18 million New Mobile Subscribers added in June 2010 – Bharti leads again!


Its really amazing to see the Mobile subscriber growth month on month – I have been covering these TRAI figures for past 3 years now, and there is hardly any month which has seen less than 10 million mobile subscribers added. Infact, last 12 to 18 months the average has been over 15 million additions.

Over last couple of months, I was thinking that the growth is slowing down a tad as it was less than 15 million additions over last couple of months, but this month growth numbers are back and June saw an addition of 17.98 million subscribers.

While, I am surprised to see the steep growth in Mobile subscribers, I am equally frustrated seeing the horridly slow pace of growth in Broadband Subscribers. Imagine this – While we add above 15 million mobile subscribers every month, Overall Broadband subscribers base in India stands at less than 10 million (9.45 million to be precise).

Lets hope the Government efforts of pushing Broadband across the masses really works.

Coming, back to Telecom Subscribers in India – Here is the rundown on the figures as per the latest TRAI report:

  • Total Telephone subscriber base reaches 671.69 Million 
    • Wireless subscription reaches 635.51 Million
    • Wireline subscription declines to 36.18
  • 17.98 Million new additions in wireless
  • Overall Tele,density reaches 56.83
  • Broadband subscription is 9.45 million

The number of telephone subscribers in India now has reached to 671.69 Million by end of June-2010 from 653.92 Million in May-2010, thereby registering a growth rate of 2.72%. With this, the overall Tele-density in India reaches 56.83

The biggest chunk of mobile subscribers has come from Airtel, who alone have added 3 million subscribers (16.69%) followed by Reliance (15.76%) & Vodafone (15.09%).

Service Providers’ share in net additions during the month of June,2010

Mobile subscriber additions


Service Provider wise Market Share as on June, 2010

Mobile service provider market share

Here is a simple Maths – If we manage to add at an average of 15 million subscribers for next 2 years, we will touch 1 Billion Mobile subscriber mark by June 2012. What do you think? will it happen ?

  1. […] It is the level of telecom penetration, and not the growth, which contributes to economic growth. Even though India has the highest growth rate but it still lags behind most comparator countries in terms of teledensity (56% in India). […]

  2. Nitin says

    India Wireless Telecom market is witnessing robust growth and should cross 1 billion mark by March 2012

  3. Ram says

    Hi Arun,

    Fantastic work, keep going, there is so much to take away from these blogs

  4. Piyal says

    These numbers are inflated due to multiple simcard holders. Actual number is much lower.
    In many parts of India people buying multiple sim cards just for free talk time. Free Rs 30 talk time with Rs3 sim is just an example. Sometimes they bought 30-40 sim cards within a month.

    We have to know active sim card numbers. Active sim card numbers are actual number.

    1. Vikram says

      ya that makes sense .we guys will probably go to any length to save a rs here and there … maybe the guys should stop tomming about this stupid fact and stop driving the telecom stocks .. better i stop buying them :)

  5. Liju Philip says

    Does this increase also include people who buy multiple SIM cards? I mean, are these numbers just the count of new SIM cards being sold?

    Also i believe the broadband revolution might be just round the corner as Reliance finally enters the fray.

    1. Arun Prabhudesai says

      Yes Liju,

      If a person has 2-3 sim cards, they will be counted as separate connection…and thats why many are predicting that our tele-density could actually go over 100%…i.e: more connections than people in the country :)

  6. Vikram says

    I dont understand this – how do millions of new connections keep on adding ! Is it somehow related with people getting above the poverty line improving their income in some way at that rate !!!!

    1. Arun Prabhudesai says

      Yeah….same here and I have been surprised with the growth for past 3 years – The growth just does not show signs of dying down.

      Either the Telecom Operators are giving out hugely inflated numbers – or people are seriously having money. Imagine this, with 56% tele-density, every 2nd person has a mobile in the country !!

      Having said that, one has to keep in mind that procuring a mobile connection today is within everyone’s reach and also mobile handset costs are in 1000 – 1500 region..

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