Apple Offers Ceasefire To TRAI Over DND App Issue; War Of Privacy Heating Up?

The fued between Apple and TRAI doesn't seem to be ending


Apple TRAI Ceasefire

In June this year, Telecom Authority of India or TRAI had launched a special DND app (Do Not Disturb), which was the version 2 of their earlier app. This is based on crowdsourced spam detection and blocking mechanism, wherein pesky calls are blocked and reported, based on users’ feedback.

However, this app was not allowed on Apple’s App Store, because it wants to access users’ private data, something which Apple doesn’t appreciate.

Now, this war of privacy is about to reach its climax, as Apple has extended an offer of ceasefire to TRAI, to end this issue.

TRAI: Apple Has Reached Out To Us

During the India Mobile Congress event, TRAI Chairman RS Sharma informed all about Apple’s truce offer.

He said, “Apple has written to us, and have said that they want to share some of the suggestions.”, adding, “We have invited them, and we will discuss the issues with them and talk to them.”

This was specially announced, so that people in the industry should be aware that Apple wants this war to end.

The primary reason behind Apple denying TRAI app was that, it asked for users’ location, contacts, call logs, SMS and more information, which is not allowed for apps on Apple’s app store.

However, TRAI has raised this crucial question: Who owns the data actually, who holds more power over this data: the data owner or the custodian of the data?

TRAI chairman said, “We need to decide who is the owner of the data. Also, can the custodian of this data stop the owner from sharing his or her data with others? The main point which we want to discuss is the ownership of data and who has the final right on a user’s data?”

Apple’s Offer Of Peace For TRAI – Will It Work?

This ceasefire offer was required, because TRAI was obviously angry over Apple blocking their own official app. TRAI is the authority which regulates and control telecom services in India, which is the currently world’s second largest telecom market.

And Apple is, after all, just another technological company.

Earlier, RS Sharma had said, “While Google’s Android supports our Do Not Disturb (DND) app, Apple has just been discussing, discussing, and discussing. They have not done anything..”

Besides, TRAI has already accused Apple of engaging in “data colonization” in India and being “anti-consumer”.

This confrontation between TRAI and Apple can prove to be costly for Apple, because they are looking to manufacture their iPhones in India, and unless Govt. is comfortable with them, they cannot do so.

Already we have reported a slew of objections to Apple’s demands by Govt. authorities, and this tussle with TRAI wasn’t doing anything good.

We hope that the issue is resolved, and both TRAI and Apple reach a compromise over this issue, because the intention of both of these entities remain the same: Protecting users from spam and unsolicited calls.

We will keep you updated.

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