Hyderabad, Pune Are the Best Cities To Live in India; New Delhi is the Worst: Mercer Survey


Hyderabad Charminar

For the third time in row, Hyderabad has emerged as the best Indian city to live, based on quality of living, in India. Due to low crime rates, better educational facilities and low pollution, Hyderabad has once again beaten all Indian cities in the recent Mercer Quality Of Living Survey 2017.

Pune and Bangalore have also ranked high up in the Indian ranking, whereas National Capital New Delhi has slipped down even more, to be labelled as the ‘Worst Indian City’ to live. The report mentions rising crime rate, deteriorating environment and lack of better educational institutions as a reason for low ranking of Delhi.

In fact, globally, Baghdad in Iraq is the worst city to live, and it is ranked #231; whereas New Delhi, India’s national capital has been ranked #161. This is a sufficient indicator to gauge it’s chaos and low quality of living.

Mercer Quality of Living Survey is an annual survey which is observed and referenced by various Governments and corporations for deciding salaries of employees, who are posted in those countries. Hence, lower standard of living means lower salaries, and less benefits, compared to those cities which are highly ranked.


Indian Rankings

Although Hyderabad has ranked better among all Indian cities, it is ranked a dismal 144 globally, and its position has in fact slipped by 5 places, compared to last year when it was ranked #139. Irregular water supply, frequent power breakdowns and bad roads have been attributed to this fall in ranking for Hyderabad.

Comparably, Pune and Chennai, both have improved their ranking. While Pune is ranked #145, Chennai is placed at #151. Mumbai, India’s economic capital has been ranked at #154, while Bengaluru is ranked at a respectable #146. Kolkata is just a place above Delhi at #160.

Ranking of Indian Cities

  1. Hyderabad (globally: #141)
  2. Pune (globally: #145)
  3. Bengaluru (globally: #146)
  4. Chennai (globally: #151)
  5. Mumbai (globally: #154)
  6. Kolkata (globally: #160)
  7. New Delhi (globally: #161)

Global Rankings

Vienna in Austria is globally the best city to live in due to various factors, which includes pollution free environment, low crime rates, better educational and health facilities.

Top 5 cities in terms of quality of living, globally are:

  1. Vienna (Austria)
  2. Zurich (Switzerland)
  3. Auckland (New Zealand)
  4. Munich (Germany)
  5. Vancouver (Canada)

Interestingly, only Auckland and Vancouver are non-European cities in the top 10 rankings.

If we talk about Asia, then Singapore is the best city to live, followed by Tokyo and Kobe in Japan. And in South East Asia, Kuala Lumpur and Johor Bahru in Malaysia are the best places to live. In fact, in the top 5 cities of Asia, except Singapore, all cities are from Japan.

In Middle East and Africa region, Dubai has emerged as the best city to live.

You can find the complete rankings here.

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