TCS Firing Big Time. Upto 30,000 Employees May Face Axe


Evidence acquired by indicates that India’s largest IT services company: TCS is firing employees en-masseUpto 25,000 to 30,000 employees can be fired in the next few months.

Here is a letter as received by a TCS employee, who was fired this month:

TCS employee Termination

Source: Reddit India

Information coming in from TCS (and this letter) indicates that mid-level managers and consultants are being targeted for mass layoffs, which was never seen in TCS in recent history. AST or Assistant Consultants with Band D, who have shown little or no improvement in the last 2 years, along with ASOC (Project Managers) who are band C and above, and other middle to higher level managers are those which are in the firing line.

A,B,C,D and E are internal rating system used by TCS, with A being the best and E worst.

Employees and tech observers are actually surprised with such mass layoffs, considering that TCS is known for ‘job security’. The case become more curious considering that TCS has plans of hiring 35,000+ freshers for 2014-15 session.

A TCS spokesperson recently said: “We continue to be leading recruiters of IT talent across the world, not only in India. In this fiscal year, we have a total hiring target of 55,000 professionals and we are on track to meet it.”

Some employees, on condition of anonymity, revealed that TCS plans to fire mid-level managers who are drawing fat packages and underperforming, and replace them with low-cost freshers and train them. Although this is a common practice in more of the IT services companies, firing 25,000-30,000 employees is certainly not normal.

Infact working conditions at TCS are so good that it experiences lowest attrition rates compared to other IT companies, and maybe this can be the reason that ‘old horses’ are being removed in order to shuffle the talent cards.

Another source informed us that broadly speaking, all those employees with more than 8 years of experience (with $70-100 / hour billing rates) and with no assigned projects are immediately fired. Infact, if we believe this source, then there is no issue of projects with TCS; but with costs-cutting as they have decided to get away with ‘excess fat’ and hire freshers on a mass scale to ‘keep the balance’.

Scary situation indeed.

Why TCS Firing Is Bad Compared to Yahoo Layoff

In the month of October, Yahoo India fired around 500 employees from their Software Development Center (SDC) in Bangalore. Startups, which are in dire need of talented engineers quickly absorbed this shock, as most of the engineers were hired by them.

However, the case with TCS layoffs is different. Most of those who have been given pink slips are highly paid consultants and managers who have quit programming and chosen managerial positions. Yahoo engineers were programmers and developers, and even with a slight compromise on their annual take-home, they can be hired by start-ups.

But managers and consultants are specialties of MNCs, and a start-ups generally don’t require them.

Employees With Pink Slips Have Tough Road ahead

Most of the TCS employees who are in the line of fire are drawing packages upwards 20 Lakh per annum. They are the ones with 8-12 years experience and have got into a comfort zone.

These professionals are married, with kids – They have a family and mortgages to take care of. With so many people getting fired, the supply for such people is going to far outstrip (if there is) the demand.

They will now have to probably take up jobs with half their salary packages or even worst not get a job at all!

Is IT Landscape in India Changing?

Globally, TCS is one of the top 10 IT Services companies, which has crossed Rs 5 lakh crore market capital this June. It is already India’s most valued private company and world’s second most valued IT services company after IBM with 3 lakh+ employees under their payroll (3,13,757 as of September 30, 2014)

Earlier this year, IBM had unceremoniously fired several of their employees, which had been termed as a bloodbath and cruel.

When world’s biggest IT companies are not shying away from firing employees as per their convenience, this throws a very vital question to the whole industry: How much dynamic and flexible this industry is, and how much ‘job security’ can it provide? Why doesn’t training and motivation assist their under-performing employees, and why can’t these companies provide a cushion for their employees against fluctuations in business and profits?

If you are from TCS, and if you have any information about these layoffs, please feel free to comment here or send us an email at:

  1. kanick raj says

    Jobs are more riskier than doing business nowadays…..probably these guys together should form a company…..and charge half of TCS…….Awesome idea to bring the goliath down.

  2. Ankur Jain says

    Not sure of this news…just saw this post and being TCSer, I am shocked…

  3. Deepak says

    My sympathies with all TCS colleagues and friends.

    Same case happening at cognizant. Asst.directors and senior managers are getting 25 lakhs plus. For preparing excel sheets and ppt decks.

    At appraisal time those they don’t like are given bad ratings. If they move to another account the stigma gets carried forwards. Many talented employees are not given work suitable to their calibre. Then placed under performance improvement plans.

    Regionalism is worse or at least equal to TCS.

    My state, my language=top rating.
    Those who put salute and spend an hour each day with them each day = just below top rating. Still very good.

    All Others = low rating.

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  6. An Ex-TCSer says

    Is the job cut or lay off (what ever) still happening in TCS? I have heard its stopped now.

    1. TRTRAN says

      Yea … TCS has stopped firing and Now employee are volunteerly resigning from TCS…at least 100 employee per , so TCS recruiting so many freshers.. In TCS working culture is going very worst ,,and people are wounding by unqualified and in-matured managers(only politics..noting they know)

      1. Souvick Adak says

        I totally agree with you.I working in TCS & I face same issue in TCS kolkata.

  7. Sanju says


    Is the below statement , i know TCS got brand image of job security but package i guess its bakawaas every one will think of TCS if statement is true :-).

    “Most of the TCS employees who are in the line of fire are drawing packages upwards 20 Lakh per annum. They are the ones with 8-12 years experience and have got into a comfort zone.”

  8. Satish says


    Your comments in Live mint are a little naive.(

    Your friends believed 8-10% would be fired and you just published it ?!! But in my view this is not a news site for your friends to express their views. Your friends might have just read the news from Business Standard.

    Business Standard has apologized for grossly over stating the estimated number of employees affected. Maybe it is time did it too unless they are fine with yellow journalism and want to hide behind technicalities like “it is the upper range of the number we published.” You don’t speculate and publish that upto 100 people may get killed in communal riots when actually 10 might have died for natural reasons or for entirely different reasons not linked to riots.

    Your act would have served your own purpose of speaking for start-ups and against big companies but your link bait act, seeking eye catching headline may have given unnecessary sleepless nights and more to many.

  9. Ganesh Datta says

    Its very sad news that people are being laid off all of sudden . This is very wrong practice by TCS HR which can back fire them in their productivity (it would be injustice for those who could be victim of office politics) . I am not from IT background but i have friends working in IT they regularly complain of not being graded according to their contribution to the project. first of all the employee review system has to be changed from band basis to 360 degree appraisal basis which is the norm followed by our company second hire how much is required not to show off that you are going to hire every now and then (optimum utilization of resource) third if you love coding do coding only leave management skills to some one else presently what is happening is to people who used to do coding now manager are being asked to leave(Dont go for what you are not ment for) if u wanted to manage a team do MBA course.fourth HR need to have some deal done with the employees like work on salary reduction or salary reduction + 3 month time to improve or work upto their expectation. fifth update ur skills sets , invest some of your money and time to improve ur skills sets so that you are the best among 300000 employees. sixth NEVER LOVE YOUR COMPANY AS YOU MIGHT NOT KNOW WHEN COMPANY WILL STOP LOVING YOU .keep this word as this is corporate world they are for the profit they will not consider when company is in loss or profit . profit is company profit and loss is employees loss.seventh never let your self down as you know ur self get back on your toes and be on track.

    1. anonymous hr person says

      Sir,Madam I have been reading your comments all along for last 4 hours, if a company decides to retrench workers, or decides to layoff employees, then they are expected to pay a minimum of 15 days of salary for every year of completed service. (In your case it appears , you are being paid a months notice pay and 2 months retrenchment for 9 years-10 years of work experience) 1. while actual retrenchment compensation = 15 days salary per year = 15*9/2 = 4.5 months salary + 1 months notice) 2. In case your cause (read managerial staff) is sufficiently sponsored by the workmen (read employees in 2-5 year experience range ), then as per the modified labour laws, without actual recommendation of the appropriate govt. (read govt of state you are employed) , YOU are eligible for above compensation by a labour court directly. (without recommendation of dispute by appropriate govt) 3. arbitration or conciliatory proceeding with the management of XYZ company (before they give you the boot) in front of a Arbitration/Concilitaory authority designatied by appropriate Govt to resolve the dispute of retrenchment, is a time bound process, else they( concil/arbitration auth) have to give reports. 4. Way out is to ask for fair compensation, which should be a minimum of 15 months pay for every year of completed service ( else layoffs appear to be illegal in first place ) – a unfair deal.

  10. Sart123 says

    To raise their profit figures , this is one strategy. My deep regrets for those who affected and best wishes for their future.

  11. Concerned says

    TCS is the reason of hundreds and thousands of lay offs in USA/Europe. TCS employees replaced high paid jobs of USA and Europe. Now same TCS employees are being replaces with even lower cost freshies. Where were these foul crying employees, when they themselves were reason of lay offs elsewhere. Stop this hypocrisy and man up.

    1. Rajat says

      Hi Concerned : when those employees lost their jobs, their companies said it was ‘cost cutting’ , but here tcs is lying and saying these are non performers. This betrayal by tcs has left them without any chance to get another job.

  12. An ex TCSer says

    Had a long discussion with an old TCS Calcutta friend this evening. Seniors who had to leave includes very old timers like S…. H.., who was certainly not one of the most courteous persons around and had even received couple of rounds of official stinkers for his mis-behaviour, depite the “Dada” driven atmosphere of TCS Calcutta. Some of the other names, whom we know from the pages of history are like …..hur ……. and a member from our good old MC… unfortunate, but can’t help.

    The guy with whom I was talking to is still in the payroll of TCS but unallocated…. he is thinking that he will have to leave by March or so. Somehow he has found out a partner and moving into hotel business… taking leased hotels in Darjeeling and Puri. He was sharing his business plans … those plans look fairly tangible… at least much more focussed and certain as compared to the TCS game of “experiencing uncertainly” and the politics of A, B, C, Ds!

    TCS clubbed two schemes of exit together, one for the so called “performance issues” and the other is the “rationslisation of senior (relatively costlier) manpower”.

    The “performance issue” means getting two consecutive Cs or just one D for someone who is an Assistant Consultant or above.

    Rationalisation of Senior Manpower means keeping only 1% of total manpower in Consultant and above grades and keeping 6% of total manpower in Assistant and Associate Consultant grades.

    The only plan which Chandra did not make is how to tackle Social Media. Two more mistakes he made:

    (i) Firstly, he kept too much faith on Ajoy’s prudence and wisdom, which actually Ajoy never had and went and told the press that they will sack 30,000 people!

    (ii) Secondly, he underestimated the Indian courts and potential trade unions and over-estimated the power of his donations to BJP and Modi Govt.

    Now, the result is instead of February 25, TCS might have wait till December 25 to get rid of the entire fat and Ajoy might get a ‘D’ for the “excellent” work that he has done. You never know Ritu Anand could be the global hr head!

  13. Rajesh says

    All through their counters, TCS has been stating “under performers / low performers” as a the reason for exit – for a while lets not count the numbers..

    For those who will understand the performance management practices over last 12-15 years , there is a concept called “Bell curve” / “Normalisation curve” which is one of the key factor of deceivement and
    is susceptibility of the overall programme.

    Any employer can manipulate this to their whims and fancies.

    What they do is like this;

    at the end of the performance year they decide a normalisation ratio like say 20:60:20 which means identify top 20%: Medicore 60%: bottom 20% – just like that as a shear number which does not carry any science to specific by the employer many a times; this creates avenues for supervising manager to play around with numbers than facts of the case.. if he/she like an employee – they bucket them within the first two buckets 20:60, else the third…no truthful science to a performance engagement / management is applied here rather they just go by this ratio. May be only factor sometimes a “good manager” may carry against an employee is his/ her obtained revenue, quality of service, customer complaints if any etc., – please note this is not sincerely practiced by all the managers.
    Secondly, because the above ratio is pre-determined, managers are forced to spend more time in identifying finer loopholes to fix an employee in the bottom..most managers off late spend more time in doing depreciate inquiry under the disguise of management / leadership directed performance programme.

    TCS seems to have become a stalwart in this unhealthy and awkward journey as their claims are to be…


  14. OneTCSers says

    I am also a victim. HR told me for one month NP and 2 months additional support. Anyhow, we will get job somewhere else, in a couple of months (max 5 Months).
    I think, TCS is not doing good. This bulk firing will diminish the reputation of not even TCS, but also TATA brand. 30,000 people (if true) ->-> their family->->-> relatives ->->->-> and friends. It will definitely spread out among millions people that TCS didn’t fair with senior staff. An they will definitely think over twice before joining any TATA group of company. — Regards

    1. abhi says

      I just checked the TCS quarterly results. they hired 16800 but net addition is 4600 for this quarter means more than 12000 have been fired till now. CEO and hr head enjoying by running marathons and firing seniors associates. Actually they are planning to fire 60000 by june quarter and one more thing they will ask you to resign so that it won’t count as involuntary next time they ask you to resign don’t do that.Its time to protest.

      1. Arun Prabhudesai says

        Can you send us the copy of their financial results please or point to the url where it is uploaded..?

      2. Murali says

        I agree 12000 people would have left TCS in the quarter. But that number also includes normal attrition which I am sure will be a fairly big number ( around 10,000 going by past few quarters (last 6 quarters). So it will be wrong to assume that 12000 have been fired. The number is more likely to be around 2000-3000.

    2. Rohit Singh says

      Well one thing I saw in INDIAN IT industry that guys want to do coding for 5-6 years max and go for Managerial post or lead post and forgot everything about coding and software architecture. This is normal scenario in all big company. I meet a infy guy 5 years of exp when I was fresher and just started my carrier in very small company and I know more than him sorry to say that but this scenario is with all big company. IT industry is technology based and if you want your carrier intact u must not upgrade your skills but fat salary without too much work in company like TCS,Infy guys don’t think of this scenario which is occurring right now. Need to change the mindset of IT workforce and start facing the fact that at end INDIAN IT industry is moving like US now hire and fire and people needs to be prepared for same

    3. Ram says

      What was ur last 3 ratings ? Please share

    4. Ram says

      What was ur last 3 ratings and ur exprience…

    5. Ram says

      What was ur last 3 ratings and ur experience…

    6. Abhishek Sharma says

      same with any company in IT or any industry whatso ever

  15. Raj says

    Hi, My Humble request to all freshers not to join TCS anymore. Gold Era in IT is gone. Please choose medium size company and have long carrer. TCS is minting money with freshers and once you have 7+ exp then you wil be forced/asked to move out. The first two years in TCS is total waste you cant even be euqual to 3 month experienced who are in medium sized company.choose a field where you can work for long term. dont get addicted to fancy salaries and waste your carrer. once you come into IT sure you cant work any where and also we will be tagged us as not eligible to take other field work. Yes we can be in IT until company asks us to go. after that we might do good else we might destroyed completely. so think thrice before entering IT / especially TCS.

    1. Raj says

      Also it is not underperformance people are asked to move, Generally TCS decided to keep less than 11% of experienced and cutting the rest. I am seeeing everything daily so please dont go with wat other friends/or with article in newspaper/ with TCS statement. those are 100% false statment given to create banners. All Please be safe.

  16. ramarketer says

    TCS holding its employee only because of job safety. Now they lost this key point too.

  17. Naidu says

    TCS has worst politics than any other company….all this is because of the Managers ( who has more than 10+ years experience in TCS), they dont know anything other than torchering the people who working for company….i have very bad experience in TCS with this F**k finally i left the TCS.And one more thing about this bands if we are belongs to same state of your f**k manager then u are lucky u will never get C or D …. in my last project in TCS i worked with one manager who is into TCS for more than 10+ years , that F**K dont even know about Websphere but he is the Architecture for the project ….because of this idiot 3 people resign …. and he given rating A and B to all the people who belongs to his state and language…and c and D to rest….. the same happening in all the projects….

  18. pune says

    Guys never ever choose your carrier in IT sector. Its the worst sector of all. There is huge politic & corruption in IT companies.

  19. N Chandrasekaran says

    Dear folks,

    We have been going though all of your post. We agree and understand your concerns and I would not comment a lot. But guys please understand that it was a need of hour to oust the less performers. The team has been tracking meticulously employees performance and the one who didn’t budge a little to bring extra revenue to the organization will be shown the way.


    1. Rajesh says


      This seriously needs a WAKE UP call..try answering some of the questions below if you are really serious to resolve this bloodbath; the EAGLES OF UNION’S waiting to take over knowledge Industry across country due to this SINGLE UNWARRANTED / UNTIMED PROGRAMME…. this is going to lead to fiasco if NOT BEING TRANSPARENT any further- get on to the media and have a detailed press meet with Mr Mistry ( Let him not continue to be a mystery).

      a} Has the performance yardstick been fair so far in identifying “potential” drop outs?
      b} Has there been any effort from TCS leadership to identify competency build needs or if not, atleast level drop avenues for these employees with re-alignment in pay?
      c} On what basis was the number of retrenched employees decided? – is it their performance or business performance or both? what were yardsticks adopted to identify those?
      d} Are TATA’s going to drop more every year in TCS / across TATA holdings?
      e} Are TATA’s only meant to hold share holder value / share holder dividends even if there are blood bath to employment terms and conditions and no care for Loyalty?
      f} If E is true, is Mr Mistry going to cascade the same across all the group companies?
      g} Importantly, for those roles wherein you have retrenched knowledge workers, are you planning to replace those vacancies? if yes, how sure that you have the best of candidates than the one’s you have dropped off?
      h} Did you even think of a good out placement programme for these outgoing channel of long served employees – create a earnable avenues for them.
      i} Lastly, atleast did you even think of an Insurance covered “Dole” for a period not more than a year – some minimum wage for them to sustain until they find their next employers?

      Note: all the above questions have enough of evidences floating in the social media – all un-favorable to TCS HR and Leadership..

      Importantly, Having known this issue for last few weeks, isn’t TCS responsibility to come clean on this issue upfront before the Media , else you are creating a NEW MANTRA OF NON TRUSTWORTHY EMPLOYER-SHIP in the minds of next generation, UNION PENETRATION into all in knowledge sector.


