Tata DoCoMo and the power of simplicity


Tata DoCoMo – Do the new

“Do the new” is the tagline of Tata’s GSM service. It is not a complete sentence and yet complete. I am really not sure if it is grammatically correct but I really don’t care. It is like Samsung’s Next is What? But, only better and stickier.

Tata DoCoMo is the GSM service from the Tata stable. Tata already has a presence with Tata Indicom in CDMA space. CDMA only has 25% market share and Tata just like Reliance wanted a bigger pie and wanted to enter GSM market. And hence Tata DoCoMo.

If you are in Bangalore it is hard to miss the Tata DoCoMo billboards. Tata DoCoMo has finished rolling out the service to the southern states of Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Orissa.

Tata DoCoMo

You will never see a brand (NTT DoCoMo) which has only 26% stake dominate 74% (did not measure) of the logo. NTT DoCoMo a Japanese telecom company holds 26% stake in Tata Teleservices Limited. And the new brand which came out of this is Tata DoCoMo.

If there is one brand that most Indians know then it is salt-to-software maker – Tata. Tata DoCoMo messes with that very brand by giving it a lesser real estate. And guess what – it has worked. Just like the name Tata, DoCoMo has a rhyming name too. And Tata DoCoMo rhymes like hell (it does for me).

Tata DoCoMo’s ad just like the tagline is a simple ad without any fuss. It just says Do the New with the funny Do – Co – Mo sounds. No SRK’s, Hrithik’s or Kajol’s and no ZooZoo’s or Pugh’s. Plain simple.

Now compare that with the Reliance GSM ad. Sure it got Hrithik Roshan and my attention. But that is where my interest ended. The ads look like Reliance is introducing a mobile phone for the first time in India. Did not click. It might be mustering new subscribers but Reliance GSM doesn’t stick and Hrithik Roshan is wasted.

Tata DoCoMo sticks. Besides, Reliance GSM does not stand out from Reliance CDMA. Another reason why branding matters. Whatever the product is. And why do I have to compare Tata with Reliance? Well, there is no other company which has both CDMA and GSM licenses.

Its not the logo or the name or the tagline which is simplified. The pricing is simplified too. For the first time in a long time the pulse is brought down to 1 second from the prevailing 1 minute. Sure the cost might be the same but the rounding off will be to the nearest second and not to the nearest minute. Quite handy for people on shoestring budget – of which there are many.

From the logo design to tag line to the price, Tata DoCoMo has concentrated on simplifying things. Because, life should not be complicated at all and a mobile service should be simplest of all things.

PS : Tata DoCoMo has a social media play too. Its twitter id : tatadocomo has 865 followers already and it is following only 2 – ttsl and nontoxin.

PPS : Everything about Tata DoCoMo stands out. I am willing to shift to DoCoMo and make that funny noise if only the mobile number portability isn’t delayed. I will settle with the DoCoMo ringtone for now.

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  3. Dhirendra Kumar Tripathi says

    Luckily I was among few customers of docomo in kerala when it was launched in 2009. I really the quality of service. now I am in delhi can someone tell when it will be launched in delhi.

  4. mohammad hussain says

    glad to hve docomo ….
    bt feel sad to hve docomo in ths area whre authentic man of network sells the oil
    due to which we get low range of network indoor

  5. vanshika sharma says

    its quality not quantity
    glad to have this

  6. Dilip Parmar says


  7. Santosh Khavasi says

    docomo is best one.

  8. gayatri says

    tata docomo is good, but i personally prefer reliance….bcoz of low call and sms charges, and no monthly rentals…

  9. sachin says


  10. sachin says

    as suggested by sandeep above @ sr no 16 i checked the network availablity and it found that TATA GSM service network is available in ANDHERI MUMBAI area can anyone tell me is it TATA DOCOMO SERVICE

  11. dr K.K.V. Rao says

    I am working as reader in law at bSikkim Governemnt law cvollege, Gangtok, Sikkim. Tata DOCOMO is grand success in India. I fail to understand any reason for not introducing the same in sikkim. Hope you will look in to the matter.
    Thanking You,

    Yours Faithfully
    Dr.K.K.V. Rao
    Reader in Law
    Sikkim Government Law College

  12. sandeep says

    As the tata servise is new the signal quality will be poor please check the signal in your area by going to settings-> phone settings->operator selection->manually
    the following are the codes for tata
    1 Delhi 405 029 / IND TATA
    2 Andhra Pradesh 405 025 / IND TATA
    3 Assam 405 026 / IND TATA
    4 Bihar/Jharkhand 405 027 / IND TATA
    5 Gujarat 405 030 / IND TATA
    6 Haryana 405 031 / IND TATA
    7 Himachal Pradesh 405 032 / IND TATA
    8 Jammu & Kashmir 405 033 / IND TATA
    9 Karnataka 405 034 / IND TATA
    10 Kerala 405 035 / IND TATA
    11 Madhya Pradesh & Chattisgarh 405 038 / IND TATA
    12 Maharashtra & Goa 405 037 / IND TATA
    13 Mumbai 405 039 / IND TATA
    14 North East 405 040 / IND TATA
    15 Orissa 405 041 / IND TATA
    16 Punjab 405 042 / IND TATA
    17 Rajasthan 405 043 / IND TATA
    18 Tamil Nadu including Chennai 405 044 / IND TATA
    19 Uttar Pradesh (E) 405 045 / IND TATA
    20 Uttar Pradesh (W) & Uttarkhand 405 046 / IND TATA
    21 Kolkata 405 036 / IND TATA
    22 West Bengal 405 047 / IND TATA

    if you are getting signal then only buy. baad me pachtane se kya faida.

