TCS Layoff Saga: Employees Strike Back, To File Case Against Mass Sacking


As per recent reports coming in from various sources, it has been revealed that a group of TCS employees have met Deputy Labor Commissioner in Bangalore and a case would be filed against the management against mass layoffs in the company.

We have earlier reported that how TCS plans to give pink slips to 25,000 – 30,000 employees, under the label of ‘restructuring process’. We had debated that firing 10% of a company’s total strength is not a restructuring process but a bloodbath, where the future of thousands of employees are at stake.

One of the TCS employees working at the Electronic City campus spoke with The Hindu and said, “In the restructuring process, employees are asked to sign voluntary resignation letters. We are given a one-month notice period, and are not being given eligible compensation,”

Another employee, who is an Assistant Consultant, said, “First they remove you from the project, and later will ask you to leave the company.”

Sripada, Deputy Labour Commissioner of Bangalore assured assistance and support for the employees as per the existing Labor Laws, as he said: “Employees have not filed any formal complaint about the issue. Once we receive it, we will take appropriate action.”

TCS Management, on the contrary, has refused to accept this mass layoffs as a serious matter, insisting on the story of corporate restructuring as a normal thing to happen. In a recent statement issued by TCS CEO N Chandrasekaran, he termed 2014 as ‘another exceptional year’ for the company.

In the New year message for all their employees, he said, “In the first half of FY2014-15, our revenues grew 17.3 % to $ 7.62 billion on a year-on-year basis and our net profits grew 19.1% to $1.71 billion as we maintained our operating and net margins in our desired range.”

The HR team is sending these letters to the employees, assuring them that there are no layoffs: Here are 2 letters that we have received (through comments or separately)

Letter 1: From Joy Mukherjee, EVP & Head. Global HR

TCS letter 1

New Year Message from N Chandra, CEO & MD

N Chandra TCS Letter 2

But the question is, if TCS had such a wonderful year in terms of revenues, then why are they indulging in mass layoffs? If we consider the statements issued by the TCS management, then we will find that a fast growing company is well on its way to achieve all their targets. But if we read some of the comments and observations made by TCS employees spread all over the country, then we will find some startling revelations.

Here are some reactions and reasons for this layoffs, as shared by TCS employees (ex and current both): [Note you can read over 200 comments here.]







Besides the anger against the top management, there are issues related with racism, partiality for female employees, issues with appraisal and more inside TCS. But the majority of comments indicate that increasing profits is the core intention of the current TCS management, and in that view, they are totally ignoring the plight of their employees. The current layoffs can be described as a cumulative effect of all these factors.

During the dark days of the 2008 recession, Ratan Tata had refused to layoff even a single TCS employee. But currently, when the revenues of the company are increasing, business is growing and profits are showing encouraging signs, there exists several unanswered questions regarding this mass layoffs in a company which symbolizes Indian power in the IT industry.


On 7th of January 2015, 100s of workers belonging to New Democratic Labour Front assembled in Chennai IT Corridor to show solidarity with TCS employees. They called on IT employees going to their morning work to join Trade Union and protect their rights, by distributing thousands of pamphlets. Here is the video of the protest.

Police intervened and tried to prevent the workers. But, workers asserted that campaigning against the mass layoff by TCS is their democratic right and continued pamphlet distribution.

Will Ratan Tata intervene now and save the company?

  1. SMJ says

    I joined TCS, thinking it to be so many things as mentioned by other people on this forum. However, let me be absolutely candid here – it is a place for below average people, who are weak technically, who lack ethics and can easily compromise with their values and who fear proper competitive firms. As a result, after few years you find yourself in middle of highly manipulative and insecure people, who are not just incompetent but morally down as well.

    My advice to all young engineers is to work hard, target a smaller (even a start-up) company and do something good for their future. There is nothing left in ‘Tata’ name of ‘Tata’ Consultancy Services’. TCS is now good for BPO/BPS oriented people, not for engineers who want to solve problems, create solutions and make something good for their customers, their country or even themselves. Hard fact but absolutely factual.

    1. Rohit says

      Bahut sahi bola hai Sir Ji aapne …

  2. perspective says

    It is really sad to see a situation like this. While it is true that the nature of IT industry is such that there is a lot of change all the time and companies need new people to cope with technology and maintain the profit margins. It is good business from the perspective of TCS. It is not only good business but a matter of survival if they cannot take fresh talent. But from the perspective of the worker it is really sad. The companies make huge profits and then they let the employees. The employees on the other hand get into all kind of contracts and responsibilities based on IT jobs and they cannot fulfil them. As people get older they have responsibilites with children , parents and their skills are naturally not current to the market. There should be a very strong insurance systems that protects employees from the IT industry. The corporates make huge profits and go away leaving behind the workers. The whole thing is stacked against the worker. There should be an insurance system that supports the workers during lay offs , emergencies etc. The nature of the software industry cannot be changed but workers should take care of their safety.

