Bengaluru Is The Most Forgetful City; Uber Users Left Live Fish, Bananas, Sarees In The Cab

What is the reason behind the increasing absent-mindedness?

Bengaluru is the most forgetful city as per Uber
Bengaluru is the most forgetful city as per Uber

Forgetfulness is an easy feature to acquire and the drastically busy schedules and endless work to do only adds to the confusion and chaos. It is not common for people to forget their things here and there, mostly in taxis and cabs. As per reports by the cab providers, Bengaluru has been the city where most forgetful people live.

Which are the other cities? Read on to know more!

Study Conducted by Uber

Cab-aggregator Uber conducted a study, which showed that cab passengers forget a lot of odd stuff in their cabs in 2018. The commodities are a wide variety of things ranging from live fish, milk sachets, prams, ukulele, bunches of banana, aluminum storage shelf, yoga mat, knee pad, and even sarees.

This is in addition to other items such as personal hotspot devices, toy cars, footwear (Crocs), glasses, cell phone chargers, water bottles, etc. Also, bags and phones, other items like knee pads, gold chains, baby prams, ukuleles, and live fish are ‘the usuals’ that cab riders tend to forget.

The report says, “Over the last year, we’ve seen objects including phones, cameras, and bags top the list of items left in Ubers across India, followed by utility items like wallets, keys, clothing, and umbrellas rounding off the top ten.”

Time and Day Specific Instances of Forgetfulness

Apparently, there is also a specific time of the day wherein the forgetfulness is at a peak, which is between 1-3 pm. Also, people forgot their things mostly on weekends. Also, in 2018, September 1, followed by June 9, September 2, July 15 and September 8, were the days on which incidents of forgetfulness happened the most.

As per the Uber Index, Bengaluru is the city which is at the top of the list followed by New Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, and Kolkata.

However, Uber did not reveal the exact number of instances of forgetfulness in these cities.

Find Your Lost Belongings Back!

What should you do if you forget your possessions in the cab?

People tend to forget a lot of stuff here and there, and finding your way back to them is never a guarantee. But, for cabs and cab riders, Uber has devised a way for cab passengers to get them back.

Apparently, riders can trace their lost or forgotten objects by selecting that particular trip and choosing the ‘I lost an item’ option.

Have you ever forgotten anything inside a cab? Tell us if you got it back right here in the comments section!

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