Inflation forces 25 paise coins out of circulation!


Inflation has kind of become a Yamraj (the god of death) – It is gaining in strength day by day and taking a toll of things. Obviously, you have heard of onions touching close to 60 rupees a kg and Garlic going upwards 300 rupees a Kilogram.

Now, with those rates you can imagine what value does the humble chaar ana (25 paise coin) have in today’s world. Absolutely nothing!

Infact, the only ones who are now benefitting from 25 paise coins are the scrap dealers. They can now melt the 25 paise coins and even if they sell it as raw steel, they get more money. In short, the cost of manufacturing a 25 paise coin is much higher than its actual face value.

Indian 25 paise coin

So, the government has now decided to kill the 25 paise coins. According to the latest announcement by the Government, all the coins of denomination of 25 paise and below, issued from time to time, will go out of circulation with effect from June 30, 2011.

Consequently, from June 30, 2011 onwards these coins will not be accepted in any transactions. The minimum denomination coin acceptable for transaction will be 50 paise from that date.

Also, in accounting, i.e. the entries in books of accounts, pricing of products / services / taxes shall also be rounded off to 50 paise or whole rupee from that date.

Any bets on how long will 50 paise coin survive ?

  1. Gurnam says

    I WANT TO SELL 1 RUPEE NOTE 0F 1978,1990, 1988,1978. Interested persons may contact on 09815211365

    1. saksham says

      please tell me the suitable price of these notes of rs 10 .
      my id is [email protected]

  2. Mrinal Kalita says

    this happen only in india.

  3. Mrinal Kalita says

    this happen only in india.

  4. AAKASH says

    I WANT TO SELL 1 RUPEE COIN 0F 1975,1976, 1977,1978,1979,1980,

    1. saksham says

      dear aakash,

      please tell me the rates of these coins of 1 rupee of 1975,1976,1977,1978,1979and1980

    2. Feeroz Khan says

      I have a coin of one rupee made in1979.How much price you give me?

  5. shaji k says

    washer will become expensive

  6. Madhav Shivpuri says

    Is Rs.10, the new 25 paisa in India?

    When I come to India on vacation, I just get a shock for any good/ service I purchase -the Rupee seems to be so devalued. Hope the Govt. takes steps to control inflation.

  7. says

    In andhra pradesh also 50 paise coins also not accepting.

  8. Pradeep says

    In Bihar even 50 paise coins are not accepted..

  9. Jitendra Singh says

    50 Paise coin is already not accepted in so many states, i.e. Chhattisgarh, M.P.

  10. liju philip says

    h…time for me to keep a few of them aside. Can sell them for a fortune sometime in future when it becomes an antique ;)

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