    1. tester says

      All IT employees should save at least 40% of their earnings in Pension funds . After 15 years they will get a fabulous amount as monthly returns . This way they can insure their future income easily

  3. Vijay says

    Hi All,

    I really pity the TCS employees. If you dont love to work among the people irrespective of how secure the company is, please move out.Dont bad mouth the organization. There are lot of people who can accomodate the organization culture. Moreover, there is huge technology shift happening(i.e from Client Servcer to Cloud based computing and it is affecting lot of Technical Consulting work). Significantly reduced or no work for the IT team. There is a possibility that people who dont pick up the technology skills will be out of job. This is applicable to everyone irrespective how long you have been with the organization.. All the best for your employment. Come out of TCS and you will find many organization giving lot of bonuses.Almost all MNC give bonus except Indian organization. It is not worht to stay around cribing the organization culture.

  4. IGATE says

    IGATE forcing their employees to resign

  5. igate employee says

    like TCS igate started layoff, igate started layoff, igate force to their employees to resign without salary and without 3 months notice period

  6. Vijay says

    A very good article which has opinions from both the employer and employee. Well balanced and emotional.

  7. Prashant says

    Really I think now the investors should think hard before investing their money into companies who are acting irresponsibly to hire and then fire people. Does it now show these guys do not have proper vision? they cannot plan the resources for their business and keep steady growth of business, how can you really entrust your hard earned money to them? Think…..

  8. Indian says

    Most of the corporate companies are like this. What we can do this we can also damage the company like Americans do in the same way (in media, court, internal politics, creating fear in the existing employees and all other means) so that the company also suffer. Eventually they will close the shop and shareholders will get affected.

  9. tester says

    1. To avoid layoff following , all employees salary shall be cut by 20% . People on bench shall be paid 25 % only. Only people on billing to be paid 100 % salary . This should apply to guys with 1 yr to 20 yr experience.
    2. Politics is universal . Even in our home , mother likes one kid, father likes another kid. We also like some friends and dislike some other friends. This is humane biology .
    3. Guys knowingly enter IT companies about the nature of work and complain when they are not paid salary. Human nature . cant change this.
    4. After SATYAM BLUNDER, guys should have saved enough amount for future, instead of wasting money on fancy clothes, bikes, cars, hotels, drinks, resorts, cameras, ipads, mobile gizmos . Guys please change your lavishness. Save for the future.
    5. Engineers skill must be saleable to the client , only then can the company and hence the employee can benefit.
    6. Total earning for a 10 yr experience IT guy will be around Rs1.3 crores. He could have easily saved Rs 75 lakhs.
    7. Lastly ,All members will be trying for jobs now . As soon they get it , they will forget the whole thing.

  10. surya says

    Really this is very sad news. If u observe carefully it’s not a 100% fault of IT com’s. It’s mixed and in this some/many innocent, hard working people suffers. Politics is everywhere. If one employee work very long, he/she start thinking he/she is owner of that comp and start monopoly/bad politics for this reason some innocent people suffer and others resign and going to others comp. it’s happen only higher band/managers level. I have more than 8 years exp. in IT field, mostly I observe this non-sense managers doing nothing but taking big amount from organ. One request to TCS Management please out those non-sense managers whoever and keep actual guy.

  11. Sam says

    I m also a TCSer , the only reason I am working here is becoz they promised to give me onsite opportunity.Now I heard that If I go with TCS label to L1 Visas they will simply reject.For people with more than 6 years exp they will fill H1B also , why TCS is doing this , Rest all complanies are filing H1B for all irrespective of experience.Here the TCS clients are also like TCS company only , no standards ,may be they were in Good standard after working with TCS, they fell into their catagory.Really shame to work for this company .

  12. sivanesan b says The audio is all about TCS layoff which is silently happening.,. Currently organization refuse the layoff but this is the proof which is recorded in exit interview. Join together raise our hands spread across this to all so that it won’t happen in future.

  13. Rajesh says

    TCS lies exposed.Secret audio Recording of the firing process.Check this out.

  14. abcd says

    RMG all the time very much enthusiastic to recruit outsiders rather utilizing ppl on bench.TCS shd be given notice like they can’t recruit single one in next 1 yr, I can bet they ll stop layoff…they ll definitely work on skill enhancement and technology

  15. abcd says

    What about Indian labour law, how can one org like TCS at same moment can declare layoff of 30000 and recruitment of 55000… Why they wasted these 30000 engineers,what they did for skill enhancement….

