iPhone XI Images Leaked – Can Triple Camera Help Apple To Make A Comeback?

The new iPhone seems crowded with cameras.

iPhone XI leaked images
iPhone XI leaked images (Source: https://twitter.com/OnLeaks/)

Although 2018 didn’t end well for Apple, they have managed to bounce back and how! Apple has offered some insights into the new iPhone to be launched sometime in 2019 – with no less than three cameras on the rear!

For the first time ever, Apple has decided to include a triple camera set-up for their next iPhone XI, also called iPhone 11.

Will this help them to make a comeback?

Leaks and Reveals!

Images of the new iPhone were leaked and they clearly show off a square-shaped camera unit that holds three cameras aligned in a non-linear fashion.

These leaks were made by trusted leakster Onleaks.

There are two cameras aligned vertically and another one on the opposite side, between the two. The leaks revealed that there will also be an LED flash and a microphone at the bottom of the square camera unit. In the top middle of the phone’s back panel is the popular Apple logo.

Triple Camera For iPhone

Reports say that the third camera will enable users to focus faster on the object and will create 3D models too. The camera will be powerful enough to track objects in the dark at a remarkably less speed by throwing laser pulses at the object and measuring the time taken by the laser to bounce back to the sensor.

News has been confirmed that state of the art technology will be used on the camera’s capabilities and this is bound to make an increase in production cost and in turn, the total price of the phone.

Note here: The designs of iPhone XI is still undergoing Engineering Validation Test (EVT) stage, and the final design may be alterted or modified in coming days.

iPhone 11 Launch And Expectations?

Apple has admitted to not meeting the expectations for the quarter and iPhone X series was to be blamed for that.

But adding another powerful camera to the rear of the phone, which surely does not add value to the attractiveness of the phone, Apple is probably hoping this new flagship iPhone, probably the iPhone XI will help them resurrect their market.

As per reports coming in, Apple has promised to make the launch of iPhone XI an interesting one, which will surprise one and all. September, 2019 is the expected launch date.

We will get back to you as soon as we have any more updates – stay tuned!

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