New 10 Rupee coin with New Rupee Symbol [Image]


This has happened earlier than expected – I have just come across this photo and thought I would share it with the readers.

Its been around 3 weeks since the New Rupee Symbol was launched – It seems our Mint has got into action and came up with a design (hopefully) of the New 10 rupee coin.

I have no source to confirm as yet, if it is for real or not (We are trying to find)..In the meanwhile have a look at this New 10 rupee coin design with the New Rupee Symbol, which was uploaded by Ahmedabad’s 94.3 FM RJ Krupa



Personally, I have serious doubts about its genuinity. It may be just a design from an overactive mind :). Also, the reason for me to think negatively is – I doubt Indian government agencies can come up with new design so fast…

What do you think ? Does it look real to you ? Has anyone seen it earlier?

  1. Babul kumar says

    old currencies abliubles some more notes/coins some low price i want to sale for buy may call on 9576440206

  2. Abhishek Bora says

    I have that ten rupee coin. I liked it.

  3. murari says

    I have 500 ,10rupeez coin

    1. AmoL says

      500 ka coin kaisa ha bhai…

  4. Pankaj Kar says


  5. Prashanth Babu says

    like it

  6. Ashika Gupta says

    like it

  7. Vishvas Singh says


  8. Rohan says

    But as much i know, Delhi HC Allows RTI Activist To File PIL in “Indian Rupee Symbol Scam” (as DMK leader non-eligible son win the competition)

    Source: saveindianrupeesymbol .org

    – Google “Rupee Symbol Scam”

  9. syed says

    i have that coin already. if you want scan, pls mail me

  10. manish says

    i have 10 rs coin with rupee symbol of 2011 if anyoneinterested pls mail on [email protected]

  11. Hari says

    Hi Is 10 rupee coin 2010 same like 2009 10 rupee coin ..i have one..Is this real coin???

  12. Manav says

    No need to pay extra , if ur in Delhi go to parliament street branch of any nationalized bank and request them for the same. If they will have it they will give u or get on special order



    1. sachin says


      I had the coin of 10 rupees 2010 if you want to buy Pls give me your offer

  14. Sachin Kumar says

    I want this coin where it will be available this 10 Rupees coin of 2010.Pls suggest and where it has been issued

  15. Sreenivas says

    I will buy the Rs 10 (Ten rupee) coins. please reply immediately.

    1. Rohit says

      Hi am Rohit am having 10 rupee coins around 30coins am having

  16. Vivek Krishnan says

    Looks like a fake to me……..

    The font size of the number “10” is too small… It cannot be real.. else all of us will have to start getting specs to read the number.

  17. Deepak says

    There is really no national language in India. There are many official languages. This is one illusion highly prevalent in India. Until last year, I was under that illusion too.

    As for the design, I think its a mockup. The biggest flaw in the design is that value is blatantly disregarded. You would require the value to stand out when designing a coin. This holds true for the existing coins and will hold true for future coins too.

    Interesting… I hadn’t noticed that the current notes and coins don’t have Rs anywhere.

  18. Abhilash says

    you are correct prinky…govt has told that, the symbol is not going to be printed on any coin or currency..

  19. pinky says

    i dont think that india government should do that.

  20. Deepak.J says

    I like this New Symbol of 10 Rupee bcoz…
    This New Symbol Indicates our National Language (Hindi) of India!!!

  21. Liju Philip says

    the coin does look good though.

  22. Manav Yadav says

    Lets be on the positive side of the development, and thank the Indian government to finally making a new identity of the INR. If the ruppee sign is there then it should not be a surprise that coin will also come. Corruption is in each and every part of this world, so let not blame our Representatives. We live in this imperfect world, and look for perfectness….try to look on the positive side…

  23. Ravi says

    Looks like a 2-Euro coin to me

    1. RAj says

      u have the coin

  24. Chris says

    I may see this coin in my dream but not in real. lol :)

  25. atul says

    Looks like a rumor more than a reality. The govt is typically against displaying “??????? ????” on coins these days. Typically they make the font small and illegible in almost all new coins.

    1. Arun Prabhudesai says


      I agree with you and tend to believe that it may just a work of a imaginative mind…but you never know …lol :)

  26. Viral says

    Hey Arun… As far as I understand, the 10 rupee coins had golden lining revolving around its contour. Not sure, whether this is a genuine one or not. Need to find out from someone.

    1. Babul kumar says

      I have some rs.10 coins extrembly rares 2010 some buymentlic same coppers i want to sale for buy pleaase contect me 9576440206

  27. Jai Anand says

    I dont think that Indian Government will do that this much sooner..
    They will start with a tender just to design the coin, then a case, then CBI, n all….lol

    1. Rohan says

      ut as much i know; Delhi HC has already allows RTI activist to file PIL in “Indian Rupee Symbol Scam” (as DMK leader non-eligible son win the competition) Source:

      – Google “Rupee Symbol Scam”

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