  16. Usman says


    Dear all employees of TCS & other IT companies.. DO NOT BOTHER ABOUT LOOSING YOUR JOBs.

    YOU CAN CREATE JOB’s not only for you for others too…..JUST U NEED TO THINK LIKE “STEEVE JOBS” & the like…. USE THIS OPPORTUNITY TO BE AN “ENTREPRENEUR” & Be the Agent of Change,Be the Boss for yourself,Be the change you see to be, & finally, Be the competitor for your “Previous Employer”…..

  17. vishal says

    Dear Pals,

    Has anyone got ‘Service Certificate’ and Relieving Letter’ from the employer as mentioned by HR – during the time they declared while forced to sign Pink slip?

    Have anybody received final settlement dues fully?

    Please update!


  18. ExTcser says

    I hate this organization TCS.. I had joined TCS when I had 2 other offers with better pay. I chose TCS as my friends suggested there would be growth and onsites.. I joined and on the first day, the lead asked me stay in office till 10.30PM for an onsite call. I had to be patient with him for 2 days and later I realized that I couldn’t slog in this organization and as a first step, I asked my higher manager to change the project.
    The following was the reply from him.

    ” You don’t know about TCS, you just joined, and if you ask for a project change, I’ll give a bad rating to the RM team and they will kick you out of the company”

    This was on the fourth day and as soon as I heard these harsh terms from higher manager to a new joinee like me, I couldn’t take it anymore and I felt really insecure and then I resigned. Now I’m in a better organization where employees are treated well. better work ethics etc.

    I resigned but I was on their payrolls for about 20 days doing nothing. I waited for 3 months for the final settlement to happen. when I approached the retirals team, I was astonished to know I was not even found on their ex-exployees db. I had to scan and send a releiving letter I got. Then they created my employee records and then made the final settlement. The higher management was not at all professional and they have been with this organization for ages. As long as they are there, it won’t change and it always is a typical indian company and will never stand upto an MNC culture.

    1. peterparker says

      That’s the whole point, you are smart, so never liked the coolie work. But, why the INDIAN IT industry gone this way? What really has happened, that the innovation went out of the picture and donkey work came into existence. The sole criteria of work is the physical presence in the office, not the usage of mind.

  19. Vinny Bhatia says

    Layoffs are part of the unending improvement in corporate vitality. The n- layoff policy once upheld as the company growth backbone is now facing an uphill battle as company’s attempt to be more focused and in tune with the customers it serves as an ethical entity. Without this backbone, no company can survive the stiff competition it faces in day-to-day business.

    Ofcourse TATAs have the deep inside know how of their business. However, company’s re made of people who define its culture and unique way of doing business. If yu/ think this is untrue do reply back.

  20. gestner says

    it is widely known that the performance evaluation systems in the tier1 indian it firms are often misused by the middle management which is polarized along regional and caste lines.
    iwe cannot expect transparency in layoff as it invariably gets politicized. expect bias when mgmt is by .

    tecm laid off southinimdians in after buying satyam in 2009.

    cheerdup,. conclusion iIT careers can last ONLY 8 years SO DONT JOIN JOBS AFTER COLLEGE.

    1. peterparker says

      What comprises of those middle management? Certainly, the people who never had liking for Engineering, did not have hands on skills to be an Engineer, and did politics to reach to the top.

  21. peterparker says

    To ReplytoParker:

    Well, I have stated the fact.

    telugu and tamil guys outplayed me? yes, only when they are united, otherwise, definitely not when it comes to IQ.

    And that’s how the unity are.

    Tamil people are still fine, they have open mind, except the folks from chennai, who again are telugu speaking people.

    But boy, telugus, they are brother in arms, and just bring their andhra culture at the work place too, no ethics, no respect for time, don’t have any manners to talk with other colleauge.

    In some cases, they will even threaten the people, and talk the way they show in their movies.

  22. Amitava says

    CEO Mr Natarajan can earn kudos for increasing profits for TCS, but he is maligning the Brand image of Tata Group. Tata Group had never sacked employees and do not believe in this type of efforts. Mr Chandrashekaran must resign. He is spoiling the goodwill of the group.

