Hyderabad To Get Amazon’s Biggest Campus Outside USA With Rs 1800 Cr Investment


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Telangana Govt. has announced another big news: Amazon will be developing their biggest campus outside US in Hyderabad. Spread over 2.5 million square feet area, this new campus will receive investment worth Rs 1800 crore from the American company.

As per K.T. Rama Rao, Telangana state’s Information Technology minister, Ministry of Environment has already given their permission for setting up this huge campus. As per initial reports, Amazon has chosen an area near Nanakramguda, Gachibowli in Hyderabad for this massive campus.

Rama Rao, who was in US for meeting with potential investors in the state, said, “We were told when we visited Amazon’s headquarters in Seattle that they will be opening a larger fulfillment centre in Hyderabad.”

In addition, Minister Rama Rao has also requested Amazon to launch their Cloud based Hosting services: Amazon Web Services in the state, as he assured that the required land would be delivered in no time.

He shared this news while inaugurating Amazon India’s 11th fulfillment center in Hyderabad, which is again India’s biggest as of now.

Amazon India’s Biggest Fulfillment Center Inaugurated in Hyderabad

Amazon has opened their 11th fulfillment center in Kothur, Mahbubnagar, which is 60 kms from Hyderabad and 25 kms from the International Airport. Spread across 2.8 lakh sq feet space, this is Amazon’s largest fulfillment center in the country.

Equipped with state of the art facilities, this campus will train SMEs and Small Business owners from nearby districts about the best practices of ecommerce industry; and help them reach new levels of success.

During the first couple of months, around 500 SMEs and entrepreneurs would be trained in the nuances of conducting ecommerce based business, and this new fulfillment center (warehouse) would be their practical playground.

Amazon India Director (Operations) Akhil said , “They don’t need to bother about investments on non-core aspects of their businesses,”

As per the available information, SMEs and SMBs would be asked to bring their inventory at this fulfillment center, and then Amazon will show them how their advanced logistics channel and shipping platform can help them reach their potential customers easily.

Hyderabad: The Lucky City?

Last month, we had reported that Google will launch their biggest campus outside US in Hyderabad, as they are developing 2 million sq feet area for this purpose. Additionally, Hyderabad also became the 1st Indian city to be covered by Google Street view.

Earlier, Google has announced that Hyderabad will get Google Fiber internet connection, which can touch 1 GBPS speed.

Bangalore and Chennai must be wondering why it is Hyderabad which is bagging all the creme la crème projects concerning IT and infrastructure.

If you are from Hyderabad, then do share your views on this new, enhanced path of growth which your city has embraced recently, especially after creation of the new Telanagana state.

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  1. Krishna Rao says

    I have not found people in Hyderabad look at these announcements the way you have done. I guess people have not yet found a big change in their lives except for the increasing traffic.

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