      1. N Chandrasekaran says

        Agree to your comments

        1. Raam says

          Hi ,
          First of all TCS CEO does not Know how to re structure company. How Ramodorai had make him CEO i dont know. He knows how to run in marathon how to sponsor rajastan royals , how to give 100 crores to modi. Based on gartner review on mid layer simply removing employees directly is restructuring, You are behaving like a sycho who dont know what he is doing. You need to define some targets and encourage employees need to develop a straategy , simple removign guys hurtign their families and children. Any company wortks on technical people , First C RMG (Resoureec mangament Group ) how they behaves with employees (They are born to animals not to humans).How come they know suitability of a profiel to any Clinet, Only a technical guys knows, If you wnat to really re structure first start from RMG idots followed with HR(next idiots in comapny Ajoy Mukherjee i is the first)in place. Ramodorai chandre, all tcs top management feloows go and fall on legs of koli the past tcs ceo and learn how to run a company. C how this wil impact on your children
          iif really god is there what you have done it wil impact ot you families where only life wil there for them no moving nothing

    2. Ramesh malhotra says

      Hey is this a real profile of Chandra? Editors at > Can you please verify the authenticity of this ?

      1. Arun Prabhudesai says

        No…it does not look like real profile of Chandra – the email id given is of, so it is clear that it is not…

      2. gulgul12 says

        Of course not! Somebody is playing with your sentiments. The whole statement is full of grammatical mistakes and sounds like something composed by an inebriated monkey.

    3. TCS Guy says

      You will learn a bad lesson from this…..! will lose the people friends collegues and well wishers…….. I challenge you within few months you will announce lots of offers to retain employees with you…what CTS done last year… can’t run the family anymore as it lost the peace and all are in feared mindset…!

    4. Raj says

      Hi , I dont think this reply is from Chandra. Y you are very curious to save TCS??? Although if you are in TCS just think who are asked to go out. its really a painfull thing. My friends are standing with No way to move. Its problem from HR resource planning. where they didnt do any resource planning for a long time. Pelase stop taking freshers and save the associated in the company first. Dont look for revenue alone please think of family which are depend upon TCS. If MR.Ratan comes to picture then it would be good atleast. Ratan please involve in the issue. Its our humble request.

  20. Gagan(ex-TCSer) says

    Seems TCS is getting greedy even after making good profits. This will in turn fall back heavily on TCS few months down the line when a lot of people would be resigning. No walk in drives or job interviews conducted by TCS would work.
    This despicable decision from TCS management going forward will give birth to bloodbath politics during appraisals, lesser team work, fear amongst employees, and people loosing interest in IT jobs. No fresher passing out of colleges will be excited to join them.

  21. Itishree says

    This will break down image of TCS in Long term (very seriously) Like some others IT companies (X, Y & Z)…. We are the (Resources) pillar of each & every IT industry ….

  22. Nisha says

    The TCS’ers should unite and all of them should put down their papers in protest.

    1. narayana swami says


  23. An ex TCSer says

    Looks like seniors are being indiscriminately unallocated from projects in the name of reducing costs and later if you remain unallocated for 90 days, they are being called by HR. It has become a game of musical chair if you continue to remain unallocated when the music stops, you are out …. Absolutely Crazy!

    1. esteen says

      Hello All,
      Go to the court under the IT ACT AND LABOUR LAW Company law and sue, no use of speaking amoung ourself…this is what we are in social,secular and demoratic coutry…and all need to excersie the law…..please ignore if dont want it…dont pass any negative comments on this….

  24. ITMAN says

    TCS paying 20 lakhs for 8-12 years of experience. I know one 10 years experienced MCA holder who is with TCS for 7 years getting 8 lakhs per annum.

    1. jags says

      Its true, many with 10 yrs exp gets max 12 lakhs gross, who gets 20 Lakhs packages are very few not majority.

  25. Wilfred says

    Dear Mr whoever,

    “They have a family and mortgages to take care of. ”

    Who asked them to get into mortgages without even doing any work?? These people think its their birth right to get salary even without doing any work ( leave alone hard work!!) and that too i am not talking about the salary that they get to make ends meet. These guys are over drawing salaries far out doing their skills, or work they do!! and with that they buy lifestyle apartments and lead a lavish lifestyle. Getting 2, 2.5 lakh for managing a bunch of people , dont you think is a day light robbery!! And you speak as if these guys are poor vicitim of somebody!! BULL SHIT. Let the hardworking tech guys get the what they deserve … and these good for nothing idiots in the name of managers who do nothing but roam around and chat and micro manage people yet drwaing an obscene salary must get what they desrve a PINK SLIP!

    1. Alex says

      Dear Mr Wilfred , we live democratic society and dont expect poor leaches like you to make such dreadful comments after one person loses job. He might get another job but thats a different scenario. Please put shit into your motor mouth before commenting. Peace out

    2. Gulgul12 says

      Wilfred, I used to work in TCS a while back. There are a lot of people like you describe, who can’t do anything but they end up staying in the project, bossing over juniors and getting good ratings. These people are still staying in TCS – some of the ones getting sacked are those who were unable to butter up their managers and even after working smart and hard got bad ratings. I personally know at least 2 persons who fit that criteria and I believe TCS is foolishly letting go some good performers along with some worthless people. The evaluation system in TCS is ‘rigged’ , so to speak – and the curve fitting is a huge joke because whoever hangs around the old project sacrificing their technical advancement at the cost of ‘loyalty’ to the manager is assured of decent ratings. So, while the article mentions trimming ‘fat’, I think TCS is keeping the ‘fat’ and trimming the ‘muscle’. If it was interested in keeping good performers it would have instituted a policy of internal ‘qualifying exams’ like Infy/Wipro to weed out non-performers all along – nope they want to keep some of the fat cats who are privy to uncertain business unsavory practices.

      1. Riya says

        Well said.

        TCS appraisal system is a crap. People close to account managers will get good bands and goodies.

  26. Hari says

    It is very sad news on TCS. So far TCS didn’t fire(huge number). This is the first time and they are doing in mass even though companying is doing good. From company point of view might be correct. But employee point of view it is wrong. Because who ever settle in TCS (with out upgrade their skills) they will suffer because of experience level and family & money commitments.
    As IT professional we need to prepare always to get job outside no matter what ever our experience we have. Otherwise it is difficult to survive in getting new job and surviving with out job even for 6 months.

    If you are talented & ready to take up the challenges in new technologies, don’t get scared if you get pink slip. You will get good job with good salary package also. But always ensure to have money to survive at least for 6 months.

    There is no point of discussion on the employer. Because it is of no use and every one is having their own reasons.

    Even i got laid off when i had 13yrs of exp. Since I am holding emergency fund in my bank i was able to survive and i got 20% hike with in 3 months.

    So be positive and take challenges.

    1. Suhail says


      I like you comment and this is very good for motivation for everyone in the IT Industry…

  27. Vyshakh says

    We (ITSight) are organizing a huge protest in Infopark on January 21st, Cochin against this illegal termination in TCS. More than 3000 people will be joining the protest. TCSers lets unite..! Please contact the coordinator: 09895025527

    1. narayana swami says

      Mr. Wilfred is 100 % correct. Most of these guys want a JOB but no work. They want to swipe attendance and sit free. Most of these guys think they are irreplaceable. Their spending is as Wilferd said, and they think they get inrements freely. Do not have a life style beyond your means.

    2. narayana swami says

      How can you say that it is illegal ? Most of you guys want a posting and hefty salary with out any work.
      If somebody is not worth TCS has every right to send them out .

  28. […] of ‘restructuring process’. We had debated that firing 10% of a company’s total strength is not a restructuring process but a bloodbath, where the future of thousands of employees are at […]

  29. Nish says

    Went through the comments/complaints here and being working in an IT firm (not TCS), I can very well agree to everyone here on the flawed appraisal system in IT companies. These rating systems are worse than a political drama. If you are the favored one for your manager/senior manager, you will get a good rating no matter what you do/do not do. During my first appraisal, I got less than average rating even though I had done the work on time with no issues and there are people who have not done their work properly. I didn’t accept my rating and asked explanation to my manager. I was shocked hearing the reply “See, I agree that you have done great work for the project, but there are people who are experienced than you. So how can I give them a less rating?”. I understood the politics there. There was a girl in my project who doesn’t know how to code and have not coded a single line for the project. You cannot see her in her seat but with a senior man. She got the best rating and the people who have done the actual work have got bad ratings..!! These appraisal systems are flawed everywhere.

    1. Anu says

      The appraisal system in these companies are worst mechanisms for branding people. Senior management has just checked in company HR database and fired the ones who are having couple of successive C or D bands.

    2. Alex says

      Mate you said it right . Just wink your female manager (if you are male ) or vice versa and you are dished out with comforting appraisal rating. Remain like a dog and the universe is thine

    3. Disgruntled says

      I have worked in the manufacturing industry for a long time and i’m sure by this time that the appraisal system is almost universally dysfunctional. Maybe it is honest & functional at companies whose founders/CEO’s are personally vested in them. I think most people realize over time that it is far easier & quicker to rise in the company by apple-polishing & currying favor with the powerful people rather than undertaking the hard work of continually improving their own skills and being a good leader by grooming their subordinates. So they start competing with their own subordinates and take/steal credit for their efforts. Since they may not have much to do themselves, they micro-manage their staff to appear busy & give the impression to the management that they are the “linchpins” of their teams and without them, the team would be helpless & lost. The only cure for this dysfunctionality is that the Board/CEO/Founder be honest themselves and hold everyone accountable for their personal deliverables and not cruise & coast based on their teams’ efforts.

  30. malathy says

    how many days after will come HR interview result?

  31. Satish says

    It is a significant news, but the figure of 25,000 to 30,000 looks inflated. What is the source of arriving at that range? You could get sued for spreading panic/rumours if there is no basis for it.

    You could have provided information on what was the settlement amount provided to employees. Were they laid off or terminated? What is the difference ? How does the process compare to that in US/Europe/other industries in India.

    Have to say i find your site has good relevant news for start-ups. Though can add more depth, analysis, and point of views. Some news items look shallow, written by sitting in isolated cubicles.

    1. UdontNeedToKnow says

      Hi Satish, Lets agree that the figure is inflated. And Yes, there is a termination package, which is approximately 2-3 months of a person’s salary, which is fairly enough time to find a new job. But lets ask this question. Is the “Principle” behind this layoff is ethical ? Yes, corporate companies have to earn profit. There is no denial in that, but at what cost? I am from Electrical Engineering background, and I was recruited to TCS through campus interview. Why did we select TCS? because IT was paying good salary and we thought future will be driven by Information Technology.

      When we Join TCS, we were being asked to program, and we did. After three years, TCS expected us to lead a team technically, and we did. After five years, TCS expected us to Manage a team, and we did. After eight years, TCS expected to deliver a project, and we did. Now all in a sudden TCS realizing that there are too many managers, and planning to layoff people.

      I am from a lower middle class family, and I tried my best to support my family, so I choose this job. Now I am being threatened with pink slips. Do you know how many Electrical, Civil, Mechanical and Electronics Engineering students changed their career because of IT. As a country we made our presence globally in IT service sector, but we should also understand the cost of it.

      You might not be able to connect with this issue, because of your role in the organization, job security and the fat pay check you might be taking home. Oh, I almost forgot. Difference between “Termination and Lay-Off?” – not much. Employee search for next Job and company will earn more profit.

      1. vivek says

        a bad time for tcs employees….first every one need to understand if they send 25000 employee at single shot ll they get job…?its very tough to get a job at present situation…and they are telling that they will give job for freshers ….a big fun from tcs management…they have a work force of 3.15 lac they can reduce the salary for all employees with some % and resolve this problem and should not make a mistake of killing 25000 employees….they can reduce the pay for all…and save this people..

      2. honolulu says

        Dear Whatever,
        If you were looking for job security then you should have got into public sector. Why did you choose Private sector? Simple…because of money.
        Its like saying I put my money in stocks but market crashed so govt should compensate me. I think that is not logical.

        As you have good experience so you’ll easily get a job in the industry, why do you want to stick to the same company? Its neither good for your growth nor for company’s growth.
        Note: I am also from lower middle class background and I was also sacked by my company even after being a top performer( in real sense). I got another job in a month with 50% hike during 2009 period. Can you believe that? One just needs to pull up his/her socks and give 100%.

    2. Somal S. M. says

      TCS management is in panic mode because of some other issue that very few in top management know. This layoff is only a panic reaction to contain some serious damage. This will go on and more so in coming months. It is a fact. Those who are doubtful or don’t believe, just wait and watch.

    3. Ram says

      I have A band at joining and then D and then got B last year. I have total 8 years of experience and currently working at onsite location. What are my chances for pink slip….

      1. honolulu says

        Switch company at onsite location ASAP… :)

    4. Anu says

      Figure is not inflated. TCS company has targetted C banders which constitutes 50% of total workforce. In this its very common that 25 to 40% of the staff has got consecutive C bands and around 10 to20% may have got C bands more than 3years. Add to this number of D banders. The number targeted is huge. Employees from running projects from critical positions are pulled out and sacked. Here Critical positions means critical to their individual projects. What TCS management has done is extremely unethical step.

  32. KP says

    Dear all,

    Start something of your own. IT industry will be like this only. Future will be full of uncertainties. believe it or not, its up to you.

    So it is a better idea to start something on your own. Be it something small, gradually it will help u in future to sustain without JOB.

    I am having 15 + yrs of exp in IT, I have started on my own in 2008 and now I am doing good.

    Feel free to contact me at [email protected]

    I will try my best to help you out.


  33. Kunal says

    I am one the people who was fired in last recession in 2009 . I was working in a product which got acquired and killed . The reality I understood is , never forget the base of where you come from in every aspect of you life . So when this applies to work , never forget and keep building the technical skills as they are the core to technology world , even if you are a project manager.

    Companies should never be held responsible if they provide a clean exit , as they are just profit centers selling your skills , so if skills diminish some day or other you will face the truth . I agree that in overseas location I found many people not even worth a penny , but they are lucky to be born a country like US etc . But again remember you are Indian citizen , and life outside IT is not that easy in India , if you are the only middle class breadwinner for your house , so do save good money rather then spending worthlessly .

    Remember the base and core keep building/working on work , health , relations everything in you life . You will never fail and live a respectful , happy and successful life .

  34. Laid off TCS says

    For the news we can see that all the laid-off employees of TCS are sending letter to PM Narendra Modi.
    And there were some mass petition signed at different places in India.
    I want to know if there is any such drive in Mumbai where we can also sign the petition.

    1. Raj says

      Friends pls check the Face book page ‘Against TCS layoffs’. There is also a link for mass petitiion to India PM.
      There are collective drives happening in different cities incl. Mumbai.

  35. Wellwisher says

    Never thought TCS would stoop to this level. TCS is certainly ruining TATA brand. Layoff news is very much true. Got to know from close friends in TCS. Worst part is, being IT giant they are setting a trend in market. Government should immediately intervene and stop this unethical terminations by TCS. This is an absolute bloodbath. They are doing it to compensate their quarterly figures and to keep investors happy. TCS has already ruined their image in IT market but they have no right to ruin lives of thousands of innocent people. I just hope Mr. Ratan Tata intervene and take some corrective measures to avoid further damage to most respected brand of India. One of my aim in life was to join TCS (being Tata brand) now I think I am lucky not to be part of TCS and I am sure people will think twice before joining this company. This is a wake-up call for all IT employees to think about their career aspiration and chose wise path.

  36. Ex_TCSeer_2014 says

    I also got the pink slip yesterday.I can see daily HR is getting list of 15-20 associates to be fired here from Hyd(since 16th Dec)

    1. Tcs-esr says

      Is that only for AST? Or ITA is also been targeted?

      Why dont all people who has been fired join hands gve this information to media? So that there false image come out….these people r saying lie…

      1. Ex_TCSeer_2014 says

        as of now it is only for AST and above……

    2. Ashutosh says

      Companies are getting tough with non performers as the earlier policy of reducing attrition has ensured many non performers stay in the company. This leads to other team members shouldering the non performing employee’s work. Not acceptable. Also regionalism of managers have resulted in regional teams being formed giving shelter to non performers. Companies are basically fighting these practices. Unions and the govt should not interfere in companies adopting practices for better governance and business output.

      1. Pinkesh says

        Firing based on performance is OK but why this last minute bad surprise.
        I am sure that most of the so called non-performers getting fired will find a better job sooner or later but they must have to undergo some pain till they get their next job.
        It is TCS and the so called high performers who are doing the same excel work, reporting to the same manager for the past 5 years will feel the heat.
        The curve fitting should be done among associates in the same salary range. I see no point in an performance management appraisals that compare elephants and goat
        I donno what is in store for TCS it sound like another Sathyam just because the top management is telling blatant lies on firing and I donno why they should lie should they lie, is it to increase the profit or to balance the cooked up profit and loss statement of previous quarters.
        TCS tag line is “experience certainty” but every employee is experiencing uncertainty.

      2. Anu says

        If companies are having guts then should first improve their appraisal system and find correctly the non performers. In TCS this system is entirely at the mercy of supervisors. Favoritism and nepotism is rampant. Before acting on employees management should check if the system they are relying is good or rotten.

        1. Gulgul12 says

          Exactly true! They are retaining the same foolish people but letting go some non-politics ones.

  37. Praveen says

    An intelligent IT guy could escape from all these problems by taking wise decisions on right time.

    1. People continue their job even after getting continues C & E ratings are not talents. They are idiots. If they lost job they deserve it no matter what politics in office. If you feel you are not honored quit the company. It is better to join in another company for less salary when you get your rating not wait until you get pink letter.
    2. Learn technology always, if you are not learning you are going to face problem one day. May be one or two succeeded without learning but not all. Knowledge is power it will reward even if you fell into trouble.
    3. Saving money is an important thing. Don’t run behind new mobile phones and cars they are showoffs. Showoffs may not last long. Instead enjoy by seeing your bank balance going up. Learn simple living save money and smile more.
    4. Understand industry trends and take wise decisions time to time. Intelligence is not for only useful for solving programming issues it can be applied in your life also.

    1. masilamani says

      Very good suggestions. People in IT field will think it over ; will surely take wise decisions before things going out of reach.

