Apple To Setup First $25M Offshore Technology Development Centre in Hyderabad


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Hyderabad is becoming a technology focused place for quite a few companies including Microsoft, Google and Amazon. Not only are they setting up huge development centres, but also remunerating their employees a lot better than other software firms in India.

According to ZDNet, Apple is planning to start an offshore technology development centre in Hyderabad, India. It does not surprise us considering the huge investment that is being done in India by large multinationals, and to shift its operations to India for a small part of their development services is always welcome. The team at new Indian development centre will be working on Apple Maps, something where Apple lacks in innovation, and making them most customized and intuitive for Apple iPhones and Macs.

Apple is known to be investing Rs 150 Crores in developing a technology centre in Hyderabad, which would cover 250,000 square feet of land at WaveRock facility by the real estate firm, Tishman Speyer. While there is no ballpark figure for the employees to be hired, one can expect the number to be around 4,500.

The development centre is expected to be up and running by June 2016 and become fully operational by the end of this year.

Jayesh Ranjan, Secretary to IT department in Telangana, told ZDNet, “It’s a very positive development as Apple has not looked at cities only in India, but across many places in Europe and other parts of the world. Their decision to have the facility in Hyderabad is a strong endorsement of the city as a major IT hub in the country.”

Apple has kept its major technical operations at its 1 Infinite Loop Apple Campus in Cupertino to house thousands of employees, and this will be the first for Apple. Not only is it expected to give employment to IT professionals in India, it will also give India a boost in terms of GDP and more prominence in the international market. Many large organisations are planning to set up their IT offices in and around Hyderabad which is giving the state a huge brand name already.

Apple to set up own stores in India

We had reported a month back that Apple has been planning to set up its own stores in India since the relaxation of rules in FDI in single retail space. It had sent a report to seek DIPP approval for setting up own franchise, however DIPP sent back the report for some amendments to the report.

It looks like Government of India is in a mood to approve the same, which means we’ll be seeing Apple’s own seller shops across India. India is one of the largest smartphone markets in the world and Govt is expected to welcome Apple and well as other handset manufacturers to pursue the same.

Thankfully, Apple is no longer considering India as a third world country. Tim Cook is serious about doing business in India and it shows with the progress it is making. Apple is expected to sign a memorandum and start development of the offshore facility soon.

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    Hyderabad is becoming a technology centered position for rather a few businesses including Microsoft, Google and Amazon.

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