Unlimited GPRS plans: Another compelling offer from Tata DOCOMO


Last 3 months seem to be all about Tata Docomo. First it was innovative launch advertising, then it was fantastic one second plan and now it is Unlimited GPRS plans. Not to mention the per call billing offering from its sister concern CDMA mobile company Tata Indicom.


Tata Docomo seems to be in a hurry to capture the mobile subscriber market share.

I received following information from Tata DOCOMO marketing guys yesterday:

TATA DOCOMO has launched another innovative offer in the country, Unlimited GPRS plans. Through the Unlimited GPRS plans, we aim to introduce GPRS plans at prices never seen before in the Indian telecom market. Unlimited GPRS plans will be introduced in two packages.

The two packages will be a Rs. 15 GPRS Pack and Rs. 95 GPRS pack. Here are some details on these offerings:


Rs.15 GPRS Pack:

This a Rs.15 special GPRS pack allowing unlimited internet access for upto 3 days. To start using the customer has to select DOCOMO internet APN on their handsets after downloading the GPRS settings.

Rs.95 GPRS Pack:

This special GPRS pack allowing unlimited internet access for up-to 30 days. To start using the customer has to select DOCOMO internet APN on their handsets after downloading the GPRS settings.

How do I get the GPRS packs?

All you need to do is to go to the nearest retailer and ask for a special EVD recharge for GPRS/Internet of Rs.15 or Rs.95.

How do I start using internet once I have bought the GPRS packs?

By default you are provisioned for TATA DOCOMO Internet and DIVE IN at the time of purchase of the connection if you have a GPRS compatible handset. To start using internet on your phone all you need is to save the settings as default settings. To get Internet settings SMS "INTERNET" to 52270 (toll free on TATA DOCOMO HOME & CHARGED Rs.3 at non DOCOMO Network) and save them as default settings. Once you have done that, just go to your internet browser on the phone at start surfing.

Can I access TATA DOCOMO internet on roaming and will I be charged if I use the internet post activation of these packs on roaming?

Yes you can use internet while on roaming, however, the free usage of internet is allowed only on the TATA DOCOMO home network. If you are roaming within India, then you will be charged 10p/10kb. Check international roaming section on our site for data charges while on international roaming.

What are the benefits?

  • Quick internet browsing from mobile.
  • Access email and update face book, orkut easily from mobile.
  • Use instant messengers like G-talk, Yahoo, ICQ etc
  • More practical on the move connectivity.

Does the TATA DOCOMO INTERNET work with any PC or Laptop?

TATA DOCOMO INTERNET works with any PC or Laptop that has Bluetooth or USB port for the cable.

I see this as an excellent offering. The plans are offered on prepaid, are extremely cheap – Just think about it – Rs. 15/- for 3 days of unlimited Internet usage ! pretty awesome I must say

Yes, the speed may be a bit slow (They guarantee between 28kbps to 48 kbps speed), but that should be enough to do think like checking emails, searching, tweeting etc.

Tata Docomo has launched with a bang, and they seem to keep the momentum going – Well done guys !

  1. Gopal Sachin says

    hey loosu's RS.15 provide only 500MB data….

  2. Mohammad Atiq says

    the cheapest gprs plan of 2.5 GB I am using last three months what afine speed superb connectivity.

  3. Toyaj Kumar Maurya says

    hello sir 2g me data plan kya hai.

  4. Abhishek says

    Tata docomo’s comedy story .They tell that they are offering “unlimited” 3GB night usage and 100MB morning usage.Then what is unlimited.
    Here in karnataka their speed is only good reaching 32kB/s(ie 262kbps).Airtel does not have any day/night usage barrier,but speed reaches 10kB/s(ie 81.92kbps.Here in karnataka aircel once again launched unlimited plans which was withdrawn.The packs are 14rps and 98rps.speed here reaches from 26-30kB/s(260kbps more.)in terms of gprs/edge aircel is best here.but only take the sim if you have network over this area.

  5. Mohammad Atiq says

    cheapest plans for gprs in tata docomo.

  6. Deepak Kushwaha says

    guys its all fake coz I just get mere 2 or 3gb in the recharge of 98.

  7. Deepak Kushwaha says

    guys its all fake coz I just get mere 2 or 3gb in the recharge of 98.

  8. Deepak Kushwaha says

    guys its all fake coz I just get mere 2 or 3gb in the recharge of 98.

  9. Deepak Kushwaha says

    guys its all fake coz I just get mere 2 or 3gb in the recharge of 98.