  13. ram says

    gt to knw abt thr diest sms..hapy to see tata comin wit such unusual plans..bt wish all the plans wr for life time..especially the pay per second n the diet sms..

  14. TATA DOCOMO says

    We have finally launched our unlimited GPRS plan and we will be introducing it in 2 packages. The first package will be the ‘Rs. 15 GPRS Pack’. This is a pre paid pack wherein a customer can recharge with Rs.15, and thereafter the customer will be allowed to access unlimited data for next 3 days by selecting Docomo internet APN on their handsets. The second package will be the ‘Rs. 95 GPRS Pack’. In this pack, the customer can recharge with Rs. 95, and thereafter the customer will be allowed to access unlimited data for the next 30 days. These packages will be applicable to TATADOCOMO home and roaming network only.

    For further information please visit the Unlimited GPRS URL: http://www.tatadocomo.com/gprs-edge-faqs.aspx

    1. Rohan says

      If we have a EDGE enabled handset, will we get EDGE speeds like 156-234 kbps or will it be just 28-48 kbps.

      I could not find the info on the page link posted by you.
      Thank you.

  15. Rohan says

    Not sure how much utility a speed of 48- kbps would prove of. I wish they would provide atleast EDGE 200-234 kbps at some extra cost.

  16. rajiv says

    hmm a new unlimited gprs plan from docomo..hope this too is as innovative as all othr docomo plan..

  17. bhuvan says

    what is frequency of tata docomo

  18. rajiv says

    hey but my experience with tata docomo is really nice..i took a connection as i was attracted by it 1p/sec call rate i was also impressed by the sweet tone of
    DO-CO-MO..thr logos also caught attraction of many..m very happy with docomo..fine network, amazing call rates and tariff..tata is really Doing The New!

  19. Babu says

    Ref # NWK09044015 / NWK09024853 / NWK09016787

    At Hyderabad

    Tata Docomo – a SAD Story

    9030408396 this # I purchased on July 19th 2009. The same day I discontinued my BSNL service (which was OK). Big mistake!!

    Tata Docomo – a SAD Story

    Tata Docomo – Is “Saste ka maal raste pe” “Raste ka maal saste mai”

    Tata Docomo – Is a “sadak chaap company”

    Tata Docomo team = “Bunch of losers”

    Why am I saying this. My part of the story as follows:

    1) Total top-up / recharge rs 100 (rs 50×2). Balance after over 1 month rs 23.
    Why? Unable to make any out going calls. “Network busy” not a single
    call gets connected let alone Land line or mobiles even 121 does not connect.

    2) If by chance the call gets connected it drops in 10 to 20 sec.

    3) Sometimes I am lucky, the call gets connected and in the middle of the call I get call charges message / balance message.

    4) 9030012345 Tata Docomo CC # cannot get connected using Reliance mobile.

    5) Tried calling 9030000121. Mobile switched off.

    All in all Tata Docomo is in a very very bad experience.

    My suggestion to all out there, do not get carried away with 1p / per sec.
    Its pure BS. As it makes no sense when one cannot make any out going calls.

    I have lost all hopes on this company.
    God bless Tata Docomo customers!!


    Babu Tunk

  20. V. Murali Mohan Reddy says

    This Murali Mohan reddy From Anantapur (AP). I am intersting to take dealer ship in antapur district, Please send details about dealership formalities.

    Murali Mohan Reddy

  21. TATA DOCOMO says

    Dear Shashanka Kundu,

    Happy to know you are taking a TATA DOCOMO connection.
    You can now get a TATA DOCOMO connection online. Please visit the following site for prepaid or postpaid connection.



    Thank you

  22. Shashanka Kundu says

    Its really difficult to get a DoCoMo in Bangalore…. Please let me know if you guys know a place I can get a SIM from.

  23. Siddharth Sharma says

    I got the new connection recently and I was feeling like I’m using a service that is there for ages……reason being the quality of service. There is no call drops, no inter-connectivity issues, the signal strength is excellent both at outdoors and indoors. There is missed-call-alert service which is absolutely free and prompt in delivery. I can divert my calls to any number of any service provider, while previously when I used airtel they allowed call frowarding only to their mobiles. I like the overall appeal of the brand.

    For those of you who appreciate the finer aspects of life, this service will add another dimension to your lifestyle.

    I’m in love with the connection!!!

  24. mohammed irshad qureshi says

    very good service

  25. mohammed irshad qureshi says

    as iam mohammed irshad qureshi
    as iam intrested to take dealer ship of tata docomo prepaid cardsto bellary district

  26. Madhav Shivpuri says

    “Docomo” in Japanese means “Anywhere” or “Everywhere”. True to its name it used by a majority, you can get the signal everywhere including on top of Mt.Fuji. Hopefully they will bring their latest devices to India and make a big impact to Tata’s bottom line.

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