  38. SM says

    I was hired in TCS in 2007 as the client wanted a person from the industry. I always had a client facing role in TCS and used to face the brunt of the client. But always received C ban in my appraisal because the GL had to give A & B to the person who brings Dunkind Doughnuts and does his household work. I never complained about this flawed appraisal system. They once gave me D also. I complained bu the HR was on the side of the Project Delivery manager.

    Now they are laying me off because according to them I am a bad performer. But I always have been billable and worked face to face with the customer. If I were bad how could I be billable for my entire tenure in TCS? Why was I always told to handle the client while the rest of the people in the project had fun.

    This is the most shelfish company I have ever seen. The CEO and the HR head are in damage control mode. What they are saying is plain lies. They are asking people AST and above to go if the rating is C of less for past 3 years.
    The projects are told not to onboard any associate above the level of AST. And everyone above the level of AST are released from the project. They are made to wait on the bench without project irrespective of their performance then they are forced to resign.

    This is the worst the company could do. May god deal with the CEO and HR VP appropriately.

    1. abhi says

      HR and CEO are playing games with employees.Hr posted in ultimatix that there are no layoffs but truth is that they are doing it now also, yesterday i.e. after HR head statement in ultimatix two of my colleagues have been told that they are going to be release on 31st jan and feb end will be their last day.
      They have been told by their managers they can’t do anything because there is direct pressure from CEO office.

      1. AR says

        Bunch of lairs!!!!

    2. VM says

      What Mr. SM told is absolutely true. I am ex-TCSer. Left the company in 2011 by seeing all these bullshit practices. Lot of regionalism and politics.

      It would be IT industry norm of hire/fire practices as industry is getting matured, one should be prepared financially to sustain these kind of layoffs.

    3. gp says

      This is the time ,you have to interact and take their help to continue in the project. I f client demands nothing can be done by your PM

    4. Ram says

      What was ur last 3 ratings in appraisal. I have 8 years experience and joined on A rating then got D rating and then B rating….. Currently working at onsite locatioon

  39. […] of ‘restructuring process’. We had debated that firing 10% of a company’s total strength is not a restructuring process but a bloodbath, where the future of thousands of employees are at […]

  40. Alok says

    NOW i am going to tell you what is really it and those who says they love it please concentrate:
    this is case of all it companies but let’s take example of TCS.

    the Security guards working in TCS are from a third party security Agency, as per approx data they were billing per person rs12700, 6 months back now they are billing 19500 for security guards.

    So, a third party agency takes 19500 per month for one security person they provide, now u can really calculate the hike percentage and the job security, security guards can get job in morning if they lose in evening.

    –and now the reality a fresher in TCS with hell lot of pressure earns 20000 approx, so basically as per TCS “the Employees who works and gets the profit, and the security guard both can share the same room and same fate…………

    I am not working in TCS but when a guard told from this month 7000 hike we will get i thought oh god for giving 1000 rs hike TCS shall do hell lot of thing to make u cry.

    and even they are firing resources but they are paying well to them because guards can do strike but IT people cann’t.

    and what our narendra modi have to say about throwing people on road once they sucked there young age and blood.

  41. Yogesh says

    Still we IT people are making and increasing our expenses. We do not value the the money for future. How it will work. Eg. Schools are demanding more and more fee and we pay but never questions why? For all these only IT people are responsible.

    We value BRANDS but do not value for money. We believe in western products but not Indian. We love and follow other countries rules but we believe to break the rules in India. Is this the way we think? Future of IT peoples are not good now.

    1. Rakesh says

      Yes, Yogesh You are absolute correct ,I am 100% agree with you. Here in Bangalore Auto driver is denied to travels on his auto who are non IT people , because they can’t effort more faire like IT people is paying.

      For 2 KM IT people is paying minimum Rs.100 to Auto rickshaw, and the local people is not pay more then Rs.20 for 2 KM of distance to travel. There all are IT people’s mistake , they didn’t take care of money. Near to IT hub more then 100 pizza shops. who are the customer for it, to pay Rs.500 for 1 Pizza? IT people because they have money to spent it , but they don’t have mind to save money for future use and take a simple meal of Rs.50 instead of pizza of Rs.500.

      1. Vairamani Thangasamy says

        This is the fact… IT sector employees should not feel like british, we indians should respect money.. and also should think about future and the stutus of typical india.

      2. Avinash says

        Are you a TCS employee ?? you cant even spell the words correctly .. and look at your English writing skills ….

        You might have got the pink slip ….

    2. narayana swami says

      Yes Yojesh you are absolutely right. These breed thinks that they are out of the world and have no value for money. Simply for the sake of a BRAND sticker they throw money. For knowing the value of money one should sweat. Now they will understand their exact position . They just do the opposite of what normal people do. When one SLEEP they are at work and when one is AWAKE they sleep. hen normal people eat Healthy Food , they promote JUNK FOOD & DRINKS.

  42. Akash says

    Mr. Cognizant (CTS) (So called Chennai Technology Services) , the next cheap body shopping company will the face the employee protest soon ..having a huge employee base of more than 2 lakh people..Anytime their layoff can start..Now their are getting bad reputation in USA because of VISAS and greencard frauds…Big slavery work in India..

    1. SM says
  43. jateen says

    There is lot of politics at higher levels in most of the big indian IT companies. There are many people which are at higher levels because of connections and can’t deserve a peon’s job but they are there. Lot of time people at lower levels have to bear their tantrums and such people never get fired obviously because of connections. Lot of hard working employees leave IT companies because of such people. But such people keep on getting promotions and onsite opportunities and that’s why Indian companies are mostly service based because they simply don’t develop enough skills and courage to take product development. Because higher management is full of such people who don’t take responsibility and always make some one ‘bakra’ of their faults.

    1. Tommie says

      You are damn right! A skilled and talented employee with poor or no political skill will face this situation.
      After all, they are not leaving the company but, they are leaving their MANAGERS ..! who are venomous.

  44. UdontNeedToKnow says

    Hi Guys, I am working in TCS for past 8 years and i just became an Assistant Consultant last year. I was happy for my promotion, now I feel like my name is in al-Qaeda hit list. I am living each and every day in fear. I did not have any home loans or other debt. But this job un”certainity” gives me micro heart attacks everyday. This annual performance is a drama. As a team lead, I have been instructed to give 10% A, 30% B and 50% C and 10% D. I used to value Tata brand for their commitment to India and it’s growth. But I fear because of TCS’s endless profit margins, it’s started to blur. TCS is no longer representing TATA brand. I Understand as a Performance Driven company you need to handle the sloppy people, but it should be fair. My friend who recently got pink slip was a very good worker. My Clients liked him very much. Since he was not that much “political” he got C band for three years. He have 2 kids and 33 Lakh housing loan. It is not the end of his life, but he was heart broken. I want to agitate against this things, but I am also worried about my wife and parents. I need to take care of them right.

  45. mono says


  46. AB says

    Just got an information from an TCSer, that TCS GLOBAL HR HEAD post a message on frontpage of ULTIMATIX that ” TCS layoff news in just a rumour” :)

  47. Harsh says

    I may sound harsh like my name but its true that if you aren’t competent enough you deserve it and if you are you need not worry in either case. After all its not a PSU.

    1. exTCS says

      Hi Harsh,

      There are certain things in TCS which impacts on your rating i.e. relationship with manager,time spent in the current project,reduction of team size due to client requirements, new plans to swtch to other project,etc.
      Band only state your presence in current projects bell curve.If not needed anynmore never expect good rating and also been placed in poor one too.
      And from TCS top view these things are not considered.
      There is no doubt that 8 years experience plus is non competent.And please understood, this is service based industry and not product based where talent or innovation is required.

      Here anyone can find solution on critical cases/situation on Google.

      Its simple a cost cutting stratergy ,but its surprise seems to be not acceptable after being called as “sarkari company ” fom a decade.

    2. Angry TCSer says

      Hi…TCS is laying off people…I work as one of the sr staff and I was forced to relieve ‘some’ number of resources to HR who ultimately removed them. I was completely heart broken and I could not do anything. The top bosses are becoming very greedy and they have adopted this approach of removing Assistant Consultants and Associate Consultants. Firstly, TCS appraisal system itself is wrong and despite having raised some valid questions on curve fitting approach, the HR did not have any answers and they still use this which has been very unfair to many of the employees who got ‘C’ band. C band is awarded to those who meet 100% of the targets. B band is for 110% and A band is 120% or more or whatever is now being called. If a person is a consistent performer and client is also happy, then why that person is being asked to be removed…These days, corporate team is coming up with innovative ways of removing people…I do not know when I will be asked to go…I do understand, that a bad performer can be removed but good performers are being removed is such a bad thing. God help us…

    3. MG says

      Why unnecessarily bringing in PSUs? Nowadays, getting a PSU job is much more difficult and only those not competent enough to get them are there in your sweatshop payrolls..

  48. TCSer says

    Following is the message in Ultimatix today from Global HR Head “Mr. Ajoy”..So I hope we can relax a bit.

    “Dear TCSers,

    CEO & I have been getting a few mails from some of you seeking clarifications regarding the recent reports in the media about layoffs in our company.

    While normally we do not react to queries related to rumours and speculation, in this instance however, it was appropriate for me to respond directly.

    Firstly, I would like to tell you that there are no layoffs that have been planned. All the reasons cited are equally untrue. Therefore any reference to estimates like 25-30,000 people is completely baseless.

    On December 12, I had also held a press conference in Bangalore where I had briefed the media and stated that we are not driving any special layoff process affecting a large segment of our employee base and neither do we have a target.

    As you know, we have a process to deal with Involuntary Attrition in the company. Normally involuntary exits account for up to 1% – 2% attrition annually. This will continue this year too.

    TCS has a strong position in the market, the expectations on all of us – from customers, from employees, from investors – are only increasing and technology is also changing rapidly. So there is a greater need for all of us to raise the bar on our performance and drive a strong performance ethic.

    I would ask all of you to remain focused on your performance so that we can always produce our best for customers. As CEO has written in his New Year message, the company is doing very well due to our collective efforts and hard work. We have a great platform for growth and have tremendous opportunities to set new benchmarks in the industry.

    Our leadership status will continue to present many growth opportunities for all of us.

    Wish all of you a happy New Year.

    Ajoy Mukherjee
    EVP & Head, Global HR”

    1. An Ex-TCSer says

      I hope you wont be fired for publishing the content from Ulti… but to me; all looks rumor than actual firing in TCS… its hard to believe these things happening in TCS.

      1. One more victim says

        Nothing is rumour , do you think all the people have gone mad to do this leaving their regular peaceful life ?? I myself got the letter from hr .. They are harsh and even threatening ., lady associates should never stay in TCS after maternal leave what ever be their band in the previous years is no consideration for them . Though I have got all Bs for all the years and have to compromise in c only due to my pregnancy and maternal leave for two years I have got this letter .,I know for sure the people who hit b in my own project were not able to perform as good as me but due to the reason I joined late in to the project I am
        Not given b.. And now this letter !! Now people who think that other people are incompetent please be careful as you will be the next in queue for this year or the next !!

        1. An Ex-TCSer says

          Sorry to heat about it. I know the TCS banding policy and I do agree with you that you might have got C becuase of pregnancy — first time while going on long leave and second after coming back; and same time I also agree that someone from your team who might not be performing as good as you had got B.. this is not only reason; he might have got B or A for being Managers favorite for doing all the process related thing.

          Still being an ex- employee and know TCS ;;; it is hard to believe the huge layoff from there.
          I had left TCS after seeing the non-tech culture there ;; hope they are not targetting the hard core techies.

    2. Renjith says

      The IT people have no unity. All other sector employee has unions and associations, even IAS officers, IPS officers, Piolets etc. For IT IDIOTS have no unity …they will simply bark through FB!!

      1. Hitesh Chandel says

        For all those IT people who want to join a union, please read Code of Citizen’s Conduct book and become part of Project YugParivartan Team. It is an initiative to integrate Services industry people into one group and utilize their talents to develop the country. A collective effort of IT professionals will make sure that no company can turn towards firing people and causing huge discomfort to people’s lives. For more information about the book containing scope of Project YugParivartan, please visit

  49. abhis says

    there is no written policy where ppl got fired because one D or continuos 2 C bands.We should raise this concern in market and should take legal option against the TCS. Market should also be informed what TCS is doing to its employees.

    1. abhib says

      CEO got pay raise from USD 4.5M to 65M this year and so did all executive board members.

      Also, even if ppl with ASSOC, AST, CON level are having projects, biling and client commitment, they are not being assigned to their projects.

      Basically TCS is forcing to create impression that people don’t have work, but they actually have work and revenue, TCS is denying them the opportunity so they can be made to sit idle for 2 weeks and can be fired.

      This has created panic situation, and even those who are not threatened are also not able to work.

      Strange for a 10B Dollar company.

      If you want to fire 5% workforce, do it, but why disrupt 95% work which is bringing in revenur for this work?

  50. Rajasekar says

    Guys, Why are we stand united together to raise our voice against all these unethical business minded people and supporting government, Government giving lots of subsidy & tax benefits, special economic zone (SEZ) facilities …..etc, many of the general public lost their land for making SEZ. Government never cares about our stability & future ,simply blaming US like opportunities are more but not finding skilled workforce. When the IT companies are in the development stage India has only very minimum engineering colleges and less workforce , that time these companies never care about engineers background whether they are belongs to CSE or Electronics or CVIL or Mechanical…etc simply they recruited all the department and we also adopt to learn new technology irrespective of education background, But now Both Company & Government simply blaming us. Companies are here for business not for charity, but what the hell government doing here, These companies eating our money interms of subsidy, SEZ, tax…etc , for fast business growth simply doing layoff is unacceptable, Not only TCS almost all the companies are doing same layoff by the name of “Quality, discipline, lack of skil”…etc So We will unite together and raise our voice against to government policies which allows these companies to play our life and demand job security. TWO major demand
    1.Do layoff only the reasons like sexual haramnt, damage against cmpny, tampering IP protect…etc , not for business or profit, simply saying lack of skill
    2.if company wants to do lay off due to business reason , Provide compensation of 12 month salary without any detection & 2 months notice.

    1. Raam says

      Good , i appreciate your good comment , If only freshers guys are required why CEO is required , Today fresher tomorrow Experience guy only na

    2. chintu says

      Yes dude.. These companies are making us fools, they will ask us to work in multiple platforms if required but they will not give proper training, they will say we are not up to date but they will not provide proper training, they talk about so many business ethics but they will not follow, they will get the billing across the year but they will not give a hike of at lease one or two business days billing amount. They expect employees to work 24/7 at last they will say you have not planned properly for the project which happens due to the falls commitments give by the company sales team to the clients.
      In fact companies do not bother about their own employees but they do social service :)

  51. ThinkPositive says

    A jobless man applied for the position of ‘office boy’ at Microsoft.
    The HR manager interviewed him, then gave him a test: clean the floor. The man passed the test with flying colors.
    “You are hired,” HR manager informed the applicant, “give me your e-mail address, and I’ll send you the application for employment, as well as the date you should report for work.
    The man replied ” I don’t have a computer, or an email!”
    “I’m sorry,” said the HR manager. “If you don’t have an email, that means you do not exist. And we cannot hire persons who do not exist.”
    The man was very disappointed.
    He didn’t know what to do. He only had $10 with him. Once that is spent, he won’t have any money to buy any food.
    He went to the supermarket and bought a crate of tomatoes with his $10.
    He went from door to door and sold the tomatoes in less than two hours. He doubled his money.
    He repeated the operation three times, and returned home with $60. He realized that he can survive
    this way. He started to go everyday earlier, and return late.
    He doubled or tripled his money every day. Soon, he bought a cart, then a truck. In a very short time, he had his own fleet of delivery vehicles.
    Five years later, the man became one of the biggest food retailers in the U. S. He started to plan his family’s future, and decided to have a life insurance.
    He called an insurance broker, and chose a protection plan.
    At the end of the conversation, the broker asked him for his email address.
    The man replied: ‘ I don’t have an email.’
    The broker was dumbfounded. “You don’t have an email, and yet have succeeded in building an empire. Can you imagine what you could have been if you had an email?,” he exclaimed.
    The man thought for a while, and replied, “an office boy at Microsoft!”
    If you just lost your Job or Just failed an Interview Don’t worry be Optimistic….. Good days are on the way and something better is reserved for you.

  52. MeetFireWithFire says
    1. akash says

      Oh big drama!!

  53. akshay says

    We have opening at BARCLAYS pune location for 3+ exp in ORACLE SQL,PLSQL profile, if interested please send your cv to [email protected]

  54. SB says

    Strangest thing is there is no news related to this in mainstream media…. today’s Economic Times even posted TCS CEO’s New Year message – but no news about this mass lay-off. STRANGE!!!

  55. Coding is the best says

    Hi All,

    I have been in IT industry for the past 20 years. Almost 19 years, I have been in coding. Of course I learnt COBOL and working in COBOL for quite some time. I feel, problems on both sides. Both TCS and TCS Middle Level employees. We can not keep on blaming TCS. We need to learn from our mistakes and move forward.

    1. We need to be more focus and should not shy away from coding. Technical knowledge is important.
    2. We need to focus on one domain and master in it.
    3. We should to do things which give us happy
    4. Save money at least 30% of your salary. Invest it wisely.
    5. Do not be complacent.
    6. Do not love your company. Love your work.
    7. Follow Meritocracy. Do not go behind, gender, religion, language, race, caste etc.,
    8. Be a good manager.

    I know every one knows this. But, we failed to follow it. All the best.

    1. Angry TCSer says

      HI…I understand what you are trying to say…If organization is removing bad performers, then fine, but why TCS is now removing good ones as well…Mind you, they are hitting mid level emp only…This is very unfair…

  56. Janarddan says

    Remember the last time you abused trade unions? Remember those abusive words? Remember the paeans that you sung for your exploiter capitalists? Remember the the smell of sweat and the shabby looks of a labourer that made him an object of scorn and ridicule? If you still have not remembered, you will, as soon as you join their ranks. Till then “Best Wishes”.

