doing exactly the opposite – Although, I cannot say this until the Commonwealth Games supposed to be held next year in Delhi are over. But the way things are going currently, India may have to hide their faces, if something is not done on war footing.

The Commonwealth games will be held next year in October, but as per the deadlines, all the preparations have to be completed by March 2010, and it seems thats deadline may not be met.

Although the IOC head Mr. Suresh Kalmadi keeps iterating that the they are on schedule, everyone else on ground seem to think otherwise. Infact, as of now, none of the venues are even near completion.

Commonwealth Games Federation (CGF) says 13 of 19 venues are between 30% and 50% behind schedule

Everyone in the media (globally) are talking about how even at this late stage of preparation, India is still far from ready for for the games. The Economist calls India’s preparations for its biggest-ever sporting event very embarrassing

And it is just not for the venues, the accommodation arrangements for the athletes also is a big issue. Only 3,952 of the ‘confirmed’ 9,500 rooms – a mere 41% – are currently ready. That’s not all. Of the 2,194 ‘likely’ rooms expected to come up in time for the October 2010 event, only 50% will be ready, according to the ministry’s review.

Rajesh Kalra on his Blog gives even more bleak picture:

This city, which is to host the games in October next year, is a complete mess. Almost every major road is dug up or blocked, either for Metro or flyover construction, and others that are not affected by games-related construction can thank substandard material used in road building for giving the entire city a uniform experience. Even calling it a disgrace is an understatement.

And this is just the roads and other networks that are basically required to get to the venues where the events would take place, but what about the venues themselves? By all available reports (CGF says 13 of 19 venues are between 30% and 50% behind schedule), they are so far behind schedule that some of them may be a disaster in the making if rushed through.

He goes ahead and even suggests this extreme step:

I would be happy if the Prime Minister, without wasting any more time, comes out with a statement that goes thus: “Given the current economic situation, the country would be better off without the games and the money that was being spent on building these white elephants would be utilised to build homes for the poor, and the beggars we wanted out so that they don’t prove to be an eyesore for the visitors”.

Would love to hear what readers have to say? Is it better to shelve the Commonwealth Games plan instead of ruining India’s Image – or should we go all out and do whatever it takes to ensure that Games are held with some amount of respectability?

  1. Indian, and proud to be one says

    Hey Australian, what you say may be right, but YOU have no right to say that. If Australia was not selected as the venue, there IS a reason behind it. U cannot attack anyone like this.

  2. dheeraj says

    hey r u sure dat delhi will be able to host cwg as the preparations r going

  3. karan says

    hey r u sure dat evn aftr cwg d deelopment will continue as it is goin on nw??????

  4. delhiite says

    we just compare india with small countries but this is the 7th largest country in the world im just thinking that indian government is getting tax from more than 110 crores of people on daily basis ………if on an average a single citizen pay Re 1 of tax so income of our country is 110 crores but when it comes to infrastructure its worst………….delhi metro is fine only even pillers of metro are lower class like gray in color and piller numbers are putted in yellow label with low class paint and apart from all these things what about the commonman who is earning and paying more on tax but getting 3rd class facilities ( metro apart ) ……if they really want to host common wealth than they should work 50 times faster than they are working now……………… i think we should do something with which the whole world goes in complex that this job is done by country called INDIA……………do it once and see the response from the world.

  5. rob says

    Don’t you people recognize that India is the world’s largest, Hindu idealistic, democracy, not China; with democracy there is nothing that cannot be achieved. It positions India in a totally different league compared to other countries, the games will be on time and all the facilities will prove to be the best ever for the Commonwealth Games and much better than the Beijing Olympics. After the games, India will be the only remaining super power in economics, international politics, and military strength. Pax Americana will end, and Pax India will rule supreme in the planet earth. Indian democracy has given India the most effective government, the largest military industry, the highest literacy rate, the highest unhunger rate, the most extensive road networks, the best high-speed rail network, the most efficient airports, the highest GDP and GDP per capita, the most educated work force, the most skilled IT industry, the cleanest cities, the most equitable society in the world! Jai Hind!

  6. Supremo says

    Cool Guys. We all are humans & right to progress. Lets make this world a beautiful place to live & enjoy. lets not jealous.Help each other.

