LinkedIn Says Social Media Helped 32% Indians To Get A Job; Amazon, Myntra, Uber Among Top LinkedIn Recruiters


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LinkedIn, World’s biggest professional social network has made a daring claim, something which can force the traditional recruitment consultants to wait and watch. As per LinkedIn’s internal surveys and data, it has been found that whooping 32% of all Indian professionals have used social media to get a new job.

This means that one out of three job applicant in India is right now using social media to get a new job.

Social Media Is The New Job Hunting Ground?

If we believe LinkedIn’s data regarding recruitment and job hunting scenario, and social media’s massive 32% influence on the overall market, then it means that traditional job portals like Naukri and Monster have no place in the new dynamic environment?

Irfan Abdulla, Director, Talent Solutions, LinkedIn India, has made this clear, when he said, “The job market today has transformed into a candidate’s marketplace wherein candidates choose their employers, as opposed to recruiters choosing them,”

The business model of traditional job portals work this way: Candidates upload their resume, and then recruiters select the resumes based on the work profile.

But with social media, and especially LinkedIn, this very business model is undergoing a massive change. As shared by Irfan, candidates are now free to choose their preferred employer, directly apply to the companies and get selected.

Elaborating further, and the explaining the new age recruitment process, Irfan said, “Organisations are restructuring their recruiting teams to work on building relationships with potential candidates and engage with them on relevant platforms. This move is creating an ecosystem where recruiters, organisations and job seekers interact for individual, professional and business growth..”

Does this also means that the traditional business of recruitment consultants are now over?

Uber, Myntra, Amazon Among Top LinkedIn Recruiters

These statements and observations were made as LinkedIn just released their annual LinkedIn Recruiter Index (LRI), for India. In this list, LinkedIn has featured the top recruiters, who used LinkedIn’s exclusive platform for hiring employees last year.

Featured prominent in this list are new age Internet companies such as Amazon, Paypal, Uber and Myntra.

Besides, traditional IT companies such as Adobe, Genpact, Infosys, Cognizant, Accenture, Capgemini, HCL, IBM, Deloitte, Texas Instruments, VMWare have also been featured in this list.

You can find the complete list of top LinkedIn recruiters from India here.

If you want to know more about LinkedIn Recruiter Index, then here is a good resource.

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