  23. Rahul says

    If there are 10 workers in a factory, you need 1 person to manage them. If there are 20, you need 2 or 3 (may be). In IT industry, for 20 working people, we have 20 people looking after them !!! Our IT industry is service industry. People (or skilled people) who are paid by the client are the base of this industry. Every IT person in India wants to be a big-shot manager and not do the work which is actually billed by the client. How can this structure survive ? I know that, many top-shots are still sitting there without doing nothing…. but this correction was well due to happen. For many clients, India is a medium cost centre (and not low cost centre). Getting work done in Spain and Polland is cheaper than India … the bubble we have created (of high paying, not-so-skilled jobs) has to bust one day.

  24. Not necessary says

    I feel the same as well , TCS is good for those who can play the game well . I have personally experienced the same as i was a part of citigroup global services and some activities were bought over by TCS , and the problem started, i was a top performer until Citigroup managed operations and suddenly i started getting ratings which were bad. When questioned i was harassed and made to leave and the management were all new and were those who were told to leave by their previous employers .They have no buissness acumen would hire make people sit on bench and only place those who are close to the HR in the RMG group to good projects . Its not a transparent company in any way.

  25. Vijay Chakravarty says

    I can totally relate to ‘udontneedtoknow’ statement re 10%A’s, 20% B’s etc etc.
    I have been an IT Professional for over 30 years now and this kind of Idiotic Performance Appraisal’s started around 10 years ago.
    As a Senior IT Manager, I was horrified when we Managers were instructed to adhere to these standards as the SVP wanted smooth curves…as also fire ‘x’ number of staff. HR in this organisation was a ‘joke’ and did not stand up for staff. I refused to adhere to such stupid instructions/rules especially as my team had performed exceptionally. I carried out a fair and just appraisal, though I was the exception among Managers…most of them toed the line. It is a shame today that most IT Manager’s put themselves first rather than their teams.

    1. geeta says

      So sorry to hear so many people being laid off…. Please feel free to send your resume to [email protected] if you are interested to work as a technical trainer. It is a challenging role. The candidate must be willing to write code, prepare study-materials (ppt, lab-guides etc). The must be open to travel as per business needs.
      Note: Please mention “TCS” in the subject of the mail
      Job Description:
      1. Conduct online/classroom trainings at various locations across India and abroad
      2. Prepare course-materials
      3. Open to travel at company expense.
      4. Must have the inclination to write code
      5. Must possess a positive attitude towards teaching with patience.
      6. Must be willing to upgrade technical skills to match client expectations

      We need technical experts mainly on the following technologies.
      Desirable Skills:
      1. Java/ J2EE, Hibernate, Spring and all Java related technologies
      2. Android
      3. .Net technologies
      4. iOS
      5. Hadoop/Bigdata
      6. Javascript/ AngularJS
      7. HTML5, CSS3

  26. Rony says

    TCS management has decided and published that only 1% of the employee base is targeted for ‘involuntary attrition’ (read ‘sacking’). While over 20% or a major chunk of employees get poor appraisal bands (D & E as truly under-performer) in every year, why they are terminating so many employees even with average performance band (‘C’)? For adding fuel to the fire, they are also labeling these average-performers as under-performers on the media. Surprising is they could have surpassed their targets (from 1% to 10-20%) just by sacking truly under performers (D & E) .. What they did was to sack staffs who worked but din’t have a strong umbrella perhaps.. Surprising TCS with all their chaos!!!

  27. Victim_Of_TCS says

    TCS was one of the companies which people used to adore and even I thought the same, before joining TCS. Once I joined, I got to know that, TCS is not what people think about…It’s like a furniture looking good from outside, but actually is like termite which has destroyed everything from inside…i.e. TOTALLY HOLLOW….
    The talent has no value in TCS.
    TCS has no respect/career for the Senior/Experienced employees.

    1. AKG says

      Yes, I also agree for all the above points. They are not behaving like original TATAs values for employees and welfare. There are ONLY two types of people – One always do new things and more towards new assignment can say more effective and Second category – more focused on present assignment and delivering BEST as generally happens in government’s job what is the harm in that if a person is happy in present and continue with his/her best performance – How come you can say that is BAD performer OR non performer ? If we are getting values of his/her efforts. This happened with me as well. They got other five/six new faces and HR got commission from colleges for new/fresher recruitment. Actually, they should fire HR professional first who is more involved in this. Pl. keep me in look I am also one victim and want to share my voice with other friends… Regards,

      1. Sridhar says

        Hello All,

        Every one raising a voice, bit no one have dare to file a case on companies. you take Small example that union is there in any fields, but it is not there in IT. Suppose if any Auto driver/Bus driver/ blabla has been furnished by police or from high management then they will approach the union and they start strike to demand. But where i saw nothing like that union to strike for your colleague or for yourself. Please all we all form union and fight for our jobs.

        Please share your thoughts.

