How to detect Fake Currency In India


RBI had launched a much needed website called Paisa Bolta Hai – that explains how consumers can detect a fake currency in circulation. According to RBI, total of 4,35,607 fake currencies we detected in 2010-11, mostly in form of Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000 denominations. According to a Livemint report published last year, Four in every thousand currency notes in circulation in India are fake, amounting to as much as Rs. 3,200 crore in 2010.

Given the proliferation of such high number of counterfeit notes, RBI’s new website – Paisaboltahai and information available on it can surely facilitate the detection of fake currency notes among unsuspecting consumers.

paisabolta hai

This public interest website with a tagline –Pehchano Paise Ki Boli, Kyunki Paisa Bolta Hai – visually presents different check points for detection of Fake currencies. It has details for all the denominations in circulation including 10, 20, 50, 100, 500 and 1,000 rupee notes.

Along with the visual presentation, paisaboltahai also provides consumers with a comprehensive poster which can be printed and kept handy for quick future reference when need arises. To create further awareness, RBI has also launched a Television Commercial in 11 different Indian languages.

How to Detect Fake Currency TVC

Do visit this site and educate yourself – Remember, if a fake currency note is in your possession, knowingly or unknowingly, you will be responsible for it. It does not have any value and infact may land you trouble.

  1. Anna Sam says

    Its difficuilt to find different check points for detection of Fake currencies. Recently I downloaded an app INR Fake Note Check Guide from playstore, it is very simple and easy to understand and it has detailed instructions and a magnifier also.

  2. sushi says

    sir i think it is quite difficult to check all these marks or symbols of a note to known whether it is real or fake especially when a customer purchase huge thing
    specially in india if we start detecting a note in front of customer or in front of our teacher it would look like quit unpleasent
    so i want to know if we see the ribon of rbi on note then it will be enough or not
    we can in some 500 note that the name of rbi or bharat is massy so sometimes it is doubtfull

  3. Raju says

    E mahiti inda janagalu… original note yavudu.fake note yavudu antha kanduhidiya bahudu…

  4. mohammed basheer says

    this will help us,like me love my country
    but this will help fake note makers to make accurate fake notes after rectfying ur site
    am i right

  5. Altaf Rahman says

    What a strange situation to be in !!!
    I am not the one designing the notes,
    I am not the one printing the notes,
    I am not the one making sure the notes are foolproof, impossible to duplicate,
    I am not the one circulating the notes,
    Still, if one of the fake notes lands in my pocket (knowingly or unknowingly), I am the one going to land up in trouble. I am paying for the mistakes of govt !!!

    Jokes apart, its an excellent educational solution. If every one gets a little bit smart and makes a little bit effort, we all can make fake notes difficult to circulate. It makes it so much difficult for those guys making fake notes to be in business.

    Just my two paisa :)

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