  7. DK says

    Australians should be ashamed of themselves, in spite of being one of the biggest country (area wise) in the world still enlist themselves in 26th position as far military power is concern and we Indian are at 4th place.India is definitely a third world country but what we have achieved in 50 yrs of independence is a remarkable achievement. No other country in the world including USA couldn’t develop themselves at such an accelerated pace.Hey Australians go and check out the number of doctors and engineers etc you produce in a single year and compare it with INDIA.It is same to say not even 1/3rd.What Australia can do is produce sports person and farmers. As far CWG are concern I am sure we will host it on time, thats what makes INDIA a special country.

    1. Kotpwan Indernaz says

      Objectively, that’s a stupid post.

      – Military power? Focusing on that is definitely the hallmark of a 3rd World nation. And “4th Position” is the number of soldiers – an irrelevant statistic in military analysis.

      – Economically India has been one of the slowest growing nations for the last 60 years, and since independence has drastically under-performed most of Asia. In GDP terms is still around 130th i the world.
      – It’s only in the last 15 years with M. Singh’s economic reforms that things have started to go well.

      – comparing Australia and India GDP. Australia gets 5% of GDP from farmers. India gets 60%.

      – since India has 55 times the population of India, so would be a complete failure unless it is graduating more doctors and engineers.

      India is a proud nation and that’s they key to getting the urgency and focus to complete the Games preparations.

  8. The Australian says

    India should have never have been able to host the Commonwealth Games.

    Let my Country Australia take over we are more than 100 years ahead of India in every way.

    My Country is far far wealthier than third world India. We should have the right to the Games not India.

    If China was a Commonwealth Member we would be more than happy to pass our hosting rights onto China. We would support China.

    India is not capable of hosting anything. India is too poor to afford this.

    1. gp says

      yeah you guys racist *&^%$ ….you guys should left isolated for next 100 years

    2. Jeffash says

      It is probably too late to move the games to another country. Getting the logistics and operational aspects prepared and the security measures in place can be next to impossible at this late stage. Unless of course, Australia and other countries have foreseen Delhi’s stumble and been preparing for this contingency. I sure hope the games move somewhere else, as I have no confidence in India at this point. Awarding Delhi the games was a huge mistake, and I wonder what made the member countries think that India was capable of hosting anything that requires planning and organization. Did they not know that Delhi turns into an aqua-city whenever there is more than an inch of rain?! Anyway, this will be a harsh lesson for all involved. I heard Delhi is aiming to host the Olympics in 2016 or 2020. Bah, that is just simply wanking off, isn’t it?

      1. watever says

        u ppl really dont think tat india is capable for hostung commonwealth. australians suck and dont believe on them.

        1. Jeffash says

          Nice summary of our sentiments, albeit with lots of spelling and grammatical errors; but I can’t help but notice you didn’t add anything substantive to the debate. Oh by the way, Australia rocks. I like the country, her people, etc. However, I can’t say the same about India.

    3. FriendsofIndia says

      Shame on Australia. As one of the most advanced countries in the world with one of the highest per-capita GDP, Australia only spends 0.3% GDP on aide to poorer countries, especially fellow commonwealth country India. How can Australians sit on the sidelines and watch babies die due to lack of nutrition in India and under-develop their potential without enough to eat, while bragging about India not fit to host the Commonwealth games? You should be helping India to make sure the games are successful.

    4. the INDIAN says

      hi im THE INDIAN i think we have larger army and larger air force and the navy than Australia because apart from speaking some childish words they can not do anything and if they have the capability so be a superpower which austrailia is not

    5. indranil mondal says

      hi “the austalian”..have u ever gone through any newspaper?????? i guess no…:) ..otherwise u could kno d recent economic development in india nd its successful cwg hosting( though there were some initial problems)..india will leave behind australia on total economic strength soon( if not now…:))…..u r living with 1950’s ideas… india has always done..astonished the world with its potentials( nuclear arms or missiles or moon missions or nano or whtever)this time also its going to host d olympic soon..u believe it or not…i hav no rivalry with australia..but please open ur eyes….
      i would suggest u have a newspaper daily……:)

  9. Umasree says

    We can never reach any where closer to what China conducted last time. 90% of US consumer market is flooded with China products and China took this event as a sign to show their supremacy and as upcoming global economic super power. India is not in that kind of a situation and our’s is not a country which is giving more importance to any sport than Cricket. So, this is going to cause embarrasment unless our visitors dont compare with China and topple it with issues and leave us without much hue and cry, and this is far from reality. God bless us, for its too late to take back too.

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