Capgemini To Hire 20,000 in India, Have Re-Skilled 45,000 Till May; Silver Lining Within Automation Apocalypse?


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French IT conglomerate Capgemini, which has around 1,00,000 employees in India and approximately 2,00,000 globally, is actually seeing a silver lining amidst the ongoing ‘Automation Apocalypse’ being witnessed everywhere.

In a positive stand, the company has announced that they will hire 20,000 from India this year, and have declared that 45,000 existing employees have already been trained till May.

Capgemini, which generated €12.54 billion revenues last year, had hired 33,000 in India while re-skilling 51,000 existing employees.

Capgemini’s Take On Automation: Positive

Unlike other IT and ITeS companies from India, which have been firing employees left and right, Capgemini is focussing on re-skilling, and smart hiring, so that the young generation is capable of handling the modern-day businesses.

And, in a positive spin, the management is taking automation as a welcome change, rather than cribbing about it.

In an interview, Christopher Stancombe, head, industrialisation and automation, Capgemini said, “There is a lot of training. We are investing a lot of money in the development of training programmes because automation and the integration of automation are leading to a lot of opportunity for our workforce.”

And the effects are visible too.

Last year, it was found that majority of young Indians want to work with companies like Capgemini and Amazon, because of their refined, and reformed human resource policies.

Capgemini Joins Infosys, L&T In IT Resurgence

Although reports emerged this year that Capgemini can fire 6000 to 10,000 employees in India due to automation, it seems that the management has worked to reverse the trend.

Stancombe further said, “We are seeing an increase in demand and automation is helping our people be more productive,”

As per Capgemini, automation has helped their employees to become more productive, and under re-skilling, they are learning new skills such as analytics and customer care.

He said, “We are seeing a positive influence and a great opportunity for us, clients and employees. Automation is actually increasing demand for people.”

This is indeed a far cry, and complete reversal of stand from February this year when Capgemini India CEO lamented the fact that 65% of Indian IT employees are simply not trainable.

We had reported about the resurgence of IT industry in India, as Infosys announced the hiring of 20,000 employees from India, where as L&T declared massive campus hiring.

And now, Capgemini too has announced their plans for mass recruitment of young Indians for IT jobs.

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  1. Mud says

    HAHAHAHA! The French are sending all their SHIT work here, and Indians actually think that’s a GOOD thing! Amazing!

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