After CWG scam… Could it be World Cup fiasco in the making?


Once bitten, twice shy! It seems this idiom is not applicable to Indians.

Or how else would you explain Indian sporting authorities not learning lessons from the recent CWG fiasco? None of us can forget the collapse of the foot over-bridge outside Jawahar Lal Nehru stadium and fall of ceiling incidents during the Commonwealth Games.

However, CWG organization was associated with India’s one of the top scams. So, on hindsight it comes as no surprise that the infrastructure was fraught with red-tapism.

Eden Gardens Stadium

But, this time around it is the world’s richest cricket association, BCCI, which is under the flak for lack of preparedness in venue construction at Kolkata’s historic Eden Gardens ahead of the crucial India-England match (February 27) and three other games to be held during the ICC Cricket World Cup 2011.

In its latest decision, the ICC has ruled out the giant Eden Gardens from organizing the World Cup matches being unfit at the time of final round of inspection on January 25. The iconic venue had already missed initial two deadlines for completion of renovation work.

As things stand now, ICC officials have cleared Mumbai’s Wankhede stadium to host World Cup matches including the grand finale and needs to be handed over to ICC officials by Jan 31. But, the matter of the fact remains that even MCA has missed its share of deadlines; with finishing touches still to be carried out across the stadium during the 14-day extension period.

Coming back to Eden Gardens fiasco, BCCI has requested ICC to reconsider its decision and provide for a 10-day extension up to February 7. In my opinion, what Cricket Association of Bengal could not achieve until last couple of deadlines, how is it possible to meet the criteria in another 10 days?

This is a critical stage putting to test India’s prowess to host grand sporting events. The stadiums which should have been match-ready by December 31 are still posing “under-construction” tag; leave alone finishing touches.

Hopefully, it doesn’t drill down to a stage where Indian venues compromises on safety standards in a bid to complete construction on last minute count and without major checks release the grounds for play and pose a risk of accident.

Could this be yet another scam in the making?

  1. munna says

    In BCCI board elections of 2004, Ranbir Singh Mahendra defeated sharad pawar for president’s post due to politics and vote of Dalmia. Now Dalmia heads CAB (cricket association of Bengal) and Sharad Pawar heads ICC. So he was always looking for an opportunity to humiliate Dalmia and thus by depriving Eden Gardens World Cup Match. They gave Wankhede Stadium extended deadline but not to Calcutta. Why????

  2. liju philip says

    I dont think it will be an embarrassment on the scale of CWG. There are many other cities dying to host the world cup matches.

    In fact am happy that Kolkata has blew the chance. Its an overrated crappy stadium which can fill up people like cattle but hardly has any infrastructure worth it.

  3. Altaf Rahman says

    Interestingly this is not a one off incident involving cricketing affairs of Kolkata.

    An interesting article in cricinfo chronicles incidents. Here is the link.

    Hope they will make some JUGAD by the last minute.

    1. Viral says


      Agreed! Recently (some 1 month ago), even I was passing through Mumbai’s Wankhede Stadium. And, the work was far from over as could be seen from outside the venue itself.

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