American Swan Brings “Pay By Tweets Only” Store In India


American Swan, an Indian Fashion and Lifestyle brand, has gone beyond arranging contest or offering coupons on Twitter and Facebook. They have come up with a Twitter only store where Tweeples in India can buy their fashion and lifestyle products by using tweets as currency.

They have created American Swan Tweet Store– that works with the concept of ‘social currency’. A select range of products from American Swan’s latest collection are up for grabs every day which Twitter users can buy in exchange for a specific number of tweets.

American Swan Twitter Store

They have created a hashtag called #tweet4fashion, and users are needed to post x number of tweets to buy various products on a separate microsite – –  which they have created specifically for this purpose.

Users can redeem each time they collect enough tweets for an item on the twitter store or build a bank of tweets and go on one big shopping spree! Along with it they also need to ensure that they follow @americanswan handle.

The products listed on the twitter store range from about 40 Tweets to 100 tweets. However, the inventory of products is limited and it is currently open for limited number of days. You can check our their T&C page here.

Will It Drive engagement?

There is no doubt that this has been done to increase the social buzz around American Swan brand and tap the immense potential of reaching out to younger audience.

However, we see a fundamental flaw in the campaign. With same twitter users tweeting multiple times about #tweet4fashion may not drive as much engagement as the tweets will be exposed to same group of twitter users. The initiative should have introduced concept that would have increased their reach rather than the number of tweets.

Having said that, it is great to see that Indian brands are now trying out new innovative methods to reach and engage social media audience. We are sure to see more such initiatives from different Indian brands!

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