TCS To Soon Becomes World’s 2nd Largest Tech Employer [Infographic]


TCS (Tata Consultancy Services) is already the 3rd largest employer in the technology sector, in the world, but that isn’t where the Indian-origin company is going to stop at. With 3 lakh employees and with plans to hire even more in 2014-15, TCS is all set to take the number 2 spot. At present. HP (Helwett-Packard) and IBM hold the number 2 and number 1 spots respectively.

In the previous fiscal year, TCS hired a a whopping 61,200 people. Accounting for the number of people leaving the company, the figure normalizes to a much more forgiving 24,268, which is no small feat either.

Employee Strength Global Tech companies

In India, TCS is perhaps the biggest job creator, right after PSUs (public sector units) and Indian government departments such as Coal India, Indian Railways and India Post. However, the government sector has been focusing on reducing staff in the recent years. TCS, on the other hand, is cruising in the opposite direction.

While TCS plans to hire 55,000 in 2014 (net addition will be around half that figure), HP and IBM are amidst layoffs.  Both companies currently employ 3.2 lakh and 4.3 lakh people respectively, across the globe. The company is betting big on the Digital Five Forces—mobility, big data, cloud, social media and robotics,” says Sanchit Vir Gogia, Chief Analyst at Greyhound Research.

Infosys, another Indian IT company, has around half the employee strength as compared to TCS, at 1.6 lakh. The company recently saw a change in leadership – Vishal Sikka, the brain child behind SAP’s HANA big data computing platform, is the new CEO of Infosys.

TCS Factfile 2013

All this comes as nothing but good news to the students in the engineering stream who are graduating next year. Placements season kicks off in Q3 2014, and TCS is ready to hire many freshers.

In fact, the company has been hiring more freshers with each passing year, up from 51% of their total new employees in 2007 to 81% in 2013. That figure could go even higher this year.


  1. asgasgd says

    thevudiya badu TCS company. Not allowing an employee to resign early due to medical reasons also. Forcing them to stay the entire notice period and not care of its employee’s health.

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