  57. NS saravanan says

    HI Friends,
    I can help people from technical background. I can teach them big data technology for free and help them to get the job. I don’t have the space, if somebody take care of that then that will be good.
    You can reach me at or [email protected]


  58. Don says

    Interesting comments, in respect of TCS I’m an customer using TCS resource within my company, over the years TCS has supplied us with some talented technically personel but sadly to recent years what we’re being supplied with doesn’t cut the mustard, too many have no real world experience in the applications they’re supposed to be experts in, at best theyre struggling with the basics (ie read chapter 1 of the manual) – learning answers to interview questions is not the done thing and I can spot you a mile off.

    I’m sick of TCS management treating me the customer as a mug and also getting those they supply to lie about their skill set, I’ve cut right back on resources I use from TCS, stick with those I’ve had before that I know are true experts with the skills required in the world of IT. I know in the near future these guys I currently use will move on in their careers and in that I’m preparing where my flexible resource base will come from, at the moment it’s not looking like TCS

    You are a resource company based on supply/demand of technical skills, you have to adapt to survive, if you’re an employee remember that’s all you are, never expect anything from your employer, no job should be safe

    1. mono says

      Nice see ..clients comments..and view points..
      I have a query…
      Are you willing to increase your budget ..
      to have more strong resources…

      1. Voice of truth says

        Dear Don ,

        You get what you pay for – there is no free lunch in USA or anywhere else in this mortal world.

        The bank interest rate provided in India is more than 8 %. Any idea why it is so ? That’s because of the rate of depreciation that is prevalent in India.To strike a balance, each Indian’s salary should also increase by 8%.However, does your company annually increase the billing rate by 8%? You don’t. You live in an utopian world and with your eyes closed you feel that China and India would solve all your problems.But, if you keep your eyes closed to reality, you get dumped with cheap and worthless labour.That is the truth and you have created that truth.

        So, don’t blame TCS or any cheap labour supplier company of India and China.Go back to your home and look at the mirror .

    2. abhib says

      Unfortunately, the picture you are painting is absolute true, however, the worse part in this all is that the people who are getting the stick are the ones who are good and have the knowhow to get the clients work done correctly even with so many of internal TCS challenges.

      At the end of this exercise, what you will see is that you will keep interacting with same TCS managers and people who were giving you reasons until now, and work will be done by trainees with shoddy quality.

      The layer that used to work tirelessly to make this shoddy output correct, and bridged the gap between clients and delivery is getting cut off

  59. Whats_Sane says

    There was news that AVIVA is acquiring Friends Life. The latter had awarded a project worth 2 billion+ to TCS back in 2011-12. Since AVIVA has their own offshore centre with WNS, it is possible that they cancel the deal with TCS. Does that explain the firing of 30 thousand experienced people? Anybody has more info on this?

  60. Rajesh says

    This a very unfortunate approach by one of the IT Leader is coming out with their real face of being truly UNPROFESSIONAL.


    Hope the TCS leadership self introspect better: are the “shareholders” important or real “stakeholders”?

    Real professional companies have moved ahead the value chain by retaining and enhancing career curve for those who are honest, sincere and ethically positive; irrespective of performance or potential differences.

    Only SPINELESS & DYING organisations do otherwise.



    Having done the DAMAGE HERE, hope TCS HR & LEADERSHIP ensure FAIRNESS in their approach to severance pay and settlements for all those affected.


    1. Bond says

      It is very simple and straight forward.

      Mr. Mistry has a very clear roadmap to 2025 and he need to invest to Invest around 2 Lac crores to invest in new business.
      How is he going to get that investment ?

      These lay off are going to help him to reach his future business expansion plans.

      Calculate, 30000 staff @ each on average 15 Lacs INR PA is coming near to 1 Billion USD collection to fulfill the new business and goals. Who cares about the dedication and affection you showed on your Organisation ! just an employee !

      Its all a Business and business owner goals ! No matter whoever suffers !

      But definitely it is a shock to who has settled or moved to Comfort Zone in TCS.

      Now it is a road Map for all the other IT companies !!

      So Sad ! and Pathetic !

  61. James says

    Some authority should scan the real reason. SEBI should intervene

  62. xyz says

    I can provide you the name of the guys who must be fired in TCS , I have been with TCS for more 8 years and seen How a person Like (S**** D** , A*** K**** and their nexus bulshit PARTY) have ruined the GE Delhi culture , these needs to be fired immediately. not the Junior technical guys . Besides being so many complaints raised against these guys and greivances raised against these guys , they are just living their life like king and more over HR there is having her eyes closed and GL is just like a piece of crap there. I have seen some of the mails in my life that has to be reasons and heard greivances kind of scenario , who is taking action or all the eyes are closed and will remain closed.

    1. abc says

      Hi Guys,

      Join together and put case against company in the court.At least you will get compensation for this layoff .
      You guys need money to get survive to find another job.Never allow management to go easily from this case.Bring this massive layoff in front of the Government .At least bring it in front of our PrimeMinister.

    2. vinod kumar says

      The list will be endless dear…. The situation is same everywhere. The bottomline is to make smart moves. Don’t bring emotion in profession, you are here to earn money…. So focus on that only. Just think about things that will make you earn more. This is the basic approach of all pvt company and being part of it you need to align likewise. Outsmart the guy above you.

      1. tcser says

        But are they really firing those who are in projects AND with a or b rating? If so what will you do by outsmarting the guy above you?

      2. mono says

        THATS ALL..

  63. Vipin says

    All people likes to do bla bla bla ( managers ), now time is not to do bla bla bla and do some productive work, the culture should change, earlier everyone was going to IIMS to become managers they only do bla bla bla and graw more salary so every one thought to be manager and do nothing and bla bla bla this made the sinciority level of actual work force, this can be seen as a change of tech landscape and now people may think to stick on with technical skills so that even if they fired they can get another oppertunity. good beginning but sorry for those getting fired.

  64. TrueTCS says

    In TCS,there are two type of people one as donkeys and other as horses.
    If in case higher management belongs to horses then donkeys will be thrown out ,and in case higher management belongs to donkeys then horses will be thrown out.
    This only time will tell.
    But as experienced people are getting fired definately it doesn’t look to be underperformance issue.
    But yes in order to make more profits, high earning people are fired.

  65. ExTCSer says

    TCS was never been a good company.Because of its Racism factor .I can bet out of 25-30K firing ,more than 80- 90% should be north Indians.

  66. Vasantharja Padayachi says

    So sad that many of my vanniyar caste people will also get fired. I am not impacted since I dont work in TCS, but I work in Infosys instead.It is time for fired vanniyar people to protest with the help of Kaduvetti Guru and Dr.Ramadoss Ayya,VOLFO(Vanniyar online friends association group in facebook) can help people organize groups and support the strike or protest against TCS.Only then in future they will not dare to even send a single vanniyar guy home.Vanniyars should be given priority in all IT jobs.It is time to create vanniyar association in all IT companies.Currently we are in the process of doing that.Vanniyars unite and fight.

    1. Droweser Pnadi Virumbi says

      Please join to drowser pandi ( Ramdoss PMK ) politics party . He will save you.. :-)

    2. Ravi says

      Vasantharaja… Ur complain is the most laughable one. It shows the extent to which casteism has got into ur genes. Any action on crappy guys like you and immediately u think u would bring in that pyscho Ramadoss and Velaivetti illaadha guru and make TCS reverse its decision? I am surprised that morones like u are working in IT industry. The fact remains that brainwashed morons like you wud spoil Tamil Nadu. Vanniyars like you (NOT the rest of the moderates) are a blot on the Tamil Society. Vanniyars shud be given priority in what next? Shall we ask Ramadoss and Kaduvetti Guru to protest that next Google CEO shud be from vanniyar community? Pls consult a pshychiatrist as u show a serious dysfunctional in thoughts and behaviour. Ur boss cut down trees and forced the govt and what happened now after so many years? Ur Ramadoss is an orphan in politics and no one wants to even go near him. 2016 will once again prove that. Till then go and get admitted to some mental hospital. I am a non-Brahmin married to a girl from a different community. We are not caste fanatic Tamil like you. Once again u are a shame on the Tamil society.

    3. bala says


      Why are you kindling ‘caste feelings’ in a place where everyone is going through pain. Why don’t you care for people of all creed who are impacted by this and why do you consider that a specific creed is superior to others.

      It is very unfortunate to see that even educated people like you are still carrying such narrow minded attitude. This shows your education was successful in giving you knowledge but terribly failed to build your character

    4. siva says

      what the hell itz not about caste.fight for all otherwise go and sleep in ur room dont bring another problem.already so many problems are running.are u graduated.u are speaking like uneducated guy.when are u going to change.throw ur caste fight for all,otherwise shut ur mouth and go off

    5. vinod kumar says

      I’m still laughing after reading your comedy, when was the last time u went to a mental hospital? Grow up man… I’m ok with TCS firing if it is a decision that’s benefitting them but your comments are not going to benefit anybody.

    6. Dinesh says

      I Don’t belong to TCS family , i really sorry for the people’s who were fired in the layoff. But seriously Vasantharaja ur’s was the horrible thing which i have seen in the comment section. Working in a corporate where you don’t seek racism and caste but still you support for some freaky Ramadoss and Kaduvetti guru bullshit. You stink man, am gonna post it in social media for sure to reveal how infosys one of the biggest employer in india could employee such a shit head without proper assessment of his living and culture training program. N don’t forgot infy might get into such position of laying off an employee where your so called Vanniyar will be in majority and you can start protest against Vishal sikka .

  67. ExTCSer says

    I am an ex TCS employee.And can say that C or D Bands are in no relevance to state underperformers.
    As the person who is getting released from his current project for growth /better opportunity/ transfer/racism in TCS always got D band ,as higher management didn’t find its further use in there account.And ratiolise them below low performers .

    TCS was known to have job security because of Government projects they are handling and there presure to retain employees.
    So definately government should revoke there projects from them ,and suggestion to freshers/junior segment people, tommorrow you can also come in same place.So better consider TCS as your last option.

  68. Rajasekar says

    Why are we stand united together to raise our voice against all these unethical business minded people and supporting government, Government giving lots of subsidy & tax benefits, special economic zone (SEZ) facilities …..etc, many of the general public lost their land for making SEZ. Government never cares about our stability & feature ,simply blaming US like opportunities are more but not finding skilled workforce. When the IT companies are in the development stage India has only very minimum engineering colleges and less workforce , that time these companies never care about engineers background whether they are belongs to CSE or Electronics or CVIL or Mechanical…etc simply they recruited all the department and we also adopt to learn new technology irrespective of education background,

    But now Both Company & Government simply blaming us. Companies are here for business not for charity, but what the hell government doing here, These companies eating our money interms of subsidy, SEZ, tax…etc , for fast business growth simply doing layoff is unacceptable, Not only TCS almost all the companies are doing same layoff by the name of “Quality, discipline, lack of skil”…etc

    So We will unite together and raise our voice against to government policies which allows these companies to play our life and demand job security.

    TWO major demand

    1. Raj says

      Absolutely. Collective strength is required. Pls join the petition movement at and ask welwishers to support

      “TATA Consultancy Services Ltd: No layoffs of senior hardworking employees…..”

      Why Layoff if company is in good profits and lakhs of crores of reserves is present, just to improve some basis points of bottom line. Is this TATA culture?
      Why not CEO, CFO and HR head stepping down taking responsibility of non ability to bring new business, manage employee strength, define clear career path, skill upgrade mechanism
      Why hiring of thousands continue just for media attension if not able to effectively utilize current employees
      If cost is really an issue why salary cut options first announced by senior management themselves setting an example and then employees to follow.
      Mass gathering at Mumbai TATA and TCS headquarters on 31st December morning 11 am in black dress
      6 Dec 2014 — To meet TATA Chariman Cyrus Mistry,TCS CEO, CFO and HR head. Pls gather in large numbers for success. Involve your families, friends, women organisations, Shiv sena (women/ wives/mothers getting impacted by this wierd TCS decision

      1. Akash says

        Mr.Rahul , you work with a reputed telecom company as senior manager but you talk in the same way like a shameful body shopping senior project manager from Cognizant or Infosys talks.Techical developers and architects are highly recognized in developed countries like USA ,UK . There will be no more pride in India for these so called project manager work after these layoffs. “Say NO to PMP and YES to JAVA to save your career and family in India”.

  69. kumar says

    In TCS, HR Team is hopeless. They do not have capability to think and take any decision. HR team is totally biased on manager. Expecting anything from TCS HR and Management is waste of time.
    TCS was known as Ethical Company but Now a day it is unethical. TCS manager are doing dictatorship on resources and TCS HR and Management supporting this.

  70. EX-TCSr says

    Really is TCS firing their old horses who had made office as their second home….or firing people who are actually got talent ..but no means to deliver it due to office politics…. Organization like TCS should really look in their staffing model and remove people who are simply waste…such people stay in organization for ages and suck all resource and deliver non…raw talent and delivery driven guys should lead from front.. no rooms for people looking for free meal.

  71. vinod kumar says

    Well, TCS is a pvt company and not a psu. The old workhorse were thinking it as a psu and behaving like bureaucrats. It’s good tcs is correcting that, nothing wrong in firing, this is not a charity. If you are misfit you will be fired. It’s true in every industry not just IT. Sharp and harness your skills as u go by. You will get both good n bad leads in your career, so focus on hard work it eventually pays. Don’t become a babu of a psu. I work in an IT company engaged in development. I have 12 years of development experience and I still do development and have packages of 15 lakes per annum, that’s only because I still love development and harness my development skills, as simple as that. By the way my company fired about 30 oldies last month just for being incompetent. Don’t blame companies, they are not charitable trust, they are to earn profit. If you don’t like TCS, leave it. Otherwise work as they want.

    1. Prasad says

      Guys… TCS is totally disorganized on its own – from staffing, training to proper resource utilization; needless to mention about the flawed appraisal system. The senior management is only interested in earning profit and that’s the reason they recruit freshers in bulk – do not care about the quality, only cares about the headcount. Now to cover up the mess created by them, they have suddenly started firing. If you recruit properly, have proper promotion policy and proper resource utilization and training policy, this situation wouldn’t have come up. The associates are simply made victims here. Even now also the management could have provided options to the associates e.g. reducing salary/grade, providing training in newer technologies and then deploy into projects etc. Instead, just to increase quarterly profit margin, they took the easiest route and started firing blindly – completely unethical business practice and never expected from a TATA company. It is the TATA name that made many associates continue in this company and now suddenly they are left to the mercy of their fate.

    2. Rahul Saxena says

      Mr. Vinod.

      You will understand the pain of the employees who are getting laid, when you wiill be in such situation in your life. If the company has kept 25000 NON PERFORMING employees (as reflected from your words above) till now then also the company is performing very bad in Talent Management. I am a Senior Manager working in one of the worlds biggest Telecom company. For 12 years you have been working as developer and trust me with this attitude of not understanding the motive of this article, you will continue to work as DEVELOPER for the rest of your life. Change your perception and understanding.

      1. Jay says

        I totaly agree with you Rahul. The plight of laid off employee is horrible. Peiple like like vinod will once go through that situation.. once in his life..sure..

      2. Anon says

        “you will continue to work as DEVELOPER for the rest of your life”

        You say that like it’s a bad thing. That, really is the problem.

        I run a company and that is generating several million dollars of revenue. I primarily run sales. BUT I STILL WRITE CODE. Because I love it!

        I did not chose the ‘IT’ profession because it had good money. I chose it because I loved computers and the science behind it. I doubt if that’s true for ANY of the laid-off folks at TCS.

    3. Ex-TCS'er says

      Already there is no job for freshers in TCS. They are visiting RMG group for job for 2 to 3 years,
      Later they are forced to resign like normal resignation as they were unallocated for long period.
      So freshers are resigning after wasting 2 to 3 years without project and experience to apply outside.

      Still TCS is hiring 50000 employees . Why they have to hire , keep idle and force them to resign themselves . is this ethical ? Why this company is promising a career and then don’t give project and then kill their career and life ?

    4. EXtcser now says

      Mr vinod, All non-performers must be taken out of the company. Yes you are right. But tcs is not firing all old horses; but people from 7 and above years of experience based on rating and revenue. When you have more than 7 years of experience you should be in a revenue based role or in management. Thats the expectation from TCS. And 12 years experience like you should be a GL or account owner. There is no way working technically here. Most people who were fired were tech guys.Managers always negotiate for bands. For example my SDM gave an instruction to all his downlines to give “c” to team members and “B” to leads inorder to satisfy the curve fitting and budget and asked many associates to takecare of multiple roles to reduce budget and his rating has “A”. Im not fired from TCS, but have resigned after all this bullshit happening. Many tech experts were removed without a warning. And for everybodys information people who hold consultant grade in TCS should be given only A or B even if they dont perform. So whats the way to measure his performance? I have been here for 8 years with 7 B and 1 C bands. But still the performance system is bad.

      1. Gulgul12 says

        Exactly same experience here. I also quit because TCS would not let me continue in technical roles and bogged me down in a pile of excel sheets – although my client wanted me to be in a technical role. They managed to snag a good project showing technically competent experienced people like us as bait – then told us to do crap work. Of course I quit, and I am much happier today.

  72. Kangfu says

    Hey Guys…. lots of comments…….Final Message to TCS Management…..1 TCS Rating /Band distribution Process has many Flaws……..(human factor,relationship with boss etc,Gender,Nature/Curve fitting)So it not logical to ask Employee to leave…based upon your past performaces…?
    2. If in case TCS wants to restructure /Layoffs its employee it should conduct assesment/Evaluation test for each and very employee from Top level to Botom level from third party (Indepedent body)……to jugde the capabilities of employess………(commom sense, Ethical and Logical thing to do) which will make sense and will not harm TCS reputation…………………



    1. Raj says

      Absolutely. Collective strength is required. Pls join the petition movement at and ask welwishers to support

      “TATA Consultancy Services Ltd: No layoffs of senior hardworking employees…..”

