Media Monday: Now, a Management course in Radio


It was in the making! With Indian Radio industry coming off age we needed some institute to make people aware of the Career opportunities which exists in radio Broadcasting Industry.


In this exciting initiative, Radio One 94.3 FM, has entered into an MOU with Symbiosis International University to offer an “Advance Certificate Course in Radio Management” at the SIMC, Pune.

This 6 month long course will cover various aspects of radio like the Regulatory Framework, the Programming / Production / On Air, Sales and Marketing and the future radio trends.

The course will be conducted twice a year and will have 100 hours of classroom teaching followed by extensive practical training for the students at any of Radio One’s 7 cities namely Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Pune, Ahmedabad, Chennai, and Kolkata.

Apart from the certificate course Symbiosis students will run their own show on Radio One in Pune between 4-5pm everyday called ‘SYMBI FM’ which will cover topics of youth interest interspersed with the music that the youth enjoys. This would allow the students to get a ‘real feel’ of the business of radio from not just a programming perspective but also advertising sales for the hour will be handled by the Symbiosis students under the guidance of Radio One’s sales team. source

This is really motivating move for people who want to get into the Radio Industry but don’t have enough information regarding the same. Radio is not considered as a primary career option even in Media Industry, but initiatives like this will help breaking the notion.

What we need is more of such educational degrees, and that too from prestigious colleges. I seriously want that people start looking at alternative career options instead of going for the cliché degrees such as BE or MD or MBA.

The parents also should start encouraging students to go for alternative and niche courses like this, which will help them shaping their career better.

[This Media Monday post has been submitted by Rabi Gupta, a start up enthusiast and soon to launch his first product iDubba (Intelligent Box)]

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  1. Hemant says

    Thats really good initiative by Radio One 94.3 FM.
    In this internet age where people have forgotten about radio, they are also trying to revamp themselves. these type of collaboration will surely be of great help to them.

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