Tata DOCOMO does it again: Now offers Mobile Daily Plans!


Tata DOCOMO keep surprising us with their offerings – They have been innovative from the word go. Even though they launched their services much later than most of the peers, they have probably done more in changing the landscape on how we use our mobile services.

From one second billing to unlimited GPRS plans to pay per call to Buddynet, they have been set the trend with their innovative mobile offerings.

Now, they have taken it further with by offering Daily Plans. A Tata DOCOMO prepaid Mobile subscriber can actually change his plan on daily basis to suit his daily needs. The operator is offering the plan is various categories namely, Talkathon, Night Birds, GPRS, World Calling and Entertainment.

The Talkathon plan for example offers 30 local minutes on Tata DOCOMO Network costing Rs 5, 30 local minutes for to her networks for Rs. 12, 30 local or national minutes costing Rs. 14 and 10 local minutes at Rs. 5.

So, if a user knows that he / she is not going to use more than 30 mins a day or wants to restrict his daily billing to not more than 5 rupees can opt for this plan without worrying about how much he will be charged.

To activate these plans, users has to just dial *141# from his Tata DOCOMO mobile phone and can choose plan of his choice.

Here are some of the other interesting plan details:


Talkathon Plans

  • 30 local minutes @ Rs.5 on Tata DOCOMO Network
  • 30 local minutes @Rs.12 across Networks
  • 30 local/National minutes @Rs.14
  • 10 local minutes @Rs.5

Night Birds Plan

  • 60 Free Local Night minutes on Tata DOCOMO Network


  • 10MB Free Browsing @Rs.5 only

World Calling Plans

  • 10 minutes to USA/Canada @ Rs.20
  • 5 minutes to USA/Canada @ Rs.10
  • 3 minutes to Gulf @ Rs.20

Entertainment Plans

  • 15 minutes FREE music @Rs.5
  • Cricket alerts @ Rs.5/day

Terms and Conditions

  • Daily implies active till 12 midnight on the same day of pack activation. Ex: A subscriber activated the pack on 25th Feb’10 then the pack with daily validity will expire at midnight of 25th Feburary’10#.
  • In case on night packs the expiry of the pack will be 12 midnight of the next day of activation of the pack. Ex: A subscriber activated the night pack on 25th Feb’10 then the pack with daily validity will expire at midnight of 26th Feburary’10#.
  • The pack will get activated within 15 minutes of request receipt on the system. You will get an automated confirmation SMS once the same is configured on our systems
  • You can activate multiple packs in a day

According to me, the GPRS plan will be quite attractive for mobile Internet Enthusiasts – offering 10mb for Rs. 5 is really attractive.

Again, I think Daily Plans have lot of potential to be popular amongst the pre-paid customer and most of these plans are targeted at rural mobile users who are very price sensitive.

Whats your take, will they catch on ?

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