      Why Layoff if company is in good profits and lakhs of crores of reserves is present, just to improve some basis points of bottom line. Is this TATA culture?
      Why not CEO, CFO and HR head stepping down taking responsibility of non ability to bring new business, manage employee strength, define clear career path, skill upgrade mechanism
      Why hiring of thousands continue just for media attension if not able to effectively utilize current employees
      If cost is really an issue why salary cut options first announced by senior management themselves setting an example and then employees to follow.
      Mass gathering at Mumbai TATA and TCS headquarters on 31st December morning 11 am in black dress
      6 Dec 2014 — To meet TATA Chariman Cyrus Mistry,TCS CEO, CFO and HR head. Pls gather in large numbers for success. Involve your families, friends, women organisations, Shiv sena (women/ wives/mothers getting impacted by this wierd TCS decision

    2. siva says

      i completely disagree with you.he/she may be good in work,but not good as ethical and logical.this is not fair.Over employment they dont know what to do they are removing.whatever policy they are followin based on band itz wrong.they should be find the correct reason to fire

  73. AM says

    I am currently working in TCS. I know current situation. Whatever is written in above report is not 100% true. Best performers with A, B and C bands have also shown door. TCS management is blindly firing middle management and senior associates. There is no criteria.

    TCS management says that this restructuring (or Lay off) is routine exercise, which is completely wrong. I am with this company since last decade and I have not seen Layoffs in this scale. There was layoff in 2009 but not on such huge scale. TCS survived 2001 and 2009 recession.

    Management says that those who are getting fired are low performers. I don’t agree with this. If they were low performers why they were kept so long in company payroll. Was there any program to improve performance of these non-performers? If they were non-performers then why some of them did get A/B/C band.

    This entire restructuring is nicely managed in media, there is no regular updates on this. Everything is being planned in closed doors and employee is left to the mercy of his fate. No mainstream media is covering this.

    1. showtime says

      If top bands like A and B are also in line of fire, then TCS is contradicting their own Appraisal system. This would mean that all top bands are appraised with some degree of politics for all these years and hence not necessarily mean they are top performers. This kind of behavior will not only back fire with existing employees but also no laterals would join them.

    2. Aj says

      I agree with you … there is no set rule defined in firing. Heard from some senior VP’s, they posted cooked up results from last few quarters and they were not able to meet those. Now they don’t have any other option but to fire people with higher salary. they have not giving any directives to BRM and CP on what to communicate to clients. Its a total kiosk situation….

      I heard so far they fired few VPs too..they are rolling of people from onsite and sending them back, if they are not able to find project in 2 week they are fired.

      1. Anil says


      2. Manu says

        Another ‘Satyam’ in making. Heard Revenues have been inflated and now TCS management is stuck. Revenue will be reversed, so cost have to be drastically reduced elso it will be loss reporting. Now at the pretex of ‘Non performance’ poor hardworking employees are impacted.

        Now guys who should be laid off??? obviously managment

  74. meetme says

    Instead of blaming the management for firing out the employees…let us try to understand some basic things. None of the company owners will pay the employees by cutting down their profit margins. Rating process, Salary packages, Appraisals, Extra perks are all to shut the mouth of slaves (employees) and not for their knowledge/performance. If company is earning 5 lakshs from a slave, they will throw 1 lakh to the slave to close his mouth. But we slaves without knowing anything about this, spend like anything during these period to empy our pockets and also borrow some money if possible. It is our own mistake to adapt to this life style to need a 0.5 lakh of rupees to spend for a single month. we are never bothered to save our money when we had enough to do so and now started to blame others for our mistake. If we are really talented to do the work assigned to us, we never bother for this layoff. Nothing is permanent in this world. Lets do our dury with atmost sincerety, we can easily survive in this world anywhere. Last but not the least, have confidence in u and ur sincerety, not in any company policy. Policy is only for the owners and it is never ever for the Employees.

    1. Fresher says

      Policy is only for the owners and it is never ever for the Employees. Superb ya! I like it.

  75. Varun says

    Some information provided in this article is not correct. A 8 – 12 year consultant earning 20 lakh pa is a lie. Their pay would range from 9 lakh to 13 lakh. Anyways, I feel layoff is needed in a company to recognise performance. But what is the method they use to identify the non performers? A bell curve method during appraisal? That’s rediculous. There are people who work hard that become victim of bell curve while those who just deal with excel sheets n get better rating survive.

    1. sachin says

      I agree with varun, I am of the victim of such layoff. I wish if Appraisal would have been an Automated process rather depend on supervisor reviews. They are the people who keeps good bands for them and assign unrealistic band to junior. These corrupted/ Biased appraisal process is an important reason where real work doers are Victimized.

  76. jacob says

    Quotes from JRD Tata are ironical at this point from what TCS is doing :

    – I don’t want India to be an economic superpower. I want India to be a happy country.

    – “Money is like manure. It stinks when you pile it; it grows when you spread it”

    – “Not illegal, yes. But is it right?” (When replying to a suggestion to do tax evasion)

    – No success or achievement in material terms is worthwhile unless it serves the needs or interests of the country and its people and is achieved by fair and honest means.

  77. Xyz says

    Don’t understand why IT COMPANIES pay such. High salaries and then fire them. Instead can’t we keep the salaries at reasonable levels and let people continue in their jobs?

    1. Being_Myself says

      Why IT companies pay such?
      Take a median offshore hourly billing rate of 30 dollars. That is 30*8*23=5520 USD per year. That comes to 39 Lakhs INR a year.
      Common billing rate for senior people (above 8 years) is 45 at offshore and 85 at onsite. That is 60 Lakhs and 1.2 Crores annually. Considering the fact that TCS CTC for 8 to 12 year experienced associates is in the range of 8 to 14 lakhs, the company is easily keeping 80% to themselves. You can argue about the infrastructure expenditure, but that is common across junior or senior. In short, they are making ridiculous amount of money.
      So why is the profit not on par? it is because of the management. TCS bids for utter waste support and testing projects for far less hourly rate. Sometimes, these are done to start or maintain a client relationship, but understand that we are talking about 8 to 15 USD/hour. That is what a person at Walmart counter makes. How do you justify that for a company that itself claims as the top 10 technology firm in the world? So much money is spent on product development (especially in the BFSI domain) and research. In my opinion, these are required, but be realistic and tighten the spending here.
      Dont get me started on sponsoring NYC marathon. Keep the “feeling proud” factor aside. It makes sense for other co-sponsors like asics, footlocker etc as they are into a related business. What is there for TCS? Will that influence a CEO in outsourcing work to TCS? I dont know.
      Organic growth can only take you so much. Rather than realizing that they are still going back to old school. Hire more freshers, deliver crappy code and milk the clients.

  78. Gagan says

    This decision seems to be evil. I am a former TCS employee having worked there for 3.5 years.

    I would think that when TCS is hiring more than 50K employees per year with so many freshers, and when there are very few people nearing retirement age i.e. 60 yrs, definitely at some stage a company have to create space for new canditates with less experience for their promotions.
    I would have thought firing 1000-2000 employees would have been fine, for those employees who have not shown interest and working just for salaries, and had thought of continuing until their retirement. And for the ones who have been having poor rating continuously for years.

    The aftermath I see with such a decision from here,

    1. TCS which was known as a secure company doesn’t stand different from any other company. It is now going to be known as a ‘cruel’ company

    2. There will be insecure feeling among all employees in the ladder as if people are asked to perform with the trigger of gun placed next to their head.

    3. Work culture is going to worsen. People will be asked to work long hours and subordinates wont be able to say anything out of fear.

    4. Appraisals: Seems next time onwards there is going to be a blood bath. Everybody will strive to get B band since C are also not acceptable as they are being fired.

    5. This is going to impact not just TCS but whole IT sector, as other companies which hire in bulk may also take a similar stand.

    6. Seems like the retirement age in IT sector is going to drift down to 35-40 years as freshers are being seen to replace experienced

    7. People in coming generations (new pass outs from universities) are also going to loose interest in IT jobs and fewer good people would get into this field

    To summarise, if you are a TCSer you have got everything to speak against CEO/COO/Board of members/big VPs who are increasing their annual package by crores. You have got everything to speak against RMG and HR department, the most useless department.

    1. anand says

      as per the tcs appraisal guidelines C band meant that one has performed as per the goals and has fully met the expectations of the role. C band is not considered as under performer and almost 45% i.e half of the team in any project would be rated in C band. A-10% , B – 30% , C – 45% , D- 15% .

      this whole banding system is a bit unfair , since a project is supposed to fit the curve as per the above banding percentages. that means one has to mandatorily tag 10 to 15% of the team in D band as under performers. which is not at all fair , it is not obvious that in every team there will be 10 to 15% under performers who are not meeting the goals and expectations of the role. but still project is forced to fit the curve. And as a result junior people / trainees are targeted and tagged as D band.

      i agree that underperformers should be removed ,but the plan to layoff 30,000 people with the tag as underperformers does not sound fair. actually the reason behind this massive layoff is to increase the profit margins in Q3 and Q4.

      1. Tcser says

        It doesnt look that straightforward. Seniors generally do not get a D band, esp not so many seniors. Definitely they have to look at C, B and A bands too. I heard at con and above level, C is rarely given.

      2. MeetFireWithFire says

        If 10-15% should get a D band as per guidelines, then why is that the C bands are also targeted? 10-15% of 3 lakhs employees mean, TCS would be able to achieve their goals easily? But anyway not all people in D band are bad either…

        1. Tcser says

          yes, not all D bands are bad. Many get due to politics.
          In this case, 30000 fired are only the senior ones. If out of 3 lakh, 60,000 are with more than 7 yr exp, this comes to be around 50%. They wont find so many C or D rated seniors anyway.

    2. ankur agrawal says

      I am in TCS. The RMG department is the worst department in TCS. Their work is to help candidates to get a project but they never do anything to facilitate that and whatever they bring is not matching with the skills. I have joined TCS 2 years back only and the journey is not good since then. They decide the ratings on the basis of if the candidate was there or not in the project when the ratings were given. I had to switch projects during my last appraisal and they have crucified me for the same inspite of the fact that I have performed no lesser than A rating work.

      This is true going forward TCS will worst in line and no experience person will join it.

    3. Balwantc says

      Well Said Gagan!! Good analysis and I totally agree with your comment. -Balvant

      1. Gagan says

        Thanks Balwant

  79. Vbnm says

    N Chandra took150% Hike on his salary last year

    night shift allowance conceyence has not increased in Atleast last 5 years

    worst type of transport provided, concidering industry standards.

    quaterly/ Monthly performance allowance is included in CTC. which is not a good practice.

    They said they will give more 100% On Quaterly performance allowance if company profit is good, but was last given 4 Years ago.

    worst appraisal system. How can they identify underperformers to be laid off with this system.

    Irony is, in Bangalore, all those employees who completed more than 10 Years in Tata group were felicitated at hotel leela palace 2 days before the lay off news

    1. Vikas Jain says

      This is really insane and it will make environment worse. N Chandra is totally a man for numbers, he want to show more and more profit and benefit shareholders; Ramadurai was different. Laying off 30K people and hiking your own salary; this is not justified. Share market always looked for improvement over last performance, percentage of revenue increase from last quarter (no matter what is the amount), this is killing employees. Even when TCS is earning handsome profit, they have to show performance increase and this is the worst problem with public limited companies. It is good for measuring company growth but not at the cost of employee firings and leaving them at there own faith.

  80. Ex-Satyamite says

    I worked in a company was razed to the ground overnight. I saw many people who’d been drawing fat pay packets until then suddenly found themselves disoriented. The problem with Indian IT professional is over the years even through pay increases exponentially their productivity and competency has indeed went southward. Most Indian IT companies are now run by bureaucrats who resist change. They don’t want unsettle their job so prevent any change. Eventually these managers grows up to an extent that the whole company become infested with “carcinogenic cells” which destroys everything. We don’t need an Managers to run business. The real need of the industry is innovation (technical) and lean administration.

    1. Gulgul12 says

      But TCS actively PUSHES ppl with some 7~8 yrs of experience to mgmt roles. I wanted to stay technical and do a dual coding-analysis work as requested by the clients. TCS was forcing me towards excel sheet mgmt. I quit, thankfully – otherwise I would also be here worrying about my future!

  81. Shruti says

    Today when all the seniors in TCS are in shock, Mumbai RMG group were least bothered and enjoying party from RMG

  82. anand says

    The whole background to this mass layoffs in TCS is to decrease the cost and in turn increase the profit margins. The objective is to show excellent profits in the market and make the shareholders happy.

    since there are chances of impact in the profit margin during the Q3 and Q4, as these quarters are generally a bit low due to the holiday seasons across the globe.

    this was building up for almost past 6 months , wherein there was a constant push from top management to release the senior associates from the project. there was constant pressure on the delivery heads to release the senior associates since it will have an immediate impact on the profit margins. there was no other guidance , but to release the senior associates . and this was simultaneously happening across the organization , verticals , horizontals , geographies.

    and now the situation is that , there are many seniors on the bench , and they are not getting on-boarded into any projects , since the whole atmosphere is to release the senior associates and not to on board them back into any projects. you will need to get special approvals , business justification to be provided to the unit owner in order to on board a senior associate. which at this point of time is very difficult

    so this is a trap , once a senior employee is on bench at this time , it is nearly impossible for him to get into a new project now. and once he/she is on bench for a month , there are high chances of the associate to be asked to leave the organization.

    it is being told in the media by tcs hr , that this is a regular exercise and happens every year to remove the under performers. this is not correct , since you cannot suddenly identify 25 to 30,000 senior under performers in the organization.

    most of these senior / middle managers which are in the target now , have been with the organization for 8 to 10 years now. they did not become managers on day one. they have started from developers to module leader to project leader to project manager / account manger etc. they would not be able to climb up the ladder and become project managers today , if they were under performers. They have shown the capability to handle higher responsibility , manage team , own delivery , manage customer relationship etc.

    this is a natural progression in any indian it company and one of the career paths , as you grow in this path you become responsible for a bigger team size. a project manager would ideally be managing a team size of 35 to 50 team members. in this scenario the manager loses touch with hands on technology , since he is burdened with many other non technical tasks like managing customer relationship , managing escalation , risks. co-ordination with various internal support groups , team management , rotation , internal project audit , reviews etc. And organization like tcs being cmm level 5 and high standards , their are lot of internal process compliance related activities which needs to be managed. All this and much more falls into the project managers bucket. and tcs wants someone to own all this and project managers were handling this and hence did not have much bandwidth to do hands on technical work.

    i agree there are underperformers and they should be moved out , but what i am hearing is the target is to lay off 30,000 employees with the tag of under performers is not correct. b’coz this will have an impact on their next job as well when they go in the market with the tag of under performers.

    i have seen one case , wherein the employee has recvd the letter and been given 30 days notice to move out. the employee is not an under performer but since he is a senior associate AST grade on the bench for one month he is asked to leave.

    the only reason of this layoff is to improve the profit margins

  83. MeetFireWithFire says

    These layoffs mean nothing if we realize to see people in their respective categories.
    a) People WHO_GETS_BUSINESS: These are smart folks. These people will always be in demand and if we happen to work under these folks, more often than not, one would learn the essentials to go up the ladder. As these folks are already smart, all of them (or most of them) would not feel insecure about their position and works at the notion of meeting the lion in its den.
    b) People WHO_IMPLEMENTS: These are also skillful folks on par with people who get BUSINESS. Skillful implementers innovate and ensure they stay relevant and sellable at any time. These folks also would not feel insecure and if we happen to work under them, it is rest assured that we are most likely to get inspired from them.
    c) PEOPLE_WHO_GETS_THE_JOB_DONE: These are the dangerous folks. They get the job done. By whom… By others… If they get credit it is purely POLITICS. They don’t know how to get it (business) or how to implement it (business). If an organization keeps their count to the bare minimum, then there will be no politics. Well the productivity increases when these people are removed from the organization. One way to remove them is to encourage more automation in the way of standardization. Or we could encourage folks to be evangelist who speaks to two folks (who_gets_business and who_implements) in their terms. Evangelists are even talented folks who are a bit of both (who_gets and who_implements)

    There could be some good people losing the job. But any way they will be able to market themselves though it is completely unacceptable if they fire good people.

  84. kk says

    Laid off employee will get better offer in market…no need worry..

    1. Rinky says

      I agree with you knight.well said.

  85. current acc says

    I am sure the sentiments echoed here holds true for all companies running their IT services shop from India. People who become managers in 6 yrs. They are good at only 1 thing – cocksucking. The only tech experience they ‘d be having is adding an if condition here or a loop there in an already existing framework. It’s the resources who work under these managers that bear the brunt. They slog out, implement the logic, come up with work arounds and in the end the manager shamelessly takes all the credit. Sometimes they credit the work to resources they favour.Some of these managers are so dumb they think spellcheck takes care of grammar as well. The HRs are another breed. They want things and processes to be grey so that as per convenience they can switch to the black or white side.

  86. Priya says

    1. Guys working in Indian companies after 7 years of experience thinks that coding programs is a shameful work for their experience but rather considering the the junk body shopping project management as a lucarative work. This is happening in TCS,INFOSYS,WIPRO,COGNIZANT and HCL.

    2. These kids are hired from poor dummy colleges in India in the so called campus interviews. There is no respect in these junk boddy shopping companies for the highly intelligent and competent guys from Reputed colleges like NIT’s and IIT’s. Dummy college guys rule these Indian companies and these poor programmers creating lot of production issues for American clients when they are sent onsite. But still these junk programmers talks that no matter whatever colleges u study , we all are same in TCS.

    3. These guys shud think that a software company is not a place for dating girls since they spent much time in cafeterias and not concentrating on improving the technical skills. Most Girls in these companies never work long hours and leave home at 5 ,no matter work is there or not but likes to get pay in pregnancy period.

    TCS started now and more Indian companies will join this marathon soon to kill the experienced people .

