First Batch of ‘Assembled in India’ iPhones Will Start Shipping in 2 Weeks!


Apple To Start Manufacturing iPhone 6 & 6S in India In The Next Two Months; iPhone SE Production Will Start Later

After a lot of rumours and apprehensions, Apple has finally started manufacturing iPhones in India. Apple has confirmed that the company has started building iPhone SE models in India, in small batches as trial tests.

The assembly plan in Bengaluru is being leveraged for these operations and has started churning out the initial batches of iPhone SE, the cheapest iPhone in India. This will be Apple’s second country to assemble its smartphone.

Apple’s manufacturer Wistron Corp is the one responsible for developing iPhones in India. Even now, a lot of parts are not being sourced locally, so it cannot be completely said that Apple is manufacturing iPhones in India. Additionally, iPhone 7 or 6S are still being imported from other countries.

How does it help Apple?

According to reports, the devices produced in India would note “Assembled in India” at the back of the phone. These smartphones produced in India will be shipped to the local market by the end of May, so in another week or so you will be able to see these smartphones online and offline.

Apple has also opened an offshore technology development centre in India in Bengaluru, to work on Apple Maps that have received a lot of flak from consumers and critics alike. This shows Apple’s interest in India and the growth possibilities.

One of the reasons Apple has started assembling iPhones in India is because of its need to open own retail stores in the country. The company needs to source 30% of the materials from India to start own retail stores across India after the local sourcing norms were relaxed.

However, assembling the phone locally is expected to bring the price of iPhone SE down from Rs. 21,000 to nearly Rs. 14,500, which is a huge win for Apple. Since iPhone SE is the cheapest iPhone in India, it competes with Moto G series, Xiaomi Redmi series and Gionee products.

Apple hasn’t thought about producing the higher-end iPhones in India yet, so it seems like just a smart strategy to start retail stores in India. Well, atleast now India will be able to witness the extravagant Apple stores along with a taste of locally assembled iPhones.

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  1. Vishal says

    That is good news to center. I have recently bought iphone 6s and Its work fine.

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