    1. Sandeep Verma says

      bro can u tell me abt speed u get

  10. Hammad Khan says

    what a sped tata docomo 3g.

  11. ashu says

    how can i access internet in pc with docomo i have a portable net connecter but not settings plz. help me email id [email protected], mo. no. 09997001421

  12. rv says

    yaar hindi me likho be ……tumhare jaise sab angreji thode hi bol sakte hai…..kam se kam kuch to bhartiye hone ka sabut do……..hahahahah

  13. Fastel India says


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    Insert SIM card of your choice and begin surfing the web!

    …This gives you the freedom of choosing the latest tariffs/offers/plans from a number of mobile service providers

    Add a Micro SD card and use the same device as a memory stick.

    For more information visit http://www.fastelindia.com or write to [email protected]

  14. Ramesh chavan says

    Tata docomo is best for gprs. It has downloding speed upto 30kbps.

  15. balaji says

    hi dudes,
    I m native of tamilnadu and i m residing at andhra(near kakinada) for my job. First i ve faced lot of troubl in purchasing a sim…. But for de past two months i ve been satisfied with docomo….. De dwnload speed goes evn upto 30 kbps…. not evn plug and surf will yield dis much speed…… Thnks to docomo………

  16. Kiran says

    Hi i m kiran. Docomo is one of the wrost service provider in the india. They are big liers too. My speed : 6-9 kbps..I’m using data cable. & my handset is nokia 5800. I called customer care but everytime they are making us fool. So my request you all please dont go for docomo.this is my experiance. same problem in mumbai too. I’m from ahmedabad

  17. saheb says

    guy reliancegsm is best it is goona launch free unlimited plan for rs 25/ 1 month in all circle soon + in roaming u may 2 use the service and it is providing call rates cheap than any other service provider…
    in roaming to 1p/1s ie ossaam /+ customer service is also excelent and support good well

  18. Wolfgang muller says

    GPRS as such is a data bearer that enables wireless access to data networks like the Internet, enabling users to access E-mail and other Internet applications using Mobile Phones.

  19. gaurav says

    are yaar, its nt unlimited plan :(

    15 rs for 3 dys with only 20 mb
    and 95 rs for month with 100 mb only :(

  20. kaarthik says

    by using mobile internet, can I download any Images, songs, etc from any website?

  21. jijimon says

    is it possible in kerala………………………..

    1. Arun says

      The unlimited offer no-longer exsists! http://www.tatadocomo.com/gprs-pack.aspx

  22. Sage says

    3G shall be the real game changer. Put on your Gtalk/Skype over a 3G phone and pay nothing for voice minutes!
    It will be interesting to see the operators price their 3G data plans.

  23. Rohan says

    Not sure how much utility a speed of 48- kbps would prove of. I wish they would provide atleast EDGE 200-234 kbps at some extra cost.

    1. Arun Prabhudesai says

      I think speed of 48kbps is good enough to do minor tasks like check mail, tweet etc. yes, you will not be able to do complete browsing…but look at the cost as well…its hardly anything..

  24. ghosh says

    while this is a good offer from indicom, it is not the first one in the Indian market. I believe Aircell has launched a similar offer before TATA introduced theirs, Rs14 for3 days of unlimited data access and Rs99 for the 30 days unlimited data access

    1. Thinkfree says

      Its’ Tata Docomo(GSM), not Tata Indicom(CDMA)

  25. Mahesh says

    Excellent offer from Docomo. I think many GPRS users from airtel and idea will switch to Docomo. Airtel is overpriced as they’re charging 25/rs per day for unlimited internet. and 30ps/50kb for volume based browsing. Same is the case with idea.

    In such tough economic times, though it sounds like limited offer from Docomo but is certainly a best option for GPRS users. We can say that many users are likely to switch just for GPRS. If 500-1000 dedicated GPRS users are switched to Docomo for GPRS plans then definitely it is tough for other companies to bring GPRS customers back.

    1. Arun Prabhudesai says

      Yeah Mahesh, thats true – and thats exactly why Docomo is launching such aggressive plans – They want to create a footprint and fast.
      What remains to be seen is how is their customer service and do they deliver on what they promise. In the long run that is what will be THE most important thing…

  26. BlogrPro says

    First of all, Tata Docomo made a good start with innovative advertising campaign which exactly clicked like what Vodafone did when they came to India.
    Then Tata Docomo attracts the customers with low price tag. If the service is good, then I am sure that I will switch over to Tata Docomo.

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