Weekly Wrap-Up: CES 2015, Quikr NXT, Free VOIP Calling, e-IPO & More…


It is Monday morning and before we move forward, it is time to do a quick wrap-up of posts published on trak.in last week.

Trak.in weekly news wrap-up

Like last year, we have come up with 7 realistic predictions in Digital Marketing World. This year Digital Marketing will gain significant important to businesses.

2015 may well me one of the most disastrous years for Online Giant Google. With Facebook, Microsoft and Amazon all ganging up against it, they are in some real troubled waters now!

In a Weibo update, Xiaomi CEO has announced that Xiaomi Smartphone sales grew 227% selling 61M units in 2014. They are now targeting 100M smartphone sales in 2015

Flipkart wants to go beyond the Same Day Delivery paradigm and wants it quicker. They may soon introduce 3 hour deliveries akin to how we order our food..

According to Advertising Governing body of India Healthcare and Education Ads are most deceptive and misleading! They received complaints against 144 ads, out of which it upheld the complaint against 133 ads. 61 of them belonged to healthcare and 33 were from education firms

Azim Premji, the tech tycoon and Wipro chairman, has been named as the ‘Most charitable person in India’ by Shanghai (China) based Hurun Research Institute for the second year in a row

Your small business or startup that you started needs branding and here is the reason why! Internet and Social Media has ensure that everyone has a level playing field now!

Here are all the announcements that were made on the first day of CES 2015. The day had over 30 new product announcements including many 4K display devices, 4GB RAM Smartphone lightest laptops & more.

Facebook has announced that it has acquired Wit.ai, a startup that creates voice activated user interfaces. It’s obvious that Facebook has done this acquisition so that they can integrate this technology on their own platform.

After the incredible success of Vine, Twitter has realized that videos are becoming quite popular among their user base, and with an aim to increase their market share, they have launched Twitter Videos.

Indian real estate market has a come long way from having an image portraying a property dealer and customers or construction of buildings to now being a full-fledged sector. Has Government finally started taking Real Estate sector seriously?

TCS Layoff Saga continues…As per the reports, a group of disgruntled employees would be filing a case against TCS management for mass layoffs in the company

Here is how you can achieve a Jaw Dropping 90%+ Conversion Rate For Your Start Up!

Online classified portal Quikr is introducing two new features starting today under program called Quikr NXT. The new features include Free home delivery of goods purchased on their platform and instant chat between buyers and sellers.

HCL announced non-monetary, yet exorbitant perks to some of it’s top performers. The exorbitant perks include paid holidays to exotic foreign locations and buying Mercedes for the family!

Popular Indian mobile Instant Messenger Hike is prepping itself to start offering free Voice Calling and they seem to have acquired US based free VOIP calling app – Zip Phone.

Leading research firm eMarketer predicts the retail ecommerce sales in India will grow at a phenomenal rate during the CY 2015 and touch $7.69 billion.

Here are the highlights of what happened on Day 2 at CES 2015 in Las Vegas. As you would expect, there were more new gadgets launched and new PC platforms that came up.

GetMyPeon.com is first of its kind Personal Concierge Service that helps busy professionals to get their work done from their desk. If you want to run any errand just book a task with GetmyPeon and they will do it for you

ICICI Bank, India’s largest private sector bank launched NFC enabled credit and debit cards that facilitates speedy contactless payments. ICICI is the first bank in the country to do so.

Amazon has some stellar plans this year for India. They plan to hire 8000 employees in India, besides launching Amazon Prime services and offering exclusive products on their platform.

Intel has announced a new ring-sized wearable platform, Intel Curie, that can fits in a coat button. With Wearables Industry suddenly coming into limelight, Intel wants to be in the thick of things!

Online Shopping has many advantages, however it also comes with set of issues that may cause online shopping experience to sour. Here is the Good, Bad and the Ugly side of Online Shopping.

TRAI has released their monthly telecom subscription report for the month of November 2014, and according to it, India now has a total of 937.06 million mobile subscribers. up 1.71 million compared to previous month.

SEBI (Securities and Exchange Board of India) is laying tracks to introduce e-IPO’s for the first time in India, and it promises to be a boon for retail investors

Infosys has expanded their startup fund from $100 million to $500 million, an increase of 5 times, to help and nurture Indian startups and take them into the next level.

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