    1. Knight says

      Dear Priya

      Most Girls in these companies never work long hours and leave home at 5 ,no matter work is there or not but likes to get pay in pregnancy period. – This is totally wrong stmt r u gonna give protection & safety for these girls who leave office 8:00 and Pregnancy is natural course of human evolution and you have to respect it. This where all stupid company take advantages of there leave and give love ratings and screw their life. Plz grow up

    2. blaster says

      Yes you are correct Priya especially regarding girls..I am working in TCS from past 6 years.I have seen almost all the girls do time pass even though they are having lot of work.let me say a daily routine of girls that i am seeing..Daily they come after 10am by office transport.Spend some 10 min inside ODC and takes one hour break for breakfast.again after coming from break,hardly they will sit for one and hours and will go for lunch for one and half hour.After that again TEA break and leave at 6pm saying the reason of safety.They are hardly spending 4 hours in side ODC in that time also mostly they spend by chitchatting,speaking in mobile and roaming here and there.This is not a days or months activity..i am seeing it from past years. Even though they will get fair ratings.Dear TCS if you want to grow,come up with a good appraisal system and do a fair recruitment process.In order to increase efficiency pull out the scrap out of 1L women employes first.

    3. Archana says

      Hello…being a girl…how come you comment over the whole working community of female…strength. Madam girls are the most sincerest when it come to finish of work on time…and disrespecting maternity leaves and QUESTIONING getting paid on this time.. is too…much…may god forgive u…for this.

      1. Priya says

        This is a bad remark on boys saying that girls are the only work perfectionist. Hardly few girls are working in the upper ladder of these Indian IT companies. Boys bear the total responsibility of his family as he is the main bread winner of the family. Learn to respect the hard working males. Girls in IT just earn supportive income for their family. Indian IT companies are happy recruiting girls due to reason that Many will retire voluntarily after marriage or after their child’s birth and will not last long as experience increases above 7+. Many Boys work here day and night to fix the production issues, work extra time and in weekends ,not getting paid for extra hours and finally getting fired like this sadly.All their hardwork ends in vain. Almost 28000 male employment will get hit by this lay off and only 2000 girls will be fired in this massive restructuring.

        1. abhib says

          For once, an honest comment from a female employee.

          I don’t want to delve too much in this but the culture in initial few years of jounung organizations after college is definitely a culprit.

          Trainees and less experienced peopke are only told to do something, but are never given why we need to do so, or get them involved in calls where the timelines, reasons and limitations are discussed.

          After doing shoddy work for 3 years, girls mostly become leads and let go any technical skillset first.

          So, by 7th year, very few of them have anything meaningful left to contribute. They probably want that job to get married in urban setup these days more than anything

      2. Rajesh says

        This is india. Job is mandatory for men. There are few women who take care of their family, needs the job. for most of them its extra money and luxury life. For 90% men job it life. No women marry an unemployed man. 1 lakhs women employees in TCS. This is too bad. Mr. chandrasekaran has to think about this and change his attitude and plans. He is causing problems to not only to employees, to their families. Most of the profits goes to trust…where the money is going?

    4. Rue says

      Few honest lines. Girls do date as well. Boys alone can’t date in cafeteria.

    5. Rajasekar says

      What is this senseless comments, IIT?? NIT?? is this IIT & NIT only the good colleges in India? Or only IIT and NIT students are intelligent, All scrap…………….

      Most of the IIT students are belongs to one single higher caste communities who’s sitting in TOP ideally and Simply doing time pass, I suppose this layoff also planned by one of the IIT guy from higher caste.

      Stop all these nonsense IIT & NIT story, Go and see the records how many IIT & NIT’s are really performing.

  87. shivam gupta says

    i am working in TCS chennai .I think its right move by TCS to lay-off useless employees.they are burden to company and i hate the politics policy .If you are tamilian ,then favour tamil .same way telugu,hindi.There is no ethics and professionalism kind of thing in TCS.Being a north indian i am facing too much bad behaviour with my current project team mates.If TCS has to do well ,first some professionalism should be built in employees character .and let others to work if they want to .dont pull their legs and try to learn from them .

    1. TCSer says

      Whole of India have same politics… Don’t point it only to TCS. I have worked in North India… I think Indians should do develop some professionalism overall.

      1. Ex-Tcser says

        Dear Gupta,

        I worked in TCS Mumbai more than 3 years I know the criticism of tamil guys when you go to Mumbai or North India. Dont try to blame others… In current trend the roadside shops and beauty parlour hire East india people in Metro city chennai and they also face critisim and started learning the local language and try to get adopt to the place where they are .. I can ask a question to you .. you will be much adopted when you go to US. but y not inside the country.

        I know people after going onsite try to speak english in US accent and Europe accent . You can adopt to US rolling tough accent and learn German or Spanish but not ready to learn local launage change….

    2. Ex TCS er says

      tamilian favouring a tamilian, telugu favouring a telugu etc – this is a third class aspect in any damn company in India…..except some good companies like MS, Google – all other companies follow this trend even Accenture – Indians need to change their mentality – good performing people shud be given their credit irrespective of his native or caste but alas this India.

    3. TcersNorth says

      Is there anyone with A bands too got the letter? Functional consultants is another non technical skillset which many possess, anyone with such role too got impacted?

    4. ExTCSer says

      Can’t Agree more Shivam!!! So true.This local(except the Malyalee and telegu in Bangalore) vernacular lobby is the biggest threat to the TCS’s productivity and there will be plenty who will certify to being the victim this bullshit and trust me this is not going to end ever with the current situation.God bless TCS.

  88. TCSer says

    This is all number game. When all non-performers will be fired in this exercise, they still have to fit the BELL curve ( 60% to 70% will come in this category) so every year you will have 70% non-performer. All TCSer to have “Plan B” ready. My father wanted me to become IAS and he was equally happy when i joind TCS (TATA) in Year 2000 but that image is changing now. Basic rule of Inheritance, It was Ratan Tata who made us felt proud to be a part of TATA group but it is all gone now with new Chairman/CEO/EVP. God Bless.

  89. Anon says

    Not TCS alone..even stable companies like samsung also layingoff massively, all the oldies.

    In a way TCS is so transparent and rather stupid to have this kinda news broadcast loud.

    They can take a leaf out of Korean experts in this ..or even our WiP ..wink wink…… frame rules after rules after rule – to measure performance – the way management wants, until an to an extent, when on record, can label any employee – worst performer and then what!!!!!….Voila….fxxxx him/her it gradually over 2-3 years !!!! :))) …RIP

  90. TCS Kol EMP says

    I am absolutely fine with this firing.. There are many incompetent senior people in TCS especially at Kolkata.(My base branch).. They are not changing with respect to time and technology. They only do buttering and nothing else..

    I know many peoples in TCS Kolkata.. They are good for nothing….
    Su**p S***a*
    Ani***** B**ea
    S*br*** Gh****
    Ka**nb**** D**r

  91. MURALI says

    It is very Sad thing at the Year end org need to prepare themselves and move positively any resources after due evaluation only is brought into the company new Generating Ideas for sustanance with up growth plans would have been a better solution , in my opinion both are losers orgs & employees .


  92. An Ex-TCSer says

    I had scene this compnay changing from what when I had joined in 1998 to when I left – and the change was from best to worst (In terms of working environment). I rememeber one fine Monday morning in initial year; just after getting released I was walking near the MATC area; one person called me with name and asked whether I have a passport- and the very Sunday I was flying. We all used to work assuming we are doing our personal work and used to be happy with a small growth in project (Note: Salary was less those years too).
    But after 2002 ;; it started and all started becoming big and bad. Lot of politics in term of rating; hikes and roles. The not tech persone became supervisor and PM and AM and so on;; and even I have scene the PM actually doesnt know what the project (application) team is working is what all about. One by one we all (mine core group of technical friend) moved out from compnay and almost all still having technical grip.
    I have seen how associate in TCS ; just after 6-7 of experience wants only to become manager and not willing to do any technical work..just few excel and power point on status report — this is what they have to do and in return get unlimited power.. I dont say it was their problem but the main problem was the way projects are getting staffed and executed in TCS..
    This was always taking point among us;; that what would happen to these people if somehow they will come out from TCS.. now to see the answer …

    1. Rue says

      Well said! I was in IBM same time as you. I saw same thing happening there as well. Most of IBM directors, account managers are or b.a grads with 50% marks. These people add more bureaucracy than technology. All must go out.

  93. Mahesh says

    TCS fired 30K employees. This can be the case with any other company in future. IT industry is so volatile. There is no job security in IT industry at all. Now a days most of the companies follows use and throw approach.

    1. Knight says

      I believe CTS started doing this 2 years ago silently by showing B$ profit every year. SHhhhhh…..

  94. ExTCSer_2010 says

    I am also an ex-TCSer. I have worked there for 3.5 yrs. In my tenure with TCS I have never got the rating of A but always get B even though i was the technical lead of Offshore. I have got many direct client appreciations too. Even then, The reason for not getting A is horrible – I am not a Telugu Guy whereas my Manager and hiss Manager are all Telugu guys.

    This layoff may be due to the curse from employees like me.

    Also I worked under a manager who used to give all d best rating to a lady who moves close with him. This is how the appraisal process is working there. Their appraisal process are like Egyptian Mummies. So Old So Bad So worst.

    But I feel sad for the straightforward & talented managers who got fired. But their talent will definitely get job for them.

  95. Aarya says

    In TCS, the process to determine performance of any employee is not a transparent process. The bands suffer budget issues, allocation issues and client’s mood to whether go for ramp up or ramp down.
    Since the hike is not given on individual basis and such market parameters are forcefully introduced in determining a comparison based evaluation, everyone in TCS at least once suffers disproportionate evaluation of his/her efforts, dedication and commitments towards organization.

    Many managers also have enjoyed this right of determining sub-ordinates’ bands based on their partial perceptions, regional and cultural diverse backgrounds and other trivial matters.

    At least in a way I can say some of these fired cases would have been genuine but at least as an employee I would want that the organization must give every employee at least one chance to improve.

  96. TCSer says

    Its 100% true that this layoff is foolish at this point of time. As many said its because of some F*****G Managers and full of politics in any project, leads to poor grade in appraisal. Grade is indirectly proportional to the performance.

  97. PJinc says

    Did anyone notice that the year on the date has been left out?

  98. Anonymous says

    This is the worst thing from TATA group. TATA group is highly respected group in India and this was not expected from them. They should have at least given a warning to the employees and given a chance to improve the performance. When a employee is fired suddenly and who has a family gets highly depressed and may get into depression. And when other companies know that this guy is from TCS and looking for a job, they will also think twice that he is not a good performer and why should i hire him. So this makes very difficult for the person to get a new job.

  99. CS says

    I am not a current or ex TCS employee. But i was offered a job in TCS last year. I joined a start up instead. I had couple of years of experience then. TCS offered me way less salary than the start up. I see this as an issue with the hiring process that most of the companies follow. They shoo off the good talent and attract non sense people. I had a really bad experience with the TCS HR and his ways were not at all professional taking into consideration he works for a top level company. The HR gave me lessons on how to save tax by producing duplicate medical bills and House rent receipts when i conveyed my dissatisfaction on the salary structure. These guys are making bad reputation for TCS.

    1. Vignesh Prasanna says

      You should have sued TCS and its HR for asking and encouraging you to submit fake medical bills and house receipt. This is against Law and reduces India’s CTC :)

  100. aw1234 says

    Hi, I was just reading these post. Some one has mentioned non-performed guys or D band guys has got letter. It is not true. Many guys who has got C or B band has also got the letter. Even they have got good 3.8 out of 5 ratings they have got C band due to F***ing managers/PLs. But who cares this if TCS want to fire and who cares for ethics.

  101. MD ASIF says


  102. Ravi says

    I’m Ex-Tcser and I have worked for this organization more than 7 years. The problem with this layoff is both i.e. performer and underperformer will suffer, if only underperformer suffers, it would be fine because he will learn the lesson and dont do this mistake again. But there is a lot of chances to suffer good Performer also because TCS appraisal policy is not good itself. During appraisal process Managers have full control, they can give good rating to poor performer and bad rating to good performer and even I observer this in TCS.

    So, TCS first they have to change their appraisal process it should be 360 degree appraisal process then there will be lot of chances to find underperformer and they can layoff those lazy guys.

    1. Anil says

      you are right. appraisal process has to be changed first including 360 degree. most of the delivery managers are useless people. Since they are close to GL etc , they keep getting A bands.

  103. Ram says

    There is only one target given by Tata sons ie to increase profit margin. These non performer and performar does not matter much as at the end every one is billable to client (remember resource utilization is around 84% excluding trainees). So the real truth is how to increase the margin so that investor will be happy and huge dividend will be paid in coming qtrs, please also note that Tata Sons is having 51 % stake in company so they will get direct benefit if TCS will announce huge dividend. Every one should be aware that other Tata company are not really doing good and big fat earning from TCS can neutrailse other company losses/less margin. This is pure playing with number game nothing to do with non performance. I remember during 2008 crisis Ratan Tata took decision of no firing to any TCS employee, situation is not bad this time infact revenue and new customers are getting added day by day. I am really sad about all these happenings.

  104. Gogol says

    Believe me, I have seen seniors in TCS who are really incompetent. They lack understanding and vision inspite of being experienced. Even at a point I was a tech lead of a team with seniors working under me just because of capability.

    1. krishnamoorthy says

      It is ok to layoff under performers. But performers should not be laid off

    2. M says

      But these managers only get B and A band because they know then are not competent and spend a lot of energy on building relationships and buttering their seniors and stealing credit.

      People who work hard do not care of this and end up having C band – which means meeting 100% of the goal… and now they are sacked

      1. gulgul12 says

        100% truth! Yes, this is what is happening now!

  105. mbm says

    Let us join in this page and help everyone who needs job asap. First thing is to motivate our friends. These 30,000 people can form a big company itself. If these people are listed as bottom performers, they will respond with their efforts and success.

    Please visit the page

    Rise High.

  106. GR Reddy says

    Its important for any IT services company to balance their portfolio of talent. As the clients are reducing prices and dollar,salaries are increasing. Fresh talent is what is required to keep afloat. Yes, its important to consider #Outplacement for such activities to keep the #employerbrand intact.

    1. ranjith says

      The 5 lakh market cap of TCS is the price of 3.2 lakh employees ( bodies to be shopped) ,
      nothing more nothing less. It is not any skill of worthless CEO and HRs or Tatas

      1. krishnamoorthy says

        too many HRs and admins eat the billing money of the hard working employees.
        Lets do a layoff of HRs and admins

        1. mbm says

          Let us join in this page and help everyone who needs job asap. First thing is to motivate our friends. These 30,000 people can form a big company itself. If these people are listed as bottom performers, they will respond with their efforts and success. Please visit the page Rise High.

  107. aparna says

    I wonder why don’t they pay just half of their salary instead of firing. freshers nowadays r so cool and not hard/smart working and spending most of their time in canteen. especially freshers from campus recruitment.

    1. Debasis says

      TCS own processes are loose and its departments got old. There is no point in tagging the fired people as non performers. Typically C band means 100% performance. Also even after lot of hard work and achieving outcomes, associates gets tagged as C due to internal rationalization and politics. The top people secure good rating for themselves as well as their near and dear ones. The C banded people are the actual performers and who delivers and manage people to deliver. It is TCS who does not set proper goals, neither define them correctly or monitors them closely. Its a system failure and some people including those at the top take advantage of it.

      I got to know from a current employee who might be in the verge of firing next month. he said that, the RMG which is the resource management group in the company consists of some stupid non engineers who does not have any idea about technology. They decide what project one should join. Now a days they do not do their job and ask the employees itself to search project for themselves. They ask to get the project in next 30 days. This friend of mine, though found a project (onsite) within the time, they put a stop immediately on it due to unknown reasons. The associate is a ASOC. I believe this RMG people should be fired because due to them the employees suffers. Such situation is uncalled for and TCS HR head is branding the fired employees as Non-Performers . This is ridiculous business ethics from a group like TATA. Shame on them.After Ratan Tata…all wrong things are happening.

      Now my friend who has a family to support and pay the loans or insurance money has to search job in market and this f***ing company has been terming him as non-performer in market. This is INDIAN HYPOCRICY at its best. British left india but our thoughts are not yet freed from their narrow thinking.

      1. LNP says

        Yes this is true. RMG and Other HR group are non-performers. RMG is responsible for project mapping of associates but they are people who can’t differentiate and doesn’t know abc of any technology like for them If it is starting with J or any where java is written then it is a java requirement.
        If company really want to improve the profit/margins, it should remove these RMG and HR, who good for nothing and earning/contributing 0 to company’s revenue.

        1. ABC says

          I have worked for IBM, and believe me folks, there is an equally incompetent and useless group of people in IBM, similar to TCS’s RMG. These non-technical idiots are no different, and unfortunately, such worthless people shape the lives and careers of competent technical people by forcing them mindlessly into projects just so that the resource managers can get them off their lists.

          Just like TCS, IBM Services too has a lazy and often incompetent mid-level layer who just knows how to use big words, push people around and do nothing effectively.

          This is the same story I have heard from many of my colleagues at other software services firms like Infosys, Wipro, Cognizant, Accenture, Tech Mahindra .. etc.. etc…

          TCS has started to realize it now.. Others will take a clue and soon follow.

          But this lazy and incompetent mid level layer is skilled at one thing and one thing alone.. how to protect their own behind. They will never be fired. They will make sure that your life is made miserable and you will be next.

          Indian management teams follow the mantra – CYA – Cover Your A**. That is the only skill they should put on their resume.

          The Indian software services industry is barely 20 years old. And I believe within 20 years, the Indian software services industry will be dead, killed by such people, who by then, would have retired.

          It is their kids then, who will be unemployed and homeless, their brains dulled by emulating their fathers’ disgusting work ethic.

      2. akhil says

        I echo Debasis comments above…and it is unfortunate that the fired employees are being branded as non-performers and it is not at all true…bad days started for TCS and sure it will have ripple effect.

    2. vikas says

      Fully agree for almost 80% of the campus freshers

  108. smith says

    TCS firing is highly unethical. They could actually cut down salaries of so called ‘undeperformers’. The band criteria which in many projects is based on ur contact with manager is just another rubbish

    In the article it was mentioned abt good work env in TCS due to which they had less attrition. Actually it was just onsite opportunities and the image of ‘job security’ which motivated the employees to continue.

