LinkedIn Scheduler Launched; Scheduling Interviews Made Easy!

The new feature is aimed towards making the process of scheduling an interview, as easy and painless as possible.


LinkedIn Scheduler Makes Scheduling Interviews Easy

The Microsoft-owned business and employment-oriented social networking platform LinkedIn has launched an all-new tool, called Scheduler. It will help recruiters to simplify recruitment processing by scheduling interviews directly through LinkedIn.

The new feature will automate initial interview scheduling by syncing the calendars of parties involved to LinkedIn Recruiter, and Scheduler. It will share the calendar availability of the recruiter with the candidates directly in their InMails.


The Timing Hassle

The new tool will help both the candidates and recruiters to easily schedule an interview or meet up. It will save time spent on scheduling a meeting and will help the recruiters to focus on their energy on hiring strategically and onboarding the best candidates.

Using the new InMail messages, the recruiters can also easily send a scheduling link directly to the candidate of interest. The scheduling link will have a real-time view of the recruiter’s calendar availability, and the candidates can choose what time works best for them and can add their phone number and confirm the meeting.

How LinkedIn Scheduler Works?

LinkedIn Scheduler
LinkedIn Scheduler

The Scheduler will use LinkedIn’s in-house private messaging service, InMail, to fix the dates. The new feature will check for free slots and dates on the calendars of the recruiters, and the candidates can easily schedule an interview as per the available dates.

Firstly, the recruiters will be prompted to sync their calendar (Office 365 or Google Calendar) with LinkedIn to link the dates.

Then, by using a LinkedIn’s own InMail message, recruiters will be able to send a scheduling link directly to the candidate. The link will share a real-time view of the recruiter’s calendar and availability.

Candidates can simply choose what time will work best for them and add to add their phone number and email ID to confirm the meeting. There are additional preferences for recruiters like time zones, availability, length of meetings and same day meetings as well.

Candidates can easily and automatically reschedule meetings with the recruiter through the confirmation link.

To use Scheduler, LinkedIn users first need to sync their calendars on the platform (only Google and Microsoft’s Office 365 calendars are supported as of now). This will give the recruiter a real-time view of the candidate’s availability.

LinkedIn Estimated Salary Feature

In a recent survey, LinkedIn has found that more than 70 percent of candidates want to know about the salary in the first message from a recruiter, so the professional social networking site will draw salary information from the employers who can provide salary ranges for specific jobs or can compile something known as LinkedIn Estimated Salary, an estimated range of the salary from the member submitted data.

On the other hand, LinkedIn has allowed users to hide their salary information from potential recruiters.

Other Features

Recently, the company expanded its job seeker toolkit to make it easier for the candidates in other industries to get noticed by the recruiters looking to fill in positions with emerging and in-demand skills.

It also introduced a new feature which pushes monthly notifications to candidates and job seekers and alerts them about the trending skills among people with their job titles, and Career Advice feature in India, which connects users with professionals.

Lately, the Microsoft owned company has been innovating with its features, and has been making constant changes to make LinkedIn a better platform for both recruiters and job seekers.

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