Apple Grabs 51% Of Global Smartphone Revenues; Samsung Sales Touch Rs 58K Cr In India!

It is no mean feat to get 51% of total smartphones sales revenues. The numbers are phenomenal and Apple shows no signs of stopping.


Apple Grabs 51% Global Smartphone Revenue

Some interesting numbers have come in, regarding the financial reports of some of the largest gadgets and mobiles companies, all over the world.

While world’s most valuable tech company Apple has once again proved why they are world’s #1, Samsung has some aggressive plans for India.

2018 promises to be an interesting year for the tech industry!

Apple Corners 51% Revenues Globally!

As per latest Strategy Analytics report, Apple has been able to grab 51% share of global smartphone revenues in the last quarter of 2017.

Their $61 billion revenue in the last quarter of 2017 is 3 times what Samsung earned and 8 times what Huawei earned, in the same period.

If we talk only about revenues from smartphone sales, then against $61 billion made by Apple, Samsung earned $19 billion, and Huawei earned $9 billion.

Huawei is world’s 2nd largest selling smartphone brand, and in 2016, they dethroned Samsung to become most profitable Android-based smartphone brand.

Interestingly, heads of 6 US-based intelligence agencies had recently asked Americans not to buy any Huawei phones due to data threats.

Last year, in the same period, Apple captured 48.5% of global smartphone revenues, which means their share increased by 2.5% in 2017.

And analysts are attributing the sales of iPhone X as the main reason for Apple’s smashing record.

At the same time, the report also states that smaller phone manufacturers in Europe and Asia, primarily in India have lost ground. Against 30.5% share in Q4 of 2016, their share dropped to 26.2% in Q4 2017.

Linda Sui, a director at Strategy Analytics said,

“We estimate total global smartphone wholesale revenues grew 8% annually to reach an all-time high of US$120 billion during Q4 2017,”

Despite such surge in revenues, the quantity of smartphone Sold globally decreased. But at the same time, the average price of a smartphone increased, because of which overall revenues also increased.

In Q4 of 2016, the average price of a smartphone sold anywhere in the world was $255, which increased to $300 in Q4 of 2017.

Besides Apple, both Samsung and Huawei increased their quarterly revenues.

Samsung Plans to Sell Rs 66K Crore Worth Of Goods in India!

Meanwhile, buoyed by their 2017 numbers, Samsung has made a brave declaration: They want to sell gadgets worth Rs 66,000 crore or $10 billion in India during 2018.

Last year, they sold products worth $9 billion or Rs 58,500 crore, and these primarily includes smartphones, premium television and appliances like refrigerators and washing machine.

Despite still competition from Xiaomi, Samsung is confident of their performance in India this year.

While smartphones contributed 60% of their overall revenues in India, the rest was driven by consumer electronics.

One of the executives present in Samsung Forum held in Rome said,

“Samsung India’s pace of growth had slowed down in 2017 which was attributed to demonetisation and impact of the rollout of goods and services tax, but it is confident to get back to the growth trajectory this year,”

Overall, compared to 2016, Samsung’s sales grew by 27% in 2017.

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