Travel Alert: 2000+ Flights From Delhi, Mumbai May Get Cancelled; Ticket Prices Will Increase!

Major repairing work is going to start at Delhi and Mumbai airports.

Travel alert for Mumbai, Delhi
Travel alert for Mumbai, Delhi

If you are from New Delhi-NCR or Mumbai, and planning for some winter travel this season, then be prepared for the unexpected: Your travel plans can get ruined and/or become super expensive.

Infact, 2000+ flights may be canceled between November and February, from these two cities.

What is happening here?

Runway Renovation At Delhi, Mumbai Airports

A major and much-required runaway renovation work at Indira Gandhi International Airport in New Delhi and Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport in Mumbai has been announced.

As per reports coming in, more than 2000 flights from Delhi and Mumbai can get canceled, or rescheduled at the last moment due to these repair work.

In a statement, Delhi International Airport (DIAL)  said, “These works are essential for safe aircraft operations and to avoid sudden disruptions that cause greater impact,”

Where Is The Repair Work Happening?

The repair work will be starting from November and will go on till February next year.

Delhi Airport will close one of the runaways out of three runaways for 13 days in November. During this period, flights will be canceled, and/or delayed. Between November 15th to 27th, one of the runaways will be completely shutdown due to re-carpeting.

On the other hand, between February 7th, 2019 and March 31st, 2019, Mumbai Airport will remain shut down for 6 hours, thrice a week. This will happen between 11AM and 5PM

All flights coming in or going out from Mumbai during this period will be canceled, or rescheduled for some other destination.

Mumbai International Airport (MIAL), said: “We have decided to close it during the day time to ensure that early morning, late evening and international flights are impacted minimally.”

Ticket Prices Will Increase?

Yes. As per Aviation experts, ticket prices at both Delhi and Mumbai is expected to increase substantially during this period.

Delhi-Mumbai is the busiest domestic route in India, and thousands of flights originate and terminate at these two terminals, daily.

More than 850 flights touchdown at Mumbai airport daily, while Delhi airport manages more than 1500 flights in a day.

Once flights are canceled, then the price of other flights for other days is expected to rise upto 50-80% for some busy routes.

An unnamed Airport executive said, “During both closures, domestic flights will be impacted the most and airlines will be canceling flights that will lead to fares rising during those days,”

Besides, Delhi being the National capital, there is a movement of VIPs and VVIPs as well, which will further worsen the scenario.

Airport officials and Airlines are working together to diffuse the situation, and to make proper arrangements in case of heavy cancellations of flights.

We will keep you updated, as we receive more updates.


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