  28. peterparker says

    Party over for software coolies, this was always on the card, since 2008. Smart people who studied algorithms, cutting edge technologies will be the ones who will keep on getting work, that too, as freelancers, will be implementing algorithms, and may even write paper. Otherwise, the mass produced engineers will have to suffer. I believe that these people who got laid off never understood Engineering, and thought that tcs,infosys,wipro etc are a place where they can chill out and take promotions. Yes, wipro is still a place where telugu buggers reside, but tcs and infosys were huge brands, and used to get cutting edge works till 2005, after that mass produced engineers from south indian colleges have destroyed them. But then, INFOSYS AND TCS is not a conventional company. These layoffs are good thing actually, because cream will get good jobs.

    1. Note2MrParker says

      Oh, Mr Parker you definetely stand out in this forum. It seems you are relishing these layoffs. You are right TCS did hire from top notch colleges till 2005, who are getting laid off now, the people joined after 2005,ofcouse you do know the answer. The people from good to great colleges did join TCS from campus, and who ruined these fellows , TCS. And about cutting edge work being give to these people. It doesn’t look like you worked for TCS, if you did , you wouldn’t talk rubbish. Why don’t you join TCS and see if you are given an assigment based on your outstanding skills? And whats with the racism? None of the people said a single thing about telugu, or tamil or south indians? You are the only person bringing racism. If you don’t sympathize with these people, please sit silent, don’t make it worse for people. With your arrogance, your attitude, you could be one of those politicians tcs and you seem to be a best fit for beng TCSer. Defintely people shine a lot in TCS not the people who actually do the work.

      1. peterparker says

        I don’t want to work for TCS now, I have got a better job.

        I have already said that till 2005, everything in IT was good, after that, it has been a labor intensive industry.

        And what’s that racism? That’s a fact, this is how these south indians have destroyed the culture.

        Even product companies have not been spared, and rather, have been turned into service sector.

      2. peterparker says

        And lay offs are not bad, come out of that old mindset of Indians.

        All the industrial nations have to go through this transition, and this is a cycle, to separate the grain from the chaffs.

        And again, losing a job is not at all due to the performance, they are more due to the budget cuts etc.

        The only thing which is dangerous for anyone is to get fired, on the basis of ethical issues, because that will give a black list against the name.

        Apart from that, IT industry was always like this and will be like this, because, the technology of IT changes at a rapid pace, unlike the manufacturing, where they are lot of strict regulations, and is structured.

        Once again, it has nothing to do with performance.

        Also, those people who are passionate about technologies will survive, and those who don’t have, will suffer.

  29. RK says


    – if you this before, you guys should have raised the voice before instead of now.
    – I worked in this company for more than 10 yrs , and seen ups and downs, politics etc. One point of time when I found it is not bearable I started searching and got a good job even if TCS processed my work-permit and I was about to travel in a week.
    – This company is good with extremely bad HR guys who are just useless.

    1. Dhanesh says

      Guys…first….Google….ex tcser Gobi vedhachallam and kangana beri….TCS paid 30 million USD in fines….to them..130 crore rupees…. For not paying overtime and asking to return the tax refund cheques… refund cheque = to income tax return cheque as in India… Successfull ex TCS er might help…

      Infosys paid fines in billions…these labor broker names … TCS…Infy…. Spoiled their names in usa….so clients moving away from these fraudsters….

      One question…

      Will you return you INCOME TAX return cheques….after you made the savings by FD and lic to TCS ..being employee of TCS…

      understand … flows from USA clients to india TCS … TCS pays indian employees since they are cheap, tcs usa took all jobs that should have gone to american citizens. Showing Indians are cheaper than Americans ???? Usa economy is down and went recession due to this. All big indian corporates.

      In a nutshell….. TCS does not have any product they are manufacturing and selling…to usa…. The only products they sell in usa are the employees, transport from india to usa.

      When a usa client that uses 5000 TCS employees…says no more to TCS…. Then how TCS will pay the salary to 5000….employees…. Its the story…..

      Almost same case with all consulting company….

      0.5% per year is paid as salary to indian employees….99.5% is taken by TCS

    2. abhib says

      Think there are multiple factors in this

      1. OEM’s such as MS, EMC, Oracle are themselves coming forward for ADAM contracts, reducing need of an implementator and support vendor such as TCS.

      2. US immigration action opening up large number of semi-skilled cheap labor in US, capitulation of oil & gas and impending unrest in BFS market due to that.

