New Rupee Currency Symbol !


Rupee Symbol will be announced today – 5 of them are already shortlisted from thousands of entries that were received last year when the Government of India went public with the competition to design new rupee symbol.

Following are the 5 symbols from which 1 of them will be decided. The designer who will be the potential winner will get a whooping purse of 2.5 lakh from the Government. However, he will have to surrender the copyrights for the design to Indian Government.

Here are Top 5 designs shortlisted for Rupee Symbol


With this new advancement, India will join select group of countries who will have their own Currency symbol like US Dollar ($) and the Japanese Yen (¥). This will also ensure that Indian Rupee will have a unique sign that will be recognized worldwide.

If I was on the panel of decision makers, I would go for number 2, Where the design stands for “R” in devnagari script and 2 horizontal dashes that denote a currency.

Which one is your favorite ?

We will bring you the winner of Rupee symbol as soon as it is made public – so hang in there :)

  1. Sawan says

    I like the 4th one..its design is awesome… and will compete with $, euro, yen..

  2. B.Mahadevan says

    cabinet sugested good symbal. In Tamil if u select tamil number word is ru is
    best. *
    * * * * * *
    * * ** * *
    * * * *
    * * * *
    * *
    * * * *


  3. Utpal Pande says

    @ Arun Prabhudesai — Thank you so much for your kind words of appreciation. I’ll keep the good work up in future as well.

  4. krust rao patwardhan says

    Dear Sir, the choice of the symbol should indicate the religuous Hindu religion based signeficance of mata mahalaxmiji..the above given symbols dont.only sir to reflect the vacuum and void ever present in the minds of theIndian Governemnt at the centre..god help these zero minded people.. we shall pray for a better symbol

  5. Sastry says

    As per the 5 symbols, am interested in 3 and 5. Let’s see, my guess is going right or not.

  6. nadeem says

    changes of currency is importent issue, task for stpping black money……..

  7. nadeem says

    this coin symbol will be new symbol for new era and may turn into prosperity of country India………….

  8. Utpal says

    There is a lot of controversy going on about the 5 Indian Rupee Symbols that have been shortlisted. I personally don’t like them. I’m sharing the one I had designed and which got through the first round but was later not taken up. Would be great to get your feedback on it.
    Here is the link to the symbol I designed:

    1. Arun Prabhudesai says


      I MUST say you have done an excellent job and I read thru the whole design process & explanation and can surely say that your design is one of the best !

      I am not sure why it was voted out…but here are kudos to you for design such a fantastic one..

      cheers !

  9. Pratik says

    I would have gone with the 4th symbol. It looks a perfect 1…


    Symbol of Rupee should be of indian origin preferably Sanskrit

  11. says

    RTI Activist exposed : Mismanagement and violation of guidelines in “Indian Rupee Symbol” design competition

    According to RTI Documents :

    1. No records are available with Finance Ministry which could indicated, how many total design entries Finance Ministry had received ?
    2. Non-eligible candidate was shortlisted in top five finalists.
    3. One finalist was in contact with Finance Ministry and RBI prior to competition.
    4. Design concept or brief was not put in front of jury along with Indian Rupee symbol design.
    5. No marks or grades were allotted to selected (2644) candidates design entries, in the process of shortlisting top five finalist design entries.
    6. Jury had spends less than 20 seconds on each design entries to analyze it.
    7. One jury member from Ministry of Culture was absent on the day of final presentation.
    8. Three jury member were absent in two days long meeting dated 29th Sept. and 30th Sept. 2009
    9. All seven jury member had never meet in this whole selection process.

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