    Its really a wake up call to all able TCS employees to quit the company and work elsewhere

  109. smith says

    TCS firing is highly ethical. They could actually cut down salaries of so called ‘undeperformers’. The band criteria which in many projects is based on ur contact with manager is just another rubbish

    In the article it was mentioned abt good work env in TCS due to which they had less attrition. Actually it was just onsite opportunities and the image of ‘job security’ which motivated the employees to continue.

    Its really a wake up call to all able TCS employees to quit the company and work elsewhere

  110. An Ex TCSer says

    This has been one of the most common points of discussion during my days in TCS. However, during those days it had never really materialised.

    But sometime or the other it had to….. I started in TCS when it was just about 3500 strong…. in 2000 it became 15,000 …. when I left at the beginning of 2010, it was about 1,53,000 …. now the figure is around 3,13,000. Obviously if you want to grow this fast, you would gather lot of junk elements, whom you would like to drop beyond some point.

    TCS has all kinds of people…. you can be extremely capable and hence do well, and you can also be completely useless and can do even better using right kind of contacts.
    However, when water rises above the level of the noses, only those will survive, who know how to swim, isn’t it?

    1. debasis says

      I agree. But I believe everybody (I mean human being) is talented in some way or the other. it is the organization, its people, its ethics and process which puts junk on its people. The organization has to find a way to improve or remove people based on the scope given. It happens like, you work and work in multiple projects in different technology or managerial roles and one fine days there is no project for you. The projects are forced upon people sometimes.

      Only thing, is whoever are currently engaged in some projects or stuff are safe and who are not have to face the axe. Why TCS should fire its resource management group people who failed to deliver on their targets.

  111. Ramesh says

    Unlike in the US/UK/Australia/NEw Zealand & Canada, in India a Software Professional is a techie guy only for the first 2 to 4 years. After that he/she becomes module lead/team lead/project lead/project manager/program manager etc. To me after those frst 2to 4 years the death of a software professional happens in India. It is plain bloody politics after that. Whereas in those other countries I have pointed out even in 1998 I have seen a person who had been a programmer and nothing else for 30 40 years in IBM Mainframe/Cobol. The fat paycheck people if they are not technical, if they cannot reinvent themselves in this wildly changing world will be made irrelevant. Why blame TCS? Why bring in Labor Laws etc into a private company affairs? To me its a good riddance. Change is the only permanent thing in the life. If the people who are complaining now were running their business or home will they spend unnecessary fat money on something useless? These people should take time to reflect. Why did they leave this thing to happen in the first place?

    1. vinodh says

      golden words. only 2-4 years exp is software developers in our country. all else is politics

    2. Samhitha says

      I share similar thought. Im a recruiter and face such situation. In India everybody wants to become a Manager and not want to do hands on coding. This is where they fall behind in the race. I would rather pay 5 fresher and make them deliver better than a manager with 1/10th of Managers salary to each. Why pay a useless manager when I can get things done with less cost.
      I wonder how are they even mentoring or coaching their team when they have no idea about new trends? At this point its better to replace them with fresh and dynamic talent. Either get your hands dirty or get out of the race as you are bound to lose.

      1. Akhilesh says

        @samhitha :”Useless” is a really big word especially from “recruiters” who does nothing productive in life to the firm. The work you do can actually be done by any passout mba. I rather put it this way “consultants and managers are actually contributing a lot to the company by finding business,generating revenues rather than the HR people who are mostly found in canteens.”

      2. Zainu says

        Samhita, not everybody.There are folks in India with more than 10 years experience and still don’t want to leave technology and do coding,debugging ,deployment ,fixing bugs and issues in products or application. Its all personal choice who wants to pickup technology and who wants to become people manager.

      3. Ritesh says

        Hahaha..the most useless and scumbags with no skills..recruiters..are commenting on coding …do they even know what project management is about and there is a body called PMI in USA which regulates project management curriculum and practices.these scumbag recruiter guys job can be done by even a 10th pass..

        1. narendar says

          Hi Guys,

          Informing all of you consider TCS as a last option in job choosing..

      4. suttil says

        Many in this forums commented that people want to become managers after 8 years and lost sight of technical work. But in reality even if we are ready to work technically after 8 years, we are pressured to move on to team lead, manager role to justify experience. Otherwise, it will be considered as no value added to the job role. Also projects wont hire a technical resource with more than 8 years of experience in general because of margin issues. they prefer to hire 3-4 years of exp people .

    3. debasis says

      ‘Useless’ is a big word my friend…you will see that when it is applied by your children when you get old..who defines uselessness, how it is decided, why it is decided so quickly, why not the CEO is useless..if they have surplus people why the firing is not incremental to reduce the ripple effect..its all about dividend share with the major TATA Sons stakeholders..Ratan Tata was not bothered but Mistry family want the salaries of hard working employees into their pocket.

      1. vitthal Kulkarni says

        If you think like that then they have to be in China…
        This company is developed by Privet investment so they will get salaries of hard working employees into their pocket.
        You have to think like you are asset to company till you work. when business will get change you have to think and upgrade or els you are ‘Useless’ only…

    4. Rue says

      Agreed. Indian IT shops are 3rd grade jobbers. They take projects which were rejected by grade 1and 2 companies in developed world. Grade 3 includes IBM global services, Accenture, hp etc

    5. Rajasekar says

      Yes boss , change is the only permanent, Lets change the labor law. Remove SEZ benefit, subsidy and tax exception if companies doing these type of layoff for their business reason unethically, Dont blame employees and their skill,
      Promotion & destination for us its only motivation and addition of some amount thats all… not like to enjoying without doing work because of designation

      1996 only Few engineering colleges , and only very Few engineers, All these companies are recruited even Civil, mechanical & Electrical…even chemical engineers for doing software coding , and How come all these non computer education background people learned and adopted to do the software coding?? , For what way these companies recruited non-computer background educated engineers, So Simply don’t blame employees, He is ready to learn any new technology , If he didnt like to do he will quite him self to find his career.

      But here these companies eating all our money interms of subsidy,SEZ, Tax ect….. because of fast growth and higher profit doing layoff, sending high paid employes and recruit low pay workforce and enjoy profit. Skilled employee wont do but freshers will do these work…what a logic boss,

  112. Anonymous says

    So did we conclude something? It is all a column to release pressure/frustration. Does your management really care to reply you here in this thread? NO. Bell curve system… that is not specific to TCS alone… Have any one really questioned it internally? Now that people’s head is nearing the axe, protest begins. But again… Who cares?

    Performance… Banding… Appraisals… mere alphabets that are allotted on the basis of your appraisers discretion.

    Internal politics…

    People who keep travelling here and there just to give lengthy “bashan” on TCS, say V-TCS, fit for life etc to the associates… what value do they add? Are they required? What is their job? Inspiration? Shoot a video featuring a celebrity and broadcast, that would do…

    Can you not voice for a reverse appraisal system too? Your manager gets good grade if he is decent at his job.

    Cost Cutting… Sack the finance first. They need to measure the value for every penny spent…

    Again I repeat, the posts here are not gona make any change… it would be a column to release frustration.

  113. Siya says

    Please do your research before publishing such news for your 5 minutes of fame. Do you have any idea what effect will such news have on share values? You clearly mentiuon that TCS is laying off non-performers then why are you making it sound as if a big injustice is being done? If the person is good then he/she will get another offer soon.

    1. TCSer says

      Even if he/she is good performer, recruiter sees them as layed off person only.

    2. Suryan says

      TCS layoffs should be based on:

      1. An accurate 360 degree employee evaluation system which does not give scope for discrimination politics and psycho managers at all levels
      2. An employee training and delivery system at all levels of hierarchy
      3. A system that ensures money/cost sensitivity in terms of company business and reputation at all levels
      4. A system that ensures that senior talent is retained and job promotions are absolutely rationalized and balanced on new projects, projects retained and real attrition (employees leave or fired on fair grounds)

      Based on the above and my interactions with TCS employees throughout India and abroad I think TCS has all that in books and presentations but has people with poor energy or vision or self-interests implementing (or not) them.

      In India when a company grows to a size of TCS it has more believable maladies than believable ethical teams.

  114. pinky says

    TCS employee layoff is a announcement : —- All the under performing employees are safe in this mass layoff.
    It is because they used to get A or B band will full project allocation and doing nothing except politics with their side business(for extra money). In tcs performance band A, B, C, D and E has some rules to distribute in the project. Very funny rules…. A – 5%, B-10%, C-30%, D-35% and D-20% … like this…

    And believe me TCS is not at all following 360 degree appraisal system…. Other wise the F****ng manager must get D or E band. Those who are not doing any thing through out the year. Even they are afraid of attending customer calls.

    BREAKING News: The actual exercise behind the employee layoff….. for below Consultant Designation…

    Employees are asked to release from project and sending to the RMG( Resource Management Group) pool. Then RMGs are instructed by Management Team that don’t help them to get the project. This way employee’s Project UNALLOCATION days will be increased. After 45 Days RGM is sending a warning email to take allocation but internally this group is trying their best not to any UNALLOCATED employee get project…… TCS POLICY ==> TCS Politics……. Superb……

    These tricks are developed and implemented to retain Those Consultant and above who has strong bonding with their higher manager/Boss…..

    With this the innocent and hard working employees are SUFFERING…….. Need strong attention !!!!!! :(())

    1. TCSer says

      Yes I completely agree with you. somebody says TCS is trying to layoff the emp,but it is in process of merging CMC ltd(a TATA enterprise) into it and trying to increase it’s man TCS is doing correct by laying off the uselss emp because so many people (mostly from campus recruitment) doesn’t have any work to do because of there is no use of them by giving high salaries.

      Now,TCS is trying to be innovative by selecting the proper that org cap increases as client has been reducing the incentives and funds.

  115. pinky says

    I have joined TCS at 2005. The total employee was 68000. In 2014 it is 304000 appx. A drastic increase in haring has happened due to new CEO of TCS. And the now the result is layoff at 2014-15.

    At 2013 Infy did this and as a result the share value drastically fall. This is the future of TCS in 2015+++.

    Big Clapp on this. I left TCS on 2013 due to a basted manager and useless appraisal policy .

    Dear Friends …… There is no rule for layoff at TCS….. If the company is saying layoff is based on performance ….. This is totally a drama of TCS Management Team. Perhaps they are trying to hide their inefficiency of resource management.

    In TCS now a days all the under performed employees are trying and already acquired the safe chair for next 10+yrs. It is because – there are so many managers(i.e. Consultants and above) used to get A/B band continuously for last 3-5 yrs. This is because they know smart work( Only by buttering). So TCS has become a pool of SMART Managers…….Very Smart managers…. These employee never be tracked ….. N Chandra has to check these employee. He used to this and act smartly on employee layoff…. Other wise nothing is going to improve in TCS. After layoff a pool of useless managers will be left who can’t groom the freshers… Hence TCS has to face a series of revenue loss starting form 2015++++……….

    TCS is creating a History……. Which had not been created by former CEO Mr. Ramadorai and Ratan Tata….. However with this layoff Only TATA brand will be affected.

  116. Anonymous_Tcser says

    Why do you keep expectations on an organization instead of your talent?
    If you prove yourself worthy, you will be worthy everywhere.
    One thing every individual has to keep in his mind every time, be it any sector of any industry is,
    Have a personal growth which in turn grows the organization.

    for most of us mind set is get into a highly paying organization and think selfish (My life.. my wife.. my kids.. my house.. my car.. my chair). Why dont they add my company to that?

    Think from a perspective..where.. if you really perform good..and management has no money to pay upto your scale.. then its you who have to quit it and look for an organization that fits and pays you.. not the company that has to shut down.

    If you under perform and just because u have wife and kids and mortagages and loans.. doesnt mean that company has to bear you on humanitarian grounds.. thats the foolish thing I’ve ever heard of.

    and talking about Job security is the nonsense factor of all.
    Many rats joined TCS only for that and have been exploiting it since ages.
    There is nothing like job security… when its business.. its all the market that decides everything.. whether you stay or you get fired..

    I meant NO offense.. as a human even I feel bad when people get fired.
    Its a kind of stress factor to maintan a lot of things without salary.. I know it.
    Many dependents suffer because of it..I understand.
    but you guys are experienced professionals aren’t you??
    You have experience… u knew the business.. u know the technologies.. has also to be very much prepared about it in any industry.
    There is NO point in expecting anything apart from salary from your organization.

    Even if TCS fires 35K employees.. I believe it will go on for next 1-3 years to complete it.
    Pretty big timeframe for others to get prepared.
    So build up your competencies now..!!

    1. debasis says

      Boss you sound like a Altruistic human…good for you..

      My point is, who asked TCS to make its techies as managers..why some senior managers ask helping hand from their techy team members for some managerial stuff and then hand over their activities full time to this technical person. At the end , this technical person does not get time or option to keep up to date with who is responsible for this state of this employee?

      Now the CEO is announcing a theme..everything to be digital by default. So managers are now required to perform as techies. If that is so, then decide pool of resources, ask them to train in these technologies or ask them to do programming as well. You have to give some time to these employees. 1 month is too less a time for a person to get his skills up to date and also have engage himself in a project by himself. While the senior managers have got their job intact with the role of these middle managers.

      Ridiculous..i think it is time now, some one should sue TCS CEO on this so that at least there is a stop to this Hitler rule . Even if an employee is finding a new role for him a new project, he is being stopped and asked to wait for next decision.

      There is lot of fissy things inside the top management happening here.

    2. Techie says

      Agree 100% with what you wrote. TCS has not opened a Dharamshala. It is a private company whose sole purpose is to make profits for its share holders. If you are talented and have right skills, you will survive and grow with TCS or without TCS. Just look at all the folks from Yahoo who got into start ups as soon as they were lay off.

  117. S S says

    Even i had the same experience when I worked in Tcs.I worked only for 16 months.Why i left before completing my bond period was because of the difficulties I faced while working over there. I worked like anything and I have shown cen percent commitment as it was part of my habit.I worked at onsite for 3 months sine then i started realizing the real character of my mentor as well as my supervisor.Let me tell about my story: Final anniversary rating time-Although they gave me 4 rating initially, it turns out to be 3 in final.Wat logic they used behind it ?how 3.99 rating doom to 3 .is it a calculation mistake? Infact wat happened really was an outcome which resulted due to internal politics.watever i dont care .I realized then that if i continue here,my life would end up like a sh**.That bi*** lady my supervisor is wholly responsible for it.Not only that They din end showing of my colleague also resigned a month before i did,they reduced bond amount for him but i had fallen victim here again that they never attended any mercy towards me.Wat you guys feel?.India is a democratic country and our constitution’s preamble speaks about equality,about justice.Company showed partiality,denied justice me.Anyways i personally feel this type attitude from some 40+ bit*** insisted me to take an important decision the very important decision of my life to quit from here to pursue dreams Thanx TCS and thanks *****.

  118. YourFather says

    You name a top IT company in India, I should have worked for it or for one single day and absconded. I have worked atleast an year in companies like HCL, Accenture, IBM, Cognizant, Dell, etc. In the case of TCS it was 2 years till a couple of months back. ‘TCS is one of the worst Indian company which is run only for Profit’ – Says my Experience. All the Blah Blah Blue Blue said about employee welfare in Induction are mere BS. I was recruited promising an onsite opputunity and was never given them, both the years they pointed ‘lottery BS’ to be missed for my visa application, but young chicks never miss the visa lottery though.

    It took two good years for me to understand the fact that according to TCS “I AM JUST A RESOURCE”, So finally I decided to assume “TCS AS A RESOURCE” and played my game well while dropping my papers. The game is very simple anyone can play it, if you have enough gutts. Its all about screwing TCSs image in front of the client for whom I was working. I was given several round of negtiations after which I received about about 3 lacs increment in salary and an AST promition overnight to say with the project. With all these goodies I put down my papers again and got a good job elsewhere with a 50% hike on the courteous overnight salary upgrade from TCS. I am typing this comment from Germany and the good news#2 is that TCS lost the project coz they were totally incompenet to support the client with their useless freshers lot. THANKS TO TCS.

    Moral of the story:
    1) TCS lacks common sense totally while money making
    2) A fresher is just a lemon in front of an experienced guy. Even a million freshers cant match the skill of an experienced guy, its classified.

  119. AR says

    You know the worst part of all this?
    People working in other IT Giants are also not safe as this gives enormous rise in top quality cheap labor and will facilitate the long term employees(of these IT Giants like Wipro,infosys etc) to be replaced with less experienced(more job needy) ex-TCSers!!!
    This may lead to the foundation of falling of the IT Driven indian economy as i am sure this will impact the overall delivery quality of all the Indian IT companies!!!

  120. Krishna says

    Lessons to even freshers. These companies should be used as a launch pad and not something you need to make career out of. I am an Ex-Tcser and I am so glad I moved out after 10 years. You can immediately feel the difference as soon as you move out. All of a sudden you feel independent from so many burdens and concentrate on your core skills. My argument goes to the extent saying that we dont need a lot of managers in IT. Atmost 5% is enough. As someone mentioned earlier, the IT landscape is changing tremendously with more automation, cloud and packaged solutions with a possibility that end users can themselves customize the application behavior. There will be more bad news for service companies like TCS in near future. So guys, dont stretch too hard for these companies. Just use them as launch pad to get where you want. Never leave your technical competence.

  121. Tapabrata Halder says

    This is a common scenario IT industry all company do this . Its there fault who were sleeping in TCS for 1 or 2 decades without doing a single of code project . In TCS you can find more manager and less worker . So they need to throw them out one day :). if someone is good enough he will get a job within few days.

    1. kumar says

      After few years the same fate wil come to you at that time u will realize

    2. vinodh says

      layoff is very much common in IT. I am a java developer for past 15 years. I am not a manager. I accept your words. but in many companies they ask for managerial skill after certain years of experience. atleast in our country. in developed countries like usa they become independent consultant(so that “layoffs” are meaningless in their context) when they want. we dont have such choice.

  122. Rajesh Sharma says

    Let me list down the points which is wrong/unlawful/unethical in this episode…

    1- TCS Management says that this restructuring (or Lay off) is routine exercise, which is completely wrong. I am with this company since last 2 decades and I have not seen Layoffs in this scale.

    2- Till now this company was considered for Job Security, which was true. Now all of a sudden they decided to change this image. This is wrong ethically as there are so many employees who stayed with this company just for the sake of Job Security in spite of less salary or no chance of overseas deputation/immigration.

    3- Management says that those who are getting fired are low performers. I don’t agree with this. If they were low performers why they were kept so long in company payroll. Was there any program to improve performance of these non-performers? The reason for non-performance may be many like no chance for overseas deputation/immigration, politics from onsite counterparts.

    4- The most lucrative thing about TCS is its overseas deputation/immigration. (Outsiders may think that this is salary which is not true). There is no fix policy or guidelines for overseas deputation here. One who is at onsite is kept onsite and those who are in India remains here. The reasons provided are foolish like client does not want to leave a particular person or Visa dependency etc. There should be external Audit for TCS overseas deputation/immigration process which is random or depends on your luck.

    5- If They have decided to lay off senior employees in this scale then is there any VRS program offered to them or their adjustment in other TATA companies. Consider what happen to these employees and their family Medical insurance after they are out from TCS.
    6- This entire restricting is nicely managed in media, there is no regular updates on this. Everything is being planned in closed doors and employee is left to the mercy of his fate. No mainstream media is covering this.

    7- Employees need to reach all regal aids, Labor department, Supreme court, Government, Parliament, State Legislative, Visa offices and Consulates in time otherwise this injustice will happen silently.

    Other please feel free to append this comment with your helpful suggestions!

    1. Subha says

      Completely agree with Rajesh…. this is unethical Business practice to cover up the mess created by senior management… employees are made easy victims in the name of ‘restructuring’….how can a company hire 55k people, hike salary, make profit and at the same time fire 30k people? It defies all logic unless the management is ruthless defying all labor laws. Indian IT industry is in dire need of a union.

    2. Rahul J Nair says

      Hi Rajesh,

      Congratulations for being a part of this organization for 2 decades.
      Have you ever thought that,why is that a company who hasn’t done layoff for past two actually planning to have something big like this??
      So you mean to say TCS motive is like.. Yay.. there are people living happily so lets make them sad??
      2) You have mentioned, its ethically wrong for people who come to this company just for job security.
      Did TCS ever signed any bond with you that it is NOT going to layoff?
      Did TCS ever guarantee you for an oversea deputation??
      Where and how did you see job security in this?? you expect something from an organisation that didnt promise you any of these at the time of on boarding.. you came to your own conclusions and when company made its became ethically wrong?
      3) Low performers are not fired immediately because till now TCS is in a position to provide an opputunity to improve. It can bear that burden on humanitarian grounds.
      If you feel that some injustice has been done in analysing your performance, why do you still stick on to that company that is low paying.. low analysing..unethical?
      4)I dont understand why should there be an external audit for company’s internal process?
      It is same like me expecting your day to day expenses so that you are NOT side tracked.
      5)I have a question for you.. in this context… Imagine you own a small company of 10 employees of which one is consuming fat pay slip…and remaining are NOT that big.. down the line.. you want to expand business, but you are out of funds and should go for a cost cutting..
      i)Will you stop expanding your company just because there are employees with kids?
      ii)Bear that guy on humanitarian grounds even if he is a burden?
      TCS bothers about our families..doent mean it shouldn’t fire us?
      6) one has to be always at mercy of himself.
      7) There is NO injustice when a company says .. that you didnt meet our expectations.

      I know layoff is wrong.. but TCS beared it till now.
      Its doing this before things get worse.
      Atleast I respect that approach.
      30000 is good figure than 3 lakh employees at a time.
      Please dont take my comments bad.. its just my perspective of thinking.

      1. ranjith says

        TCS last announced annual profit of 20000 crores with 30% growth..not something you believe

      2. debasis says

        This is share market tricks//gimmicks which TCS has to play any way and some day after it went public. Only thing is that, why some (I am not saying all) poor employee has to suffer at wrong time who could not survive the internal politics (project level, account level, group level). I believe the CEO should take a salary cut as he is currently receiving more than 18 Crore INR annually. AND he is receiving this for mis managing this organization. Who knows might be saving few crores from dividend for his own shares.

      3. Tense_Tcser says

        Hi Rahul, There seems to be some internal politics. If you say the employee is an underperformer and if he is not picking the pace of industry than I agree with your statement. But what in case if the client themselves need the TCS employee since he is doing good with the project But still TCS want to release it from the account. In some cases Client is fighthing for the resource but still TCS is releasing him.
        Dont you smell something here.

  123. MM says

    This is not expected from a company which is clocking industry-leading growth rates with a very high margin of 28-30%. This is just another way of (excessive) promotor-shareholder appeasement which is best done by the Indian companies.

    The Govt. of India should look into this matter and help out the fired-TCSers.

  124. __Puna_ says

    ..the news is sad…..the lay offs are going to happen….this IT industry which shines from outside is not that stable ….IT will always demand youth….and after your experience becomes greater than say 12~15 years…..and if you are not technical …only functional then high risk of getting fired…..wake up call for most of the guys not only in TCS but across the IT industry in India..

  125. sandeep says

    please watchmy shortfilm on layoff on

  126. VL says

    hi Guys I joined TCS 2003 and left 2010. first project got 4 (B) rating without even asking and manager was so good person at heart, he appreciated efforts and brought out even better work from me. Second PL was a bitch of a woman have 2 (D) ratings for 2 years, who was least appreciative and least concerned about people’s personal growth and created a very uncaring atmosphere in the project team of 65 people. Only the team leads were bit happier because they had to get work done. we were just trying to do our work but faced constant uncertainty over future career because we were giving new technologies to work on. Also TCS method of working is to give person 20 tasks when they know he is capable of only 10 or less. This way they can easily point out incompleted tasks and manipulate the appraisal to show he has underperformed. Whoever designed the “bell curve system” of rating was a bas**** because it forcefully assigns lower ratings to section of people. Once these people are branded under performers it is very difficult to change that impression and that same rating is given year after year creating impression he is underperformer. Boys are mostly targeted and girls are less likely to be underperformers. They always talk about % of girls working TCS so why not also mention % of girls in this also ? branch HR girls are nice but corporate head HR women are bit**es who are living very comfortably and leave home on time. Also effort for complex tasks is considered at par with simple tasks and hence employee is not appreciated enough for completing complex tasks. Perfection is undervalued and on-time useless work is over-rated. During H1 you can argue for better rating but usually they so not change what they have decided as per bell curve. H2 is not possible to change and only option is to not accept the rating, but it does not matter to ultimatix system. on accepting rating there is a text box to put comments but even that has been cleverly manipulated to not allow more than 20-30 characters and does not accept punctuation. can’t even record your anger. these people have manipulated a lot. These CEOs Directors who are taking fat salaries get punished after they die.

    1. Raj says


      You are absolutely right and draw the correct picture of TCS.
      This is happening in all projects and with all employees.


    2. Anonymus says

      “”These CEOs Directors who are taking fat salaries get punished after they die.””

      Truely Said

  127. What's in a name? says

    Being a freshman, this news was a shocking one. Never expected TCS to be like this.

  128. Santosh Kumar says

    There are some associates in TCS who are just doing operation work (all non value added activities like timesheet,general work, billing, some initiative through which they become visible to management ) and close to AM / GL and getting A or B band instead of technical people who are just getting C or D band. AM/GL are happy to give them because all of their non value added work is done by them but they are forgetting the real technical billable associates who deserve A,B band . Some of these associates which are doing operation are AST , ASC and even Con.
    ASE or ITA is enough for those kind of work. TCS Band system is total based on buttering and Oiling to Top Management. So band should not be criteria for firing people.

    1. Raghu says

      The employee who are doing operation work(Manager’s task) except their work will get good ratings and band. The employee who working like donkeys(day and night, over time, weekends) they are getting bad ratings and band. In TCS the employee who is giving ideas/suggestions to the higher management will be punished with bad ratings. You should accept what ever the stupid work they give and at the time of appraisal they don’t consider about your deliverables and etc. The employee who is having sound technical knowledge can not survive.
      If they are firing the employees who will be paid more means one, the employee is good performer. Second, the employee got ratings through the above criteria. Again this will happen depends on the management. If they are doing for the second type of employees then it will be good new the technical guys who are sacrificing their personal life to TCS.

  129. Jay says

    I have worked exactly for 1 yr in TCS, culture wise and mind set of the people generally are worst to the core… it is worst than any other Govt companies, but totally agree things have to be reformed from the top management level only cos they are the one reason behind or involved in each and every decisions, planning etc etc .. so the young passed outs taking that as an advantage as well mostly they try to by- pass the hierarchies and do some smart stuffs also :) :) lol but not ready to take the challenging tasks or risk rather simply promising to do or simply saying.. so the faults here should be shared and concerned mutually ..

  130. IT says

    When employer is not fair and loyal, employees don’t need to be. All managerial folks, let out the secret or strategy of your project out. It may sound unprofessional but lets teach them lesson that we are valuable and vulnerable. We are not suppose to have union as well but lets do this united.

  131. aj says

    Just wondering where is TATA ji now… where are TATA code of conducts now. Just think about the guy who has settled down and having kids that too in India (high inflation), who has given all his 100% time to company in company’s growth. And company is not thinking at all about those guys. I am not sure what will happen next but think about where we are going. TATAs are one of the best brand in India but such kind of activities will vanish it from market that is for sure. Because, now people are working with them assuming their own company and later on every body will work only for their own mean.

  132. mbm says

    Let us join in this page and help everyone who needs job asap. Please visit the page

    We will rise high to help them.

    1. Rajesh Sharma says

      This link does not work, Please update correct link.

      1. mbm says

        Hi Rajesh, Apologies. please search for “we just got laid off” in Facebook search. The page is still under moderation. Thanks for pointing out.

  133. Rinky says

    AST with B or D bands are targeted?
    I guess there is a typo. Can you clarify it please?

    1. abhishek says

      I know one person with A band (consecutive 2 times) released from Bangalore banking project. He is having 15+ years of experience. His ulitimate fate is termination from project!!

      I think, court has to interfere urgently in this issue, as TCS is firing performers too

      1. Aditi says

        It is true. My brother is with TCS for the last 6 years. Identified as an INSPIRE candidate twice in years 2012-2013 and 2013-2014 (INSPIRE -TCS high potential employee engagement program). Now he has been thrown out to bench by an account manager as once he challenged his account manager for sending one newly entered girl from his project to onshore unethically by ditching all other eligible and meritorious candidates. IS THERE ANY TRUE TCS HR to hear this? There are people misusing this restructuring exercise to send out their competitors.

  134. Senthil says

    There is something sinister and big behind this step. TCS Management is hiding real facts in the name is performance reviews and restructuring of company. Wait… Real story will cone out eventually.

    1. Navaladi says

      you will hear the real story from first quarter of FY16 onwards.. :)

  135. Navaladi says

    Guys, I believe the very simple reason for this lay off is to cut the employee cost component of their balance sheet for next couple of years so that the growth numbers will be attractive.. Second obvious thing is the cheap labour pool availability. They can hire 3 freshers for one AST designate and get the work done by three times of that guy and here Cross training of an employee is not encouraged and only replace the AST with fresher. With evolution of new technologies, Automation and AI all those big IT companies (150000+ head counts) will have to face this situation soon as the people gain experience.

  136. TJ says

    I understand that TCS is firing because the Q3 was not good and they want to maintain the GPM and control the cost. Yes TCS was a secured company and firing employees was less known. But the logic of firing without a proper notice or proper upgrade training (if they say they are not needed as their skills are not good) defies humanity. There is no IT Labour Law to support these people. I know a friend who was supposed to get married in feb, and now is about to get fired. TCS is hitting employees below the belt. The official notice period is 1 month in TCS and there is no pre-warning. So identified employees have been told to resign or get terminated. I hope Mr Ratan Tata looks into this as it might affect the TATA Brand in some way. TCS donates 200 Crs to Swachta Abhiyan and silence the BJP Government. The Media also has been managed. The worst thing TCS did was to announce in advance that they are firing due to non performance of individuals. How will this people get Jobs now?? With this label of under performer.

    1. Antony says

      Is this letter is real? 10-Dec-????

    2. Priya says

      IT career in India is a short one.Indian companies TCS,INFOSYS,COGNIZANT,WIPRO are more keen in only earning profits. Guys who are more than 8 plus years of experience were never allowed to code programs in their software skill especially in these companies but rather given a job to rear the fresher goats and thus these experienced guys soon lose their technical competancies. Once he is promoted to project manager ,his level of job risk increases alot. Poor body shopping companies luring the health of people at young age and throwing them like trash after 10 years of experience same like prostitutes who shine at young age and loses money as age increases

      1. no use says


        1. anonymous says


      2. Zainu says

        As an Ex-TCSer feels bad for the ones who are impacted. At the same time want to mention that its always personal choice if you want to take the path of people manager or want to follow and grow as tech experts. There are TEG groups in TCS who are constantly lookout for folks who are technically well equipped. People who loose their technical skill or become outdated can’t always blame it on company.

    3. Manu Govind says

      I read your comment which weeps that there is no labour law to protect the employees. I think, you got it slightly wrong. Whatever said about the delay which might occur on proceedings initiated on the legal side, questioning the correctness of such mass terminations, one should never understand that the employee is left with absolutely no remedy. Those who can be brought under the canopy of Industrial Disputes Act, 1947, can easily move the concerned District Labour Officer and those who are in the Managerial cadre can move the nearest civil court against the irregular conduct of the employer; even if they are the TATAs. Being a person practicing more on employer-employee relationship side, what I have felt for myself is that the employees in the IT sector seldom moves the statutory authorities and patiently wait in tune with the pace of the Indian Rule of Law. More often I have seen IT Employees living in India, working in India, seeking the machinery to move with a pace comparable with somewhere in US. This, as you know, is mostly something which never happens.

    4. ganesh1 says

      Company needs to give compensation to employees

  137. Nikhil says

    What you have mentioned about Changing IT landscape in India stands true . Its alarmingly changing. Overall IT service Industry needs to give up traditional ways and adapt to new changes very fast else situation is going to be more risky. Especially its going to be tough for Middle management teams if they don’t come out of their comfort zone this number is going to start ticking in every organization . However this move can backfire on organization also due panic and confusion among other employees leading to high attrition.

    1. Tj says

      Yes its True, System Integration Partners likeTCS/WIPRO/INFY will be made redundant by the Product companies who have started hosting all the Applications on the Cloud and slowly entering the services space. They have the Data center, They have Software and now as the license fees are becoming irrelevant in the new era of pay as you use so there is really nothing that the Product companies cant do. If you talk about Mobility, we have freelancers who can come out with Apps in 2 to 3 weeks at the cost of peanuts. So the whole IT / Innovation etc games has changed. I know technology companies talk about Mobile Apps etc as the new in thing (well its old enough) but trust me most of the IOS Android developers are on bench today. Am i sounding pessimistic, Yes i am a bit concerned but i would like people to look at other Options other than IT as a career. Good Luck

    2. MS says

      This comfort zone argument is a bull shit. If a company like TCS decides to cut it costs at all costs, and start questioning every unit head on why they need seniors in their groups, no senior irrespective of his skill or comptence will survive. Only ones who have just managed their personal relationship with top bosses in good state without really worrying about actual performance would survive.

      1. Aditi says

        yes, thats what happening atleast for the 50% thrown out to bench.

  138. Former Infy Employee says

    Infy did the same mistake of firing without proper criteria couple year back , Now TCS is doing it, this puts the cat among pigeons. Guess what only talented people get higher offer and switch because of this insecurity in JOB. TCS is going infy way… and you know the way

  139. Chetan says

    Jobs are more riskier than doing business nowadays…..probably these guys together should form a company…..and charge half of TCS…….Awesome idea to bring the goliath down.

    1. Arun Prabhudesai says

      You are right Chetan – It may just be the blessing in disguise. They can obviously start freelancing and consulting on their own. Or like you said, bunch of them can come together and form their own services company. After all these are all experienced professionals with skillsets!

      1. Advisor says

        Yes Arun, Though it is bad news for market but great opportunity for the team members to be a part of entrepreneurial community.

        We are providing the platform for all the domain specialist under VT (Venture Technologist).

  140. Rajesh Sharma says

    Can somebody has more accurate information regarding the firing criteria.
    In TCS they do performance appraisal each year in month of March. Last was done in March -2014

    Roughly 20% are forced to in band D
    Top 20% are in Band A or B
    Remaining are in band C (which is 60%)
    Remember this is forced criteria and Manager cannot change the same.

    Can somebody tell…

    Is the Band only criteria for firing.

    They are looking your last Band or previous year as well.

    Is that different for each designation like AST, ASOC, CON, SCON, PCON ??

  141. S Ray says

    Yes, definitely looks like an error.

    I had left TCS in 2007 for citing low salary as the reason . Would have never left TCS if this typo was actually true :-)

    1. Arun Prabhudesai says

      S Ray, Over the years however, TCS salaries have got better than their peers. Every year they have given 8-10% raises, while other companies did not that too for nearly 3-4 years. If not better their salaries are definitely at par with others right now…

      And, yes, that was a typo. We have corrected it..

  142. Yash says

    20 L + per month? Or is that per annum? Didn’t know TCS was that generous.

    1. Vivek says

      it must be per annum

    2. Arun Prabhudesai says

      Aah…Yash, you caught that…it is per annum and not per month. Isn’t that obvious? I will correct it though!

      1. Victor says

        Only people with 15 years or more experience manage to get a package of 20 lakh plus per annum in TCS. The figure of 8-12 years is not correct. Only exceptional cases will be getting that income in TCS.

      2. kb says

        Another typo on mcap >> “which has crossed Rs 5 lakh market capital this June”

        1. XYZ says

          I am in one of the infra site managed by TCS in mumbai. here we have many seniors which are hopeless & not doing any job & taking package more than 25lakhs. These people have lost complete interest in there work & has nothing to do with the image of TCS. Whats the use of such people in IT company. TCS was ruining with such people & there GOVT style working culture. In place of such people, we should have enthu people which will work more & give the output. Its great to hear that TCS if firing these idiots.

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