      3. Europe and commodity markets going into recession will reduce demand and billing rates will be under severe pressure

      4. Greedy top management, where CEO and entire executive board got 150-200% pay rises in a reducing revenue situation

  30. Equality says

    1-The main reason to get jobs outsourced is because it is cheaper in off shoring locations. (Think about unemployment in the countries were the jobs has been outsourced from.)
    2. If there are younger people available who can do the same or better job with a lesser salary how do you complaint against the firing of highly paid executives to hire new resources.(Same logic as of above. Same job can be done cheaper.
    3. Best thing you can do is keep yourself relevant, learn new technologies, don’t be comfortable and do the same thing you have been doing over years and expect more salary. Don’t be a cry baby!

  31. TCSEmployee says

    Hi Guys,

    Government Of India should intervene the process of selling Indian Talent to US Clients through the process of consulting.

    People whoever served in last 10 years are the key players in building the TCS. They have the right to the TCS assests and Credits.

    Means. whatever the profits they earned during the 10 years back played a crucial role in building TCS.
    As per this.

    The Appraisal Process is “shit” in TCS. By taking that into consideration if they do the lay offs thats another “Big Shit”.

    A person who is in onsite should take “C” because he is in onsite.
    A person who does his work properly and makes the customer happy should take “C” because he doesnt do any politics.
    A person who doesnt do massaging and polishing will get “C”
    A person who is released in Year end like Decemeber will get “C” because he is released.

    Finally no actions will be taken by HR on the rating rejection.

    In my thoughts, they should apply this optimization first in HR , Admin, RMG, Learning & Development first.

    First they should identify all the HR’S who really dont get the right feedback from employees should throw out.

    Second ALL RMG associates should throw out who doesnt show minimum 3 opportunities to the associate.

    Admin, ALL admin who doesnt care about employees.

  32. Aam Aadmi says

    1 of the 2 things is going to happen–1st– If TCS admits that they indeed are laying off many then there is going to be severe backlash by society/unions/employees, affecting TCS s image .2nd–If they roll back the lay offs then means that TCS admits that they had plan for lay off s… the news is going to come out that lay off s r cancelled and there were indeed some plans . Both ways its a lesson for other IT players to be careful in future regarding laying off in bulk.

    1. Jacob says

      The number of layoffs will be clear in the Annual report. Also government can do an audit to determine the number of layoffs.
      Infact more appropriately, all the employees laid off should be asked to come forward as well.

    2. Amar says

      If the whole news of layoff is at all true, it may well be that it’s a part of a grand plan to discredit the HR within the organization as it is impossible to imagine that a historically thoughtful TCS has not considered the possibility of all negative fallouts well in advance and not provided for adequate safeguards….. unless, of course, continued success has overflown into self-defeating arrogance at the top – which will be sad.

      1. peterparker says

        This should have happened long time back. Why is that TCS, which had a very good brand name, suddently started losing its sheen? Even I was an admirer of TCS,Infosys, but something really bad happened.

        IT sector got turned into a labor intensive sector, instead of innovation.

        And who did this? It were the crappy middle managers, who never had any liking for this technological field.

  33. sunil says

    its very unfortunates in TCS, for a candidate to get a project, if one goes to RMG for any project, the answer the RMG gives is ” GET THE PROJECT FROM YOUR CONNECTIONS” it means get the project throught recomendations or relatives or what ever other means by doing all slavary work , what ever is needed for the connections.

    Connections can be established through extra curricular activities like booozing, smoking partner..etc., “sorry for quoting this”, — but i am helpless.

    And when situations like this comes where company as to layoff so called “under performers” the project team releases the “no connection” people game played by project management.

    Connections : the game played by RMG.

    No Connections : game played by project management.

    its stupid to have this kind of environment in an organization like which is established in multinations.

    no one question the underperformance layoff, but with the above kind of environment, one cannot believe what TCS is doing is in transparent way.

    TCS should first set stringent standards for evaluation policy.


    1. Combat Layoff says

      There is no transparency in appraisal system also. As per their standard if we acheive 100% of our goal we get C band olny.

  34. sirisha says

    Hello, Im an ExTcser. After working for 7 years, I was so frustrated and got sick of TCS and the brand name of TATA itself. TCS is cheap, in every way. There is no respect for talent or technology. Its all politics, if you can play them too stay in Tcs otherwise get the hell out of TCS. IT doesn’t really matter whether you are exceptional or mediocre, if you don’t rub your shoulders with the mangers, you end up getting either C or even worse D. And of course as many pointed out that many managers are worse than peons or postmen and in every level of management TCS encourages only those people, not really Talent. and I doubt how much % of people who got better ratings are really worth it in TCS. TCS never paid a single paisa to employees, other than pay. If the managements senses the current quarter earnings are less, it would take out from employees pocket and never pays it back. And instead of bringing the skills out of people, TCS actually kills people talent, by telling them not to code after 4 years. Now it wants to fire people saying that these are underperformers, I seriously doubt if under performers are really getting laid off, my guess its the people who can’t play politics are getting laid off. And it says its hiring new talent, do you think they are hiring from top notch colleges, hello no. TCS hires people from colleges of less than mediocre talent and can pay less.

    1. peterparker says

      You don’t have that level of intelligence that you will be given cutting edge works. TCS provided you the work for which you have the aptitude. Why are you blaming TCS? Know your aptitude firsts. All of you study from those idiotic engineering colleges, and then think that you must get paid highly, without even knowing and doing actual Engineering works.

    2. From the TCS Office says

      I am astonished by all these comments, I am working nearshore, do you know if there will be layoffs as well on this part of the planet?

  35. Combat Layoff says

    People from chennai going to conduct hall meeting. They organized in facebook.
    Let us support them

    1. pooja says

      Friends, Meet Chief Labour Commissioner.. and submit a written petition…subsequently meet labour minister and prime minister. CLC(C) – Sh. B.K. Sanwariya 23710447, 011-26258176 9868628964 [email protected] PPS to CLC Ms. Sarita Sharma PS to CLC – Ms. AnjanaAnand 23710447 [email protected] Dy. CLC(C) – Sh. A.M. Kazi 23710521 09711721817 2216 505 23710521 [email protected] Mrs. P. Vijya PA to DY. CLC(C) (AMK) 23710521 2212 509 Dy. CLC – Sh. M K Chaudhary 23710255 9013347556 2276 506 23710521 [email protected] Sh R C Sharma, PA 23710255 2212 509 Dy. CLC()- D P Singh 23710515 9810555390 2508 606 [email protected]

  36. Dhanesh says

    Still you guys want to stay with TCS… This is why you should run behind technology…. Rather than employer….. What is your market value now.. ?

    Many managers discriminate based on caste creed connections network etc… Rather seeing performance and smart work…

    Sent out several ineligible candidates to usa for work while many smart candidates sit in india…

    Screw up h1b…. B1 visa etc etc….
    You guys work 15 hrs… Don’t ask overtime and don’t understand what employment means….

    You pull down your own team mate for your better rating…. Now all are out…. At least realize now….

    Don’t work 15 hrs…. Without overtime…

    Switch employer… Regularly…. Show your performance… Else don’t enter IT.

    IN 4 YEars you are lead… In 7 years you are manaagagagar…… 10 years you are out…

    For all 6 years I stayed with TCS… I was thrown away at poor rating… 4 times…. And no one cared…. TCS liked my presentation skills… Architecture diagrams … My English… But never show that on my rating….. Huge discrimination…. For one onsite I had to wait and politize for 3 years…. In onsite they made me work 55 hours without sleep entire Friday Saturday Sunday….until Monday for a simple failed application launch…. Write code day and night …. Asked to report on Saturday and Sunday…. My worst times of entire IT with TCS and its managers…. Who are not worth than a clerk or Pune….hmmmm…. You are striking back because you can’t find your jibs elsewhere and you don’t have market value… You never invested your time in tech skills rather you all worried with managers …. What manager will think…. There is nothing manager can do now….. Believe yourself and set yourself at a demanding technology…. Management is not technology….you poor guys…. Come out and show your talents….if you have anything left…

    1. peterparker says

      TCS, INFOSYS are doing the right things. Those people who don’t have bent for Technologies are getting laid off. What’s wrong in this? I have worked in infosys, and boy, crappy people destroyed it. Infosys had a very good culture around technologies and was meant for technologists. This is the reason that why IT industry never took off, because crappy people who never had interests in technologies started running the scene. These lay offs will ensure that good Engineers deserve what they are meant for, high pay, respect, personal life, networking with scientists and engineers.

      1. Aman says

        Hey Mr. Peterparker, I guess u hav not looked into what is actually happening in TCS right now. A person is removed from a project from immediate effect, not given a project for a few weeks and later asked to leave. Now where do u feel he lacked :- he was already working, then how does a reason given to him that there is nothing for him in the organisation meeting his skillset convincing.

        I am Ok with the company releasing people with consecutive D bands (Atleast 2 in a row) which is pretty fair. As it could be considered that for one year the performance of the person was down and the company gave him another chance to prove. When the associate was not able to deliver again in the second he was asked to leave – pretty fair enough. But there are still a number of factors affecting that.

        I don’t feel u understand the mental status of a person who works day and night with rigour to deliver and has responsibilities of his family is asked to leave like this. Moreover, he was not supposed to exit like this without giving him ample time as he did not deserved so.

  37. Vivek says

    The Indian education system is to be blamed. Its a demand Vs supply game. You have an engineering college on every street these days. Now matter what an individual is passionate about our social system forces every soul to become a engineer. TCS or any other IT company would not need a 10+ years of experience to write a simple java code 2 yrs exp guy will do. Do we purchase an Armani attire to shop vegetables?. We go to all the online shopping websites and spend hours researching for the most “value for money” product so does the IT orgs.They exploit this huge supply of engineers in India and make the best out of it.Every or structure is a pyramid ,meaning fewer employees as you go higher up.
    ,Yes TCS could have dealt this better by reducing mass promotions and less fresh employee recruitment.

    1. Vijay says

      Ex TCS employee voice..

      Layoff currently doing by TCS is not a fair one.. The freshers or Exp who all are coming from colleges or other companies..we advice please consider TCS as your last choice.

      1. Aman says

        Agree… All guys involved in this blog, plz take it forward…

    2. peace says

      People who got laid off were ready to work with lesser salary, were ready to go on long leaves.
      It is an assumption that they are not ready to learn any new skill/technology.
      In spite of all this they are being laid off when they have loans, children, old parents to support.

    3. Employer says

      Disturbed by the notion of “TCS or any other IT company would not need a 10+ years of experience to write a simple java code 2 yrs exp guy will do”. It is a well-established scientific fact that one needs approximately 10,000 hours of doing something before he or she acquires true mastery of that skill. This is 5 years of work experience, folks!

      A true master can be 3x-5x more productive than a new employee with just 2 years of experience. And trusted to write complex code. Simple code is increasingly written by automated code generators, or borrowed from open source.

      There is indeed a tendency in Indian consulting companies to stop writing code just before the true mastery arrives, and move to management. This is unfortunate, as it is not the only possible career path, and not the best one for many.

      As much as I can, I open to the consultants onsite the beauty of hard-code, challenging, high-tech software design and development. To those who are talented and taking it seriously, other opportunities open in due time, such as becoming permanent employees in the best US software companies.

  38. Combat Layoff says

    The Employees who are fighting Back should Protected. They want to showw their Solidarity. All the Employees want to Unite now to support themselves and to fight back. We are not seeing any alternative.

    We Have opened a Face Book Page to Unite IT Professionals to Fight Aginst Unjusitice Layoff in It Sectors.

  39. Combat Layoff says

    Happiest News to Hear that Employees Striking Back. It should be taken Wide and those employees who are involved in Filing Case aginst the Company shou be supported. Only Fighting Back Will Give Solution. Congradulation to those Employees.

  40. Sudhir says

    When TCS, CTS miss used H1 and L1 visa in USA and under cut the market rate and got lot of American employees replaced by cheap Indian labor, it was globalization, Free market and I have seen comments like Americans are lazy , overpaid and not as smart as cheap H1/L1 labor from India. Now all these TCS employees are talking about ethics. When you put your hand into somebody else stomach that is opportunity and when somebody else puts hand in your stomach that is unethical and betrayal.

  41. mahesh says

    Dear Mr. Ratsn TaTa,

    Please save our life . Please stop sending people out of tcs

  42. Anikesh says

    Please help poor people’s of Tcs heavy discrimination @ Tcs .. Manager from Kolkata he will sack chennai ppls . Example please verify the marks and Spencer’s acvount .lot of poor people’s are crying for the last 2 months .

    1. venkat says

      Software employees have no unity. Be unite and fight back with the company.
      As long as company in the profit side he should not give pink slip to the employees. We are not in the western countries. We are in India. We should not have any layoffs.

      Companies are following divide and rule policy.

      Employees many get bad rating based on the project he was placed. The same employee will get best rating in a different project !…so the problem is with the RMG team who places employees in to project. miss mapping. If you ask fish to climb tree will it be possible ?

      1. peterparker says

        The unity of software employees is based on community, statism. Telugu idiots are united, though they don’t have bent of technology and have low IQ. Why shall TCS keep crappy people? All these telugu,tamil people are the ones who have destroyed the culture of IT industry. It was supposed to be based on technologies, and not on labor power. But since tamil and telugu people have labor in their genes, so they brought that culture here too, not at all surprising.

        1. ReplyToParker says

          Peter, why u have so much angry towards Tamil and Telugu people. You cannot just say like that. You have right to express your thoughts but not this way. Firstly u have no right to say this as your words simply mean your racism and arrogance. Secondly, i think some tamil or telugu person has outplayed you and made you so crazy that u have vengence for life. Have confident in you. Be chill.

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