, A First Personal Concierge Service Of It’s Kind!


Just reached office, amidst the settling down into the work mode and suddenly it hits you again just as it did yesterday during lunch, you just forgot to submit a few documents to the local municipal corporation. You could pretend you’re unwell, but you know your boss will never buy that story! Just when you thought you could get your friend to do it by satisfying his evil desires, but today he seems to be unusually busy. The task stays uncompleted till the municipal corporation sends you a notice with a fine mentioned in it.

It’s definitely hard to make time in a tight Monday to Friday week schedule. Also considering most government offices remain closed on weekends and even if you got there, the waiting task is a hard one to bear.

Leave all your chores to us, say – A First of a kind Personal Concierge Service!


Be it payment of bills, pick up and drop services, get and send timely deliveries of personal articles, taking your bike for repair will get it done for you.

This is one unique startup that has already executed 12,000 tasks and served over 100 clients in Mumbai.

In our country where hired help is most sought after, sometimes one would wish to get rid of them when inconsistency to work, embezzlements and disloyalty surfaces among hired help. When a routine employment gets costly and untrustworthy, all you have to do is outsource the same to

Bharat Ahirwar, the 29 year old Mumbaikar observed decreasing reliability trends in servants prior to founding “When I started, I realized that the opportunity in a city like Mumbai is huge. We started with one customer and currently have 800 regular customers who have subscribed to our services”, says Bharat.

Incepted in 2012, GetMyPeon has been gaining popularity among many corporate companies ever since. They charge Rs. 200 for a one way errand and get to work right the next moment of you post your chore.

All you have to do is go to their website and post a task. Once the task is assessed by them, you’ll get an email/SMS intimation confirming the task. Pay online or COD, either of the payment modes are accepted. Once the task is completed you will be intimated and can provide your feedback.

“The availability of manpower is going down,” said Bhavin Shah, a regular Get my peon’s client who always gets his delivery on time for his company Satvita Foods. Innovative startups like these are garnering many compliments from the common busy man.

Inspired by the times when every government top official was appointed a “peon” to take care of the top official’s personal needs, Bharat thought it precise to name his startup Get my peon reminiscing the era of ambassador cars and faithful peons.

With a wide variety of personal concierge services, you can now spend precious time off from work your loved ones instead of standing in queue and getting a tan or running a personal errand on a hot day!

If you are in Mumbai, give GetMyPeon a try and let us know your experience with this personal concierge service!

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