Young India Wants to Work with Flipkart, Amazon & Capgemini: Linkedin


Linkedin Top Attractors

In it’s first ever successful attempt, LinkedIn published “Top Attractors”, a compilation of those employers who attract the best talent and manage to retain “the fun” in serious high paying job profiles.

For a brand like Goldman Sachs, a quintessential finance advisory, now promotes itself as a tech firm attributing to the ever increasing population of techies.

This is where talent acquisition can be confusing, when you have to formulate that magical mix of designations to arrive at the success formula of talent retention and company performance.

In this list, LinkedIn surveyed top companies to arrive at the top 25 or 40 companies in Australia, Brazil, France, India, U.K and USA.

The criteria was decided through attributes like quantum of job applications, the employee engagement quotient and timeframe of how long employees stick around. Interviewing around 500 employees during a 12 month period, the list brings out some very interesting statistics.


India has been a dynamic topography wherein the top things Indian professionals look for is

  • Opportunity for career growth (79%)
  • Competitive salary (69%)
  • Healthy Business (62%)

Fascinatingly, 52% of them are okay with forgoing some amount in their pay package if the company’s mission goes along with theirs.

Also 48% of them were alright with lower positions and compensation, if they were compensated with extended flexibility.

Job stability is of more importance to women (81%) than men (74%). Work from home, flexible work hours, recreational hot spots in office, favorable personal leaves like paid maternity leave & vacations, educational fees reimbursements are what one could call an icing on the cake.

Here are some of the head turners from the Top 25

Rank Company/Start up Name Unique employee attracting policy
1 Flipkart 6 months maternity leave and sabbatical options

Competitive workforce

2 Amazon Women empowerment

Excellent salaries and perks

3 Capgemini Disability Inclusion programme

Set a Guinness record for staging a Bollywood dance with its 4000 plus employees.

4 Google Great Free Food
Working on noteworthy projects
10 Ola Ola store, Ola Café, Ola e-rickshaws, prides itself with new ideas
11 Snapdeal Culture of meritocracy and flexibility
12 Microsoft Individual adventure to chalk each employee’s growth, needs, coaching and mentoring
15 Mercedes Benz R&D Annual day to celebrate company’s success with their families
16 Oyo Unicorn Status & Young Company
21 ZS Associates Super flexible work timings
22 Open door policy, work hard play hard policy

14 companies out of the 25, are India head quartered and startups like OYO rooms,, Ola and Zomato are changing the HR scene for people who used to think only Big MNCs are promising.

Global Trends

On a global level, it has been found that the secret sauce includes these ingredients to cook up better performances in these top companies

Cutting bureaucracy and creating simpler organizational structures: For example, Stryker runs most of it’s business units independently so that the end user need not turn to fancy designations to resolve an issue

Ultimate Flexibility: Suncorp Group allows its employees to work from home. Westpac, Google, ZS Associates, PWC encourage it’s employees to work from wherever they want

Exciting Perks: Apart from beneficial perks, Google provides post mortem financial support to spouses and families. Salesforce consulted monks when constructing areas for mindfulness in it’s offices. Origin Energy, Telstra is one of those companies which gives you a day or two off for “domestic violence”

Globally, the top 5 companies were

  1. Apple
  2. Salesforce
  3. Facebook
  4. Google
  5. Amazon

Here are the top 5 rankings for each of these companies

Rank Australia Brazil France UK USA
1 KPMG TAM Airlines LVMH John Lewis Google
2 PWC GPA Hermes Virgin Media Salesforce
3 Commonwealth Bank BRF Brazil Chanel Harrods Facebook
4 Coles Ambev Engie Google Apple
5 Deloitte Brazil Kirin L’Oreal PA Consulting group Amazon

This survey gives one unspoken message that resonates in Zig Ziglar’s words “You will get all you want in life, if you help enough other people get what they want”

Ain’t it true? Well we thought so too!

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