Layoffs Give Rise To Outplacement Services; Majority Of Fired Employees Are Happy With This!

The new order of job industry is change - Rapid, dynamic changes which are inevitable.


Terminated Employees Are Preferring Outplacement Services

We have reported and mentioned several stories about job loss, and terminations across almost every industry. No doubt IT industry is the one which is hit the hardest, as thousands of employees are being currently in the process of being fired.

Yesterday, the depressing appraisal rate going inside Cognizant was another shot in the arm.

However, there is always a silver lining, no matter how bad the situation is.

The trend of terminations and job loss is now giving rise to a new industry, called ‘Outplacement’, wherein a team of dedicated HR and Corporate experts ensure that the transition of terminated employees is smooth.

And more importantly, these outplacement services ensure that the current employees and the terminated employees find their mojo back, very soon.

Interestingly, employees are embracing this new service, and it seems that they are ready for the new order.

Outplacement Services: What Exactly Is It?

The new order of job industry is change – Rapid, dynamic changes which are inevitable.

Here come the services of Outplacement agencies, which ensure that the transition is smooth, and without any hiccups.

Some major tasks which such Outplacement agencies perform are:

  • Counselling for the terminated employees
  • Helping them find a job quickly
  • Counselling for the existing employees, and making them feel secure
  • Creating a business model wherein employee transitions and cost-cutting are balanced and optimized
  • Handling employee terminations, paperwork and other activities

Employees Embracing Outplacement Services

Randstad RiseSmart is one such outplacement agency. They recently conducted a survey of 1000 employees from mid-sized firms, and found some interesting results, vis-a-vis to outplacement services.

As per the survey results, 97% of employees who experienced using an outplacement service found them to be satisfactory, and beneficial.

At the same time, 84% the employees surveyed admitted that they are willing to pay for a career coach, right after their job is terminated.

Randstad RiseSmart India General Manager, Joel Paul said,

“Our customer base is enjoying the benefits of outplacement, including better employer brand reputations and less legal liability than their counterparts who don’t offer outplacement.”

42% of all employees surveyed had been laid off from their jobs, and 62% were laid off last year.

No doubt, outplacement is an interesting service related need right now and going by the number of terminations happening all around, this has become a necessity as well.

When Outplacement services somehow merge with recruitment and job placement services, then a new window of opportunities can open up for all employees.

Job industry is certainly evolving, and it seems that change is the new order.

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