Resurgence Of IT Industry?? Infosys To Hire 20,000 Engineers From Campuses; L&T Will Hire 2000 Freshers; IBM Denies Layoffs


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Since last few weeks, there has been intense negativity regarding Indian IT Industry. Media bombarded us with reports related to mass layoffs, terminations and pink slips, and there was a sense of depression all around.

But it seems that we read too much, between the lines.

In a clear case of resurgence, there has been a slew of positive news related with IT industry in general; and this is clear that things are not that bad it has been painted.

Infosys Will Hire 20,000 From Campuses

Infosys has announced that hiring program within their company would be normal, and just like before, they have planned to hire 20,000 engineers from campuses.

However, with changing work demand, and expectations from clients, they will focus more on new-age skills such as digital and analytics.

In a statement, Infosys said, “The IT industry is witnessing a change in hiring patterns with unconventional, high-value graduates with differential skills likely to be more attractive,”

As per Infosys’ internal assessments, Cloud, Analytics and Digital technologies are the priorities for hiring as of now, compared to traditional skills such as testing, which is increasingly being automated now.

L&T Infotech Will Hire 2000 Indians

Meanwhile, L&T Infotech, the technology development arm of L&T has announced plans to hire 1500 to 2000 freshers from colleges, which is in-line with their plans for the next 2 years.

Besides, L&T will also open their 5th centre in India, most probably in New Delhi or Hyderabad. Right now, L&T is present in Bengaluru, Chennai, Pune and Mumbai.

CEO Sanjay Jalona said, “L&T Infotech signifies what we did 20 years ago but not what we do today. What we are selling as IT products had fundamentally changed and who we are selling to has changed with the advent of exponential technologies.”

IBM India Denies Mass Layoffs

IBM India has strongly denied any reports of mass layoffs within their company. Last week, it was widely reported that IBM India will terminate around 5000 employees.

In a statement, IBM India said, “This is (mass layoffs) factually incorrect. We are not going to comment further on rumours and speculation,”

However, they have said that reskilling and retraining will be conducted at full force, and all employees need to be updated with newer skills.

The statement said, “re-skilling and rebalancing is an ongoing process as we accelerate the benefits of cognitive and cloud technologies for clients around the world.”

Besides, even Govt. of India has said that there are no large-scale terminations happening in the industry, and claims of ‘digital tsunami’ hitting IT industry is wrong.

IT Secretary Aruna Sundararajan said, “Some of the companies which have been named (as undertaking job cuts) have clarified that there is nothing big this year,”

We will keep you updated as we receive more news related to the resurgence of IT industry in India.

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  1. Arun says

    Hiring Freshers? What could happen to them after 8 years…… Same thing will get repeated. They will get layoff those people and hire freshers again to cut there cost in fact we must say IT companies will show there greediness to keep low salaries to people working for IT industry. Ultimately graduates will become fools by believing that they could have good future in this industry. There life becomes pawns in the hand of game play of profit and loss of greedy Indian IT companies. Its better rather than believing in these kind of jobs, educated people must start thinking in a different kind of way, Its better to start there own business. You may face bit difficulty in first 2 years but later nothing can stop. None of the idiot can lay off you, you can stand on your feet. Mostly in our country companies are ready to hire people by paying 5k for freshers or some times they would ask graduates to work in there companies without paying anything. Better not to believe in these kind of chiller companies. Be careful, Open your eyes and stand on